Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Spend

Den and I have wanted to have a no spend weekend for a while. Wait, I have wanted to have a no spend weekend for a while. Den just wants to stare at me blankly when I make "crazy" suggestions like this. He could care less.
We almost pulled it off one weekend and then we ran out of ink for the printer. Damned kids, having to do homework and all that. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that I like to print coupons from time to time. I blame DJ.
Well, we finally succeeded in not spending one penny. And I found the secret to it. Go to the library and rent a TV series that you really wanted to see. Don't look at the slip that they give you until the weekend and then realize that it is due back on Monday. Make sure that you rent a series that everyone else wants so that you won't be able to get it for at least a month or two. Then flop down on the couch and don't move. 4400 will see to it that you have a no spend weekend.
I have to say that our library has really stepped it up. When Anna was home, she was shocked that they had so many of the current series. She said that they rival Netflix.
I'm wondering if Torchwood will be able too keep my butt planted as well as 4400. Now let's just hope that I can rent it relatively soon.
Yay for being lazy,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

This one made me laugh. The things I could use this for! Trust me, I would use it to better mankind. Really, I would.
Have a wicked day,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm a Girl?

I'm starting to upset myself. I think I'm turning into a girl. First, I start buying purses and now I want soft skin. Well, not so much soft skin but non-painful skin. I dry out in the winter. The lotion bars have helped a ton but after I shave I need a bit of help. So I did another experiment in the kitchen and I have to say that this one turned out much better than the Lush body wash.
I added 2 teaspoons of oil(I used vitamin E and caster oil but any would work) to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and a dash of essential oil . And blended the snot out of it.
I'm really happy with this experiment. It is too oily for the face but it does wonders on your feet and shaved legs. My skin absorbed it in so fast, I could almost hear the sucking noise.
I will be making more of this. I grease up and then go to bed. I wake up soft and the smell if amazing.
Please say I'm not a girl,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lush's Flop

Back in September, I wrote about making homemade hand-soap. It doesn't make bubbles the way normal hand-soap does but I still really like it and it gets your hands just as clean. And I still have half a jug left after all of these months.
And then I decided to get all wild and crazy with the hand-soap. I added a Lush bubble bar to the recipe so that it would smell wonderful. This was not a cheap experiment. It was $10.30 for one bubble bar! I know, this completely defeats the purpose of making your own hand-soap and saving money. But I am a Lush junky and I figured that it would be cheaper to have homemade hand-soap then to only take 2 bathes with the bubble bar. It doesn't survive more than twice.
If you look closely, DJ wrote his name in my experiment. He needs a hobby and I wouldn't suggest soap making to him.
For some reason, my new concoction will not make bubbles and is watery. I think that I needed to use 3 bars of soap plus the bubble bar.
I'm going to use it as a face wash. It really does smell amazing but that's about it. Since I don't want to drag out the big bottles to wash my face, I put a bit of my concoction in a plastic beer bottle with a twist-top. Nothing screams white trash more than washing your face with home made soap from a used beer bottle. I make me laugh. I could decorate the bottle but then I would just be gaudy white trash.
Back to the soap drawing board,
Sonya Ann
PS-the middle bottle is a vodka bottle that used to hold home made amaretto. Nothing in my house is in the correct container!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I'm killing me, I really am. Literally and figuratively! I would like to be skinny and healthy, I'm starting to think that I'm not putting enough effort in. Hahaha.
I found it people, I found what we all have been looking for. A Fried dough recipe. Damn me. is glorious. Can I get an AMEN?
Roll me in sugar,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Foaming at the..........

I have an ever growing list of projects to do. You would think that I would want to start Spring cleaning but no. Cleaning every nook and cranny of this house just doesn't cut it for me as much as it used to.
Over at Adventures of a DIY Mom, she has a post on making your own foam soap. We do have a foaming pump thingy. Den bought it, I didn't. But now that the pump lives here, I have to find a way to refill and reuse it.
Or I could just buy the soap on clearance and be done with it. That way I would have more time to Spring clean.
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kindly Cross-Dresser

