Friday, March 29, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I love Pinterest and I love the idea of stacking simple wooden boxes with plants in them. I'm thinking herbs. I'm so completely ready for it to be nice out. I'm itching to "play" in the yard.
Den has been talking about taking the peonies out of the front yard. One of the many owners put a row of peonies in. All I can say is, we are not peonies people. We have local nursery that will take them. Bless their hearts.
So soon I will be digging in the dirt and complaining to you about it. You should be used to me complaining about something by now.
Have a complaint-free weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hand Job

I love doing things to help myself heal. I found this chart and thought it would be worth a shot. Just stay away from the thumb.
Is there any little trick that you do to stay well?
Happy Thursday,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

I think that I saw a porno that started like this in the 80's. And that is the worst comment I have ever posted on my blog. The clip isn't that bad but my remark made it naughty.
Seeking help,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning-Fail

I'm deep into my Spring Cleaning marathon. Yuck. I usually scrub one room a week and I try and have it finished by the time it is nice out. I'm starting to wonder if it is ever going to be nice out again. I hate cold weather!
Anyways, I saw a cleaning tip for grout. You sprinkle baking soda on the grout and then pour on hydrogen peroxide. All I did was make a mess. I let it dry because nothing was happening and I ended up having to scrape it off. Don't do it! You have been warned.
Our carpeting meets up with the grout so I try not to use anything on the grout that will bleach out carpeting. The best thing so far is straight hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush.
Back to cleaning,
Sonya Ann

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sock Sniffer

Remember way back, when I was talking about a sinus pillow? And how I thought it would be wonderful to have one of them. Well, I got a sinus infection. Let me rephrase that, I live with a sinus infection for most of the winter. It's really more of a hobby.
Anyways, I remembered the sinus pillow and decided to make one on my own. There was a small wrinkle in my plans, I wasn't in the mood to sew. So(or would it be sew) I got one of Den's old socks and filled it with salt and put it in the microwave. I learned a few things whilst fighting a screaming headache. Socks have elastic in them and tend to melt when microwaved, melted elastic stinks when sniffed, salt will bind with said melted elastic and split when you try and manipulate it.
I did manage to find a spot that wasn't melted or split and sniffed away. It did help or I was high from the toxic fumes. I'm going to sew a real pillow and be prepared.  I am going to try again, I'm sure it will be a disaster of some sort.
Somethings should be left unsaid,
Sonya Ann

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday

From EF
I love that so many people are trying to live a clean and more natural life. LOVE IT! Over at EF, there is a post about how to make your own Sinus Pillows. I love this idea and since I am always having sinus problems, I think this is on my to do list. And I'm sure that if Den or DJ gets sick this will be a welcome change from the neti pot.
Have a snot-free Friday,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bragging is a Sin

If bragging in Sin City is the worst that happens there, they aren't living up to their reputation!
Some people like to say, "I hate to brag but.........." And then follow it up with bragging. Not me, no sir! I'll flat out brag. Guess where I am going? Hahahaha, like you need a guess. Den and I are going to Vegas. Now wanna know the cool part? I got our flights and bags, the car and four nights hotel for $536.13. See I should be bragging!
Here are a few tips to get everything for your trip cheaper! Get a credit card with miles/points. We have our normal Bank of America card that we use for everything. And as you know, that money goes for Christmas. But we also have a Spirit Master card. We signed up for it the last time we were going to Vegas. We had enough points just from signing up for the card and making a small charge every month to get our flight to Vegas for $35 and that was with tax. We didn't have enough points for the return trip but since I used my Spirit Master card for the flights back we now have enough points for almost two round trip tickets. The only draw back to this card is there is a $70 a year fee. I haven't paid a credit card fee in YEARS! That said, we are going to pay it. At least for this year. We will see after that. But it is cheaper to pay the fee than it is for the airline tickets.
For the car, do a search to compare different car rental companies. Then go to the ones that you like and sign up for their emails. I can usually get the car cheaper through the company website. And before you book the car, go to your credit card company's website or My Points and see if you can get points or cash back.
And last but not least, sign up for every rewards card when you are in Vegas and USE THEM! We earn tons of free food and I scored 3 free nights for this trip.
We all know these tricks but just remember to stack these frugal hacks to save even more.
Back to sinning,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

And then I would smash the glass and slit my wrists! Seriously, I think suicide is an acceptable way to handle the situation.
Have a great hump day,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Such a Bore

 Usually life hands you lemons, not here. You get onions around these parts. I've got nothing to write about today so you get an onion update. And the update isn't great. They aren't doing so hot. They are sort of wilting. I was able to trim them a couple of times and now I really don't want to even eat them. I'm hoping that the ground with thaw and I can replant them. Or maybe just dump the dirt on the side of the garage.
 The weed that made it into the pot with the green onions is doing fabulous though. It can stay because I don't pull weeds in the winter.
I think the secret to having healthy green onions in the house is to forgo the dirt and just grow them in water. I just rinse them off and give them fresh water every other day. Or the water gives of a funky smell. People usually think that it's my cooking stinking up the place but NO I say, its the onions.
And that's it,
Sonya Ann

