Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Yay, I found someone else for us to stalk!! She is frugal and loves to cuss. I'm in Heaven. Her name is Sarah and her blog is Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity.
Basically my job every Friday is to find a way to waste as much of your time as possible!
Have a great weekend,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Biggest Haul Yet

I'm AWESOME! Wow, that felt great!! Feel free to praise me and/or touch me. It may rub off.
I got $6 from Pinecone. Right, that wasn't that great but I'm building into it. I also got $469.99 from HHGregg for the appliances! Free Christmas here we come!
So here is what I have earned for free...................
Pinecone $48
Toluna $80
Amazon Gift card $100
BP $175
HHGregg Visa cards $469.99
For a grand total of------$872.99
I figured that I needed $1400 if I couldn't find any deals. I'm more than half way there. This is good.
Happy times people, happy times,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Appliance Gods

I told Den that the appliance gods would punish us for buying new appliances when some were still working. Everyone knows that when you buy something that you don't need, you will be punished. I tried to convince everyone that we needed them. 17 years is a long time for some appliances but they obviously had some life left in them. And the appliances gods knew this and punished us. The TV in the rec room went out. Grrrr. That TV was 11 years old and boy did we get our moneys worth out of it. That sucker would be on for the entire weekend without a break. That TV was the center of the universe for my boys(Den and DJ). Den handled it very well. He was almost giddy about the death of his beloved television. He has been eying some bad ass 60 inch TVs. I think he broke it.
So the good news is I'm getting the rec room painted. Confused? I'm not buying a pretty new TV and putting it in a room that needs to be painted. Any bets on how fast he will get this project done? I'm guessing very, very, quickly.

I have been keeping an eye out for a new recliner. That bad boy will do it all. If he is getting a new TV, I should get a comfy chair to watch it in. Maybe I should kill the old recliner just to make sure that I get it faster. Now if only we had some extra cash!
I'm goin' shopping,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winners All Around!

And for the answer that you all have been waiting for.....................................(feel the suspense building)...................................The winner is D chosen by If you have a problem with what it has chosen please take it up with it/him/her. D please contact me with all of your information!
This crappy picture was taken with my crappy LG phone while my hands were shaking! Den's head looks swollen-I blame days of drinking. He blames my photography.
Anywho, we were wiped out in Vegas. It was bad but we had a wonderful time. It was perfect and everyone got along swimmingly(in alcohol). Well, we thought we had been wiped out. Everyone checked out of the hotel and had gathered together to leave in our central meeting place-our friend's favorite machine! Just as we were saying how sad it was to leave, Den had a revelation. He had to pee fiercely. I rolled my eyes as he walked off. So we waited and waited and waited. It was the world's LONGEST pee. I was thinking that we would have to see someone when we got back about his pee problem.
I was getting a bit aggravated with him. It's so sad when you have to leave Vegas and all of the fun that it offers. But I had gotten it in my head that I wasn't going to cry when I left. Just kidding-maybe. And Den was prolonging my agony. You would think that I would have been excited to go home and see the kids but no, not really. Shocking, I know.
At this point, everyone was getting a bit worried about my pissing husband. Who pees for almost 15 minutes? And then it happened-pisser called me. Because I'm loving and patient, I asked him, "WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU?" See I told you, patient and loving. He asked breathlessly, "Where are you?" Insert lots of eye rolling, "I'M RIGHT WHERE I WAS WHEN YOU LEFT!" I figured he pissed away a few more IQ points. He was panting as he spoke(which made me a little concerned about what happened in the bathroom), "I WON!" Now I'm pretty sure that he pissed away a few of my IQ points too because I didn't understand what he said. "Wait, what?" The good news is I was not breathless-never when it comes to money!
He said that he went to the bathroom and when he left, he fed $20 into the machine that he was fond of. Go figure his favorite machine was by the can. He played the max bet of $2. So on his last spin, he hit for $1440! He literally had no money left in the machine. His last pull in Vegas, he hit. That didn't sound right but I'm too happy to be proper.
They were wonderful at South Point and hurried and got Den his money. We were only 10 minutes late leaving and had no problems getting on the plane. Now if we could only do that a few more times. But even if we never win again-all is good and we have one hell of a Vegas story!
Viva Las Vegas,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Vegas Money!!!