Sometimes Den does things and I know he loves me. Other times he does things and I wonder if he even likes me. LOL. The next time he pissed me off, I'll try to remember the purse story. Mind you, I said I will try. I probably won't keep my mouth shut but again there is that word-TRY.
Den and I went to an estate sale. They were crazy busy. Note to self-if we ever need to have an estate sale, do it in the dead of winter. There is nothing to do here in the winter so everyone that was out and about stopped by. Honestly, people couldn't walk in the house. Everyone had to wait to take a few steps.
Anyways, I saw this purse. It was an antique and I thought it was unique. I told Den that I liked it but I wasn't paying $25 for an old purse that had a couple of small holes in. We left without the purse.
The next day, I said to Den that I sort of wished I had gotten the purse. I received the "I told you to get it" stare. Later in the day, we were out running some errands and were near the estate sale. Den said that we should stop by and see if they still had the purse. At that point, I had a headache and didn't care anymore. He was a dear and went in and bought it for me for $15. He also had to walk out the door carrying the purse. I swear I heard people laughing. I'm sure they were just laughing because his purse didn't match his shoes. The man that sold it to him said he was going to post his picture to Facebook. Den smiled and left quickly. He is good to me.
I love it but it smells so musty. I just wish that I knew when it was from. I did a search but didn't find a site that would date it. I did find a site that sells vintage purse though, Vintage in Style. It is a really interesting site and I thought that the prices were fair, almost cheap. Well, cheap if you compare it to Coach not a garage sale find. And I like the fact that the vintage purses have more style than your average purse and if you could find any info on it, it would be an interesting conversation starter. I'm sure that Den would love to hear the history on his purse.
Off to find Den matching shoes,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 21, 2013

Poor Granny

Den and I went for a lovely stroll in the mall a while back. We like to pretend that we have money. Ha! Well, we did have a bit of money in the form of gift cards. You gotta love Christmas gifts!
We were at a very posh mall. You know the mall that you go to just to window shop because everything is terribly overpriced! Anyways, they used to have a bunch of kiosks all over but I guess they are not in fashion anymore. Now they have tables where the kiosks were. Or maybe it is a sign of the times. You know-even the posh can't afford a kiosk cart. I kind of liked the kiosk carts and in a fire they could drag their entire business out the door with them. Well it might block the door a bit and some people might get trapped if you tried to get the kiosk out a door but it is business first, right?
Ok, I'm off track again. One of the tables had a bunch of flat glass cases all over. You know the ones that are like windows lying on their backs and had the locks on them where only the seller could open them. They were selling tons and tons of antique jewelry. And Lord have mercy, they were charging a ton. As in $200-$300 for a bracelet. Now I am not a trained professional but a lot of it looked as if it were garage sale finds. As in $4 to $5, garage sale finds. But since we were in a ubber-posh mall, the women were snatching these things up like crazy. The majority were beautiful but so over-priced. We actually had to sneak past a few people and turn sideways just to look into the cases. Den was next to me and because I have no tact or class, I said, "I wonder how many grandmas had to die to fill these cases." I got the standard response from Den which was him shaking his head and a bit of eye rolling. The woman next to me found that to be very funny. She was laughing so hard she couldn't even talk, she just nodded in agreement. Maybe I should be a bit more quiet.
A Sad Day for NanNaw,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I've just got too much to do now that Pinterest exists. My worst fear is that I will go too far and my house will just look crazy cluttered. You know like the nut job in the neighborhood that has ever tacky yard ornament and just keeps collecting. Never mind, we don't have to worry about that with me. It takes way too much effort to do all that. Phew, I was worried there for a second.
I found another site, older and wisor. She lives a Pinterest life. Everything is crafty and cute. Just scroll through everything. Honestly, everything. She has a lot of Christmas packaging ideas that could be easily made to work for every holiday/celebration.
Friday is my favorite day to post!
Have a creative weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fat Empty-nesters

Why is it that I will tell you the things that I would never say in "real" life? I think I have issues or something.
Last week, DJ went away to U of I for a tech camp. So Den and I got to practice being empty-nesters. This is not a bad thing to practice. Is it wrong to admit that we were so happy we were giddy? Ok, I won't go that far but it was nice. So nice. We decided that we would like to practice for longer. I'm so ashamed to admit that. We are supposed to say that raising children has been the highlight of our lives. Well, there were moments that were Gifts and then there were moments that were sanctioned by the devil.
I have also decided to lose a few pounds. I want to be in great shape so I have the strength and energy to pack DJ in a year and a half. I'm using Lose It. My BFF got me involved with it. She is great. But she has lost more than me so she isn't that great. Just kidding, she would be my besty even if she was super model thin and I was the same blob that I have always been. I might have to push her down though. Don't tell her I said that, I want the shoving to come as a surprise.
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

Who would like to be the meat? Ok so it's kind of stupid.
So what was the best pick up line ever used on you?
Have a great Wednesday,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Critical Mass

This one isn't my fault. No really, it isn't!
The lovely garbage man decided to stop picking up our trash. JUST PERFECT! So I called Waste Management. It seems that we stopped paying our bill. Hmmmmm, that is kind of hard to believe since it is set up for auto-payment and has been for years. I was told that they informed our driver that we stopped paying so not to pick up the trash. Even Den was mad about that statement. Again, I repeated that how could I stop paying if YOU are the ones that are supposed to be charging to my credit card. I asked the woman to look at our account and nowhere in 18 years have I ever missed a payment. EVER! She then informed me that since my credit card expired in September that was the reason. I told her that I updated it. Long story short, it was all my fault. When we did get off the phone, I checked my account with them and I had updated the credit card info just like I said. But the lovely and frustrating woman from Waste Management did inform me that she would tell the driver that we paid our bill so he was allowed to pick up our trash. Oh joy.
This is not a fun problem to have.
I told DJ this problem and he said that I should just admit the truth that we spent the trash money at the casino. Smart-ass! Oh did I tell you that Den and I are going back to Vegas in April?
Trash Stomping,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 14, 2013

Money and Cake

Hey guess what this post is about? Car tires. Nope, I got a few bucks.
BP was kind enough to send me $21.94. Try to contain your excitement!
So I have......................
$21.94  BP
$5         free check from
$6         Pinecone research(surveys)
$75       Energy Plus(electricity rebate)
$80       Jewel(bonus for buying gift cards)

$187.94 for Christmas 2013.

And to my little DJ that will never read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! One more year until it is your luggage birthday.  There was a time when he would have liked a Mickey Mouse picture. Not so much anymore!
I'm off to make DJ a cake. Hope he wanted the shits for his birthday.
The Classy Mom,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I found a new blog that is awesome. It is called Pennies and Pancakes. I made Andrea's Amazing Fried Rice. It is really good and super easy. I also like how she gives you a price break down.The blog must be pretty good if it got me to cook.
Have a great weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slow Motts

I got nothin'. Everything is slowly returning to our normal boring lives. Anna is back at school and I'm putting the house back together. Sigh of relief.
So you know what you get on a slow news day? An empty Cheese Whiz jar. Yup, that's it. I read on Pinterest that you could store cupcake liners in a jar to keep them from getting smashed. So the jar was free and the liners were on clearance.  I live on the wild side!
Adrenaline junky,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stealin' Ideas

I'm a thief. I admit it. But it is a good idea so I'll steal just a little.
I popped over to Sunny Simple Life(she wrote about a post from Frugal Makes Cents so it has been stolen a few times over. ;p) and she was talking about what she was doing to cover the 2% increase(return) in the social security tax.
So I brushed off the ol' budget from last year
1244 house payment
190 car insurance
175 electric and gas
95 garbage and water 
141 cell 
30 gym
400 food
400 gas for cars
2675 total 
The new one for 2013 looks like this
1206 house payment(taxes went down)
165 car insurance
175 electric and gas
95 garbage and water  
141 cell 
30 gym
400 food
400 gas for cars
2612 total
This doesn't include the money going for college. 
I love our new monthly budget. It is almost pretty. It is so slim and simple. And in the event of unemployment I don't have a lot of trimming to do. I could cancel the gym membership even though I'm not sure if I would. The cells phones I'm not sure what I would do if we were living on unemployment. We don't have a home phone and if we got prepaid phones, Anna would blow through the minutes in a day. Honestly, I think that I would make the kids pitch in and help pay for the phones. I'm mean like that but at almost 21 and 17, I think they would have had a good run. Again, I'm a mean mom. Also I could probably trim some money from the food budget and the gas for the cars would go way down. I could get it close to $2100 a month without too much pain. When the unemployment ran out then we would be in trouble. There is always prostitution, right? Den is cute, I'm sure we could find him a date or two. 
The taxes went down on our house. We will just use that money to cover the part of the 2%. Normally, I would use the extra money and pay down the mortgage but I think I'll just use it to cover our lose. 
And I just remembered this, OMG how could I forget this one. Den wanted to refinance the house so before the holidays(ok that's why I forgot) I went to our bank and spoke with some amazing women about a loan. After all was said and done and I had my CPA FIL verify, we are better off not refinancing. How awesome is it that my bank said it was a bad idea?!? We pay bi-weekly plus quite a bit extra and by the time we paid off all of the fees to refinance, we won't be any farther ahead. At that point, we will be really close to having the house paid for. It still feels like an eternity away but slow and steady wins the house deed. 
We use a company that charges us $2.50 every other week to pay our mortgage. I know that I can pay my mortgage myself every other week and save the $65 a year. I have had this pointed out to me on more than one occasion. I think that $65/year is the best money that we waste! It keeps me from dipping in the till. If it was there for me to spend, I might give in and spend a bit of it. Knowing that I can't touch it keeps me resourceful.   
And after all of that rambling, I'll get back to the point! We need to come up with about $100 a month. I've got $63 of it since our taxes have been lowered. $37 more to go! We have wiggle room between our income and budget but I would rather try and come up with it by shaving a few dollars here and there. God, it took us a long time to get to the point where we had wiggle room! Hard work and time!
So do you have plans to come up with the 2%?
The criminal,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 7, 2013