 I know how much you all miss me and I decided that it wouldn't be fair if I had all of the fun so..............
I decided to share a little bit with all of my besties! I'm going to give someone a whopping $20! Are you shocked? So am I but I like you so I decided to pull a $20 out of the Vegas money and give it away.
Rule-You get one entry a day cuz you are cute. That's it.
Just leave one smart-assed comment a day or a smart comment or an assed comment, any one will do! That's all you get and make sure that I have a way to contact you.
See you when I get back and wish me luck! I'll probably be glad that I pulled that $20 out before I left and so will you!
Have a wonderful week,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

It's another addition of Fab Friday, y'all! I've been hanging out at Frugal Babe. I love how simple she keeps her life. I live vicariously through her. My life is frugal but not simple or all that healthy. And speaking of not being healthy, a certain person around here may be going to a place that rhymes with Las Vegas next week. I'll try and come up with something for all of you to do while I'm gone. I'll keep it at a R rating!
Pray for my liver,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not Much

This is Anna all dressed and ready for her 1st day as a lifeguard. I can honestly say, that I have never known anyone to receive so much training for a summer job. She had to pay to take a course and that took days. Then 6 Flags trained her for many, many more days and she still isn't done. Feel safe people.
She had to snatch a kid from the water on her first day. A dad decided that it was a good idea to let his 2 year old go down a water slide on his own. Anna found the little one floating face down in the lazy river. He was alright and started crying and snotting right away. I asked Anna if the mother thanked her for saving her son. She said no, the mom was too busy screaming at the dad calling him a fucking retard and then asked him what kind of man sends a two year old down a water slide by himself. Anna said the woman screamed at him until she(Anna) felt better about the entire situation. Common sense- some got two scoops, some got none.
And that's it around here.
Have a great Thursday,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wicked Wednesday!

Mark sent this to me. It isn't porn. Darn it all.
Find another way to make it wicked,
PS-Mark thinks I know a bunch of languages. I don't know English.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easiest, Sneeziest Homemade Laundry Soap

The kids and I made an Ivory soap cloud the other night. Yes, this works. I saw it on Pinterest and decided to microwave a bar of soap for 2 minutes. I made them promise before we tried it that if it fried out the new microwave that they would act as surprised as me when Den tried to cook something and it wouldn't work. We agreed that we would blame him. Lucky for Den, it did not fry and/or damage the microwave in any way, shape, or form.
After we made the soap cloud, I really didn't know what to do with it. You know me I can't waste anything. So I stuffed it into a container and gave it a shake. Voila, soap dust. I then added a cheap container of Oxy-clean. I got it at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1. I figure that this cost about $1.33 for quite a bit of laundry detergent. I have been using the little scooper that came with the Oxi-clean to measure it out. The only problem that I have with it is-it is dusty and makes you sneeze. HOLD YOUR BREATH and all is fine. Ann that's all I got for ya,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Amazonian Mistake

So I'm an idiot. Remember how I wrote about winning $100 amazon gift card. I ordered 4 $25 gift cards only they charged my credit card and didn't use the $100 amazon card. You can't buy gift cards with gift cards. Crap.
So here is what I have earned for free...................
Pinecone $42
Toluna $80
BP $175
Amazon Gift card $100
For a grand total of------$397

So the gifts that I have look a little something like this..........................
4 $25 Amazon Gift Cards(I paid FULL PRICE)
2 $10 Boston Market Gift card for $10
2 $10 Chili's gift cards(free?)
3 felt hats  at $1.93 each.  $5.79 for all(50% off)
2 Christmas bells at $4 each. $8 for all(50% off)
1 tabletop ping pong for free(was $10 marked down to $5 used my CVS bucks to pay for it)
6 spatulas for1.92 each. $11.52 for all(70% off)
9 plates for 1.92 each. $17.28 for all(70% off)
11 cookies jars at 6.39 each. $70.29 for all(70% off)