You Lush

Remember how everyone thought that I was an alcoholic when I was talking about Lush bars? Well, I might be but I did make the lotion bars.
I used the crock pot method for making lotion bars. This worked PERFECTLY. I usually don't like to use things that are wasteful like crock pot liners and such. That said I knew that this would ruin my beloved crock pot. And a liner is way cheaper than a new one.
I melted one cup of beeswax, 1 cup of Shea butter, and one cup of coconut oil. If you have never made lotion bars before I would recommend this recipe. In my worthless opinion, they were a bit more like dry chap-stick but it is a very good place to start.
I wanted the bars to be a bit more Lush-like. So I remelted everything and added 1/4 cup of caster oil(I used caster oil because of its healing properties but any oil should work). This definitely made the bars melt quicker in my hands. They are a bit greasy but if you have ever used a Lush bar, you get used to it quickly and then crave it like a drug. I keep the bar in a plastic baggy and rub it on. That way my hands don't get overly greasy.
I also added Tangerine essential oil to the mix. I stink pretty, let me tell you.
Also if you are going to make something messy like this and don't have a dedicated crock pot and utensils, use a crock pot liner and wrap your ladle.That sounded bad, didn't it? I put the ladle in a sandwich bag and then used an old piece of aluminum foil to mold it into place. This worked like a charm and I had NO CLEAN UP. Odd little lotion bar stalactites formed off of the aluminum when I was ladling but other than that it was perfect.
Anna and I also made Christmas cards after Christmas. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. But you know this already! We are using them as thank you cards. And it was nice just to sit at the table and talk. It's like she is a grown up or something.
We were just all kinds of crafty this winter break. Who knows what is next for me? I might take up canning. Or I could just have a drink, clip coupons for green beans and not have to snap beans. I like that plan so much better!
Being all kinds of crafty,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabulous Friday

My wish for all of us this new and wonderful year is to have a completely organized home. Ok, I will settle for one drawer. Over at Buzz Feed they have 52 pretty interesting ways to organize. I'm liking what they did with their balls. Den and I might have to try that one or the Altoids trick.
Have an awesome weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm at it again. I have no shame. I already have $166 for Christmas 2013!
I got $5 from You could sign up for $5 off of an order or just a $5 check. I have the feeling that that didn't work out so well for them. I got $6 from Pinecone research for 2 surveys. I also got a $75 rebate check from Energy Plus. Long story short on them, change electricity providers get $75 back after 2 months service and 3% cash back yearly. Awesome! And I did a gift card deal at Jewel. If you bought $100 worth of gift cards, you got a catalina/coupon for $20. I did it 4 times. So I earned $80 for free for Christmas and I'm done birthday and Anniversary shopping for the year save one or two gifts. I hate braggarts too.
So this is where we are on the 3rd day of the new year..................

$5    free check from
$6    Pinecone research(surveys)
$75   Energy Plus(electricity rebate)
$80   Jewel(bonus for buying gift cards)

$166 so far.
I'm also going to include anything that I get from swagbucks this year. That should help a bit.
So is anyone else going to join me and try and find a few different ways to come up with some free money for Christmas. Yes, its a dare. The only rule is you have to track it and you have to brag.
Damned braggart,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

 How many of us started out all happy and excited to tie one on last night?
And who is looking like this?
I don't want to talk about,
Sonya Ann