 I've spent $222.88. If I had paid full price, it would have been $507.88. I'm at 43.8% savings rate.
I'm still pissed at me,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

My newest and most dangerous hobby is Pinterest. I could spend hours there. And I bet that you thought that I was going to say the love of my life is gambling. They are running neck and neck-we should place bets. I need help.
It's nice to go to garage sales and already have a good idea in my head. It's helping me to be a lot more creative. What next? Maybe I'll take up painting. It would have to be abstract. Just imagine yourself trying to hold a paint brush with your butt cheeks and then painting. That is exactly what it looks like when I paint. Oh well, a girl can dream. Not about your butt cheeks and a paint brush. I was dreaming about being able to paint.
How do I get so off course,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Boring Thursday for You!

So this is what our pool was looking like when we opened it a few weeks ago(I'm behind so does that make me an ass?). It was green and then white. You could hear it sizzling from 10 feet away. Yuck. I try not to think about things like that when its clear and I'm swimming in it. Or about how the birds poop in it from time to time. Never mind, I don't want to swim anymore.
I've had Dalten a lot lately. I love him dearly but I forgot how much time that it takes to deal with a little one. I spoil him a bit. I think my kids are a bit jealous. Good.
Is your Thursday this boring?
Thanks for coming to see me,
PS-Wow, I'm slightly famous or drunk again and making crap up. The dear and sexy Donna Freedman wrote about me over at MSN. Gotta love her! So check out the article and then come back here and say nice things about me. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boring Money

I'm just here to bore you. Feel free to thank me.
I got $6 from Pinecone and $25 from BP. So I'm at......................
Pinecone $42
Toluna $80
BP $175
For a grand total of------$297
I also won a $100 Amazon giftcard from the kind and loving Donna Freedman over at her site Surviving and Thriving.  She likes me best, what can I say. I'm going to use it to buy gifts for Christmas.
And I checked on the rebates from our lovely stainless steel mess and they have been approved and are on there way.
I haven't seen any gift card deals lately. Jewel used to run a deal that if you bought $100 worth of cards you got a $20 cat. I don't see that happening anytime soon but a girl can dream. If I do get lucky and they have the deal again, I will buy the gift cards and use the cats to pay for my weekly groceries. And then I will save my grocery money and add it to my Christmas fund. I think that is fair. I just want to keep this as simple as possible and show everyone that it is possible to have a free Christmas with just a bit of time, some planning, and creativity.
That's all she wrote,

Monday, June 4, 2012

No Wood

Well if that ain't the damnedest thing! So I went to a specialist about "the wood under my tongue." I would like to first say that it cost me $50 to go to my PCP and $70 to go to the specialist. Spending $120 was enough to make me sick.
Anyways back to my tongue. I really liked the specialist. He was awesome and wanted me to call him by his first name. Never had that happen before but to spend $70 and see him for 5 minutes maybe I earned it. He also used 2 Popsicle sticks to poke around in my mouth. I wanted to tell him that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to put wood in my mouth but I figured he knew best. I don't have such a good track record with sticks made of wood or so I thought.
He informed me that I don't have a splinter in my mouth, I have a bulging vein under my tongue. How in the hell was my PCP so far off? I thank my lucky stars that my PCP didn't try and remove the "splinter." I would have ended up in the ER getting it cauterized.
The specialist said that my bulging vein might go away, stay the same, or get bigger. He wants to see me again. I don't think that I'm willing to pay another $120 for this again. I'll just watch my vein and keep my money.
Why do these things happen to me,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Hello and welcome back! I missed you! So this is what I think is fabulous this Friday, it is a blog called Gluesticks. I've been trying to be more crafty. I'm just not good at being a girl. Why am I trying?
Have a great weekend,