Monday, March 18, 2013


Lifted from Pinterest
When Anna was home for Spring Break, she needed her hair colored. I had gotten some hair color for free because of my couponing. Yay me! Or so we thought.
A while ago Ms. Anna with my help, dyed her hair brown and hated it. I then recolored her hair blond. Didn't work. I have since found a product that removes home hair color without damaging hair. Day late and a dollar short.
Anna went to a salon to have it fixed. They charged a ton of money and made it worse. Even she said, it was the worst thing that had ever happened to her hair.
She has been growing it out for a long time. The hair that she had treated is fried. And let me tell you putting cheap color on it wasn't the greatest thing to do. It was breaking and rubbery. I was quite surprised that she didn't seem all that upset. She said that she had known her hair was going to fall out for some time and had accepted. She just wanted it longer before she cut it.
Who knew fried hair could be saved? I didn't! She put coconut oil on the fried ends and left it for two days. It was a miracle. Yes, a hair miracle. It is still fried but no where near the mess that it was before. She said she is just going to nurse it along until it grows out a little more and then cut it off.
So if you ever have fried hair-use a little coconut oil!
Not a hairdresser,
Sonya Ann

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I saw this on Pinterest, of course. I couldn't find a link to the original but I'm pretty sure that you don't need directions for this one. Just paint on a rock. Got it, good.
I'm tired of being indoors and I never was a big winter fan. I'm looking forward to planting a few things. We don't have a ton of cash for new decorations for the yard so I'm hoping to add a couple of cute little things from garage sales. And a painted rock or two.
I think that I need some sort of smart assed comment on the bottom. Have any ideas?
Stone cold,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Sugar

This doesn't look like much but it is pure gold! I used the recipe for a sugar scrub from Homemade Ginger. It is really a great site. I'm wasting a ton of time there, no I am getting a ton of useful information there.
Anyways, this is super easy to make. Equal parts of brown sugar and sugar and then get it all wet with olive oil. It's not rocket science and that's a good thing.
Might I make a suggestion though, do not try this in the shower. Use this in the tub and scrub your feet LAST.
I have never felt so soft or spoiled after a bath in my life. EVER! I even ran the shower so it was nice and steamy in the tub. I felt like a brat.
And last but not least, wipe out the tub after your luxurious bath. Unless you are pissed at the next person in line. Then happy hunting.
Scrubbed Clean,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calling Me Out

I am a liar, a fraud, a flim flam man. From here on out, don't listen to a thing I say. Anything about saving money, don't trust me. I'm done with my shit.
Big sigh.
Well, it happened. I was drawn into the Verizon store. Let me paint a sob story and maybe you won't be as mean to me as I have been.
Since I started this blog over three and a half years ago, I have worked diligently to get rid of our bills. I have planned and plotted with the best master minds to get us out of debt.
Yeah Sonya, keep talking.
And I thought I was prepared for anything. I even had a few cell phones tucked away in case of a phone emergency. My inlaws upgraded their phones(they had the same ones we did) and gave us their old one. I had it covered.
And then it all went down hill.
Anna's phone is a refurbished phone. It isn't quite 2 years old. The phone only works if it is on speaker. Last summer, she had to use tape to hold it together. She has now graduated to tape and super glue.
DJ's phone is the cheapest one that they have ever made. It is just a step above a tin can and string. But it seems to be holding up the best. Who knew?
My cell phone would only hold a charge for 30-ish minutes. Nothing like having a cell phone that you had to keep plugged in like the old home phones. Hey, did you know that the charger cord is super short and you have to kneel next to the night stand in order to keep a conversation going? I knew this. But I still wasn't going to buy a new phone. I'm tough like that.
Things became desperate when we had parted out the spare phones and they were worse than what we had. Den performed surgery on his phone with a fork and a paper towel. He managed to get his phone to work in 30 second increments thanks to his surgery.  
But the good news is Verizon gave us 2 free Iphones. The bad new is it cost $460 for those suckers. I bought the extended warranty and shock resistant covers. We aren't kind to our phones. The kids will be upgrading this summer.
Just to add 2 phones with data packages is another $100 a month. I will have to wait to see what the first bill is but my guess is it will be about $250 a month. And when the kids get their phones it should be another $100. We will qualify for a cheaper plan so I am hoping that it will help. Hey guess what? The kids are going to start paying their part of the cell phone bill. They have to pay their own car insurance and now part of the cell phone bill. I am an evil mother. I have saved all of their birthday money and the money from them working part time. It is going to come out of those accounts. So they won't be prostituting themselves out but I personally think that DJ would be very popular.
This is a budget failure. And it is crazy money. All that said-I HAVE THE COOLEST PHONE EVER! I'm so happy with it.
Go ahead call me out or just call me,
Sonya Ann

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I saw this on Pinterest. I wanted to link to it but the link didn't work. But we are smart and I'm sure we can figure this one out with out any help at all! I'm such a smart ass this Friday.
This would be awesome at Christmas. You could hang all of your Christmas cards from the lights. Maybe even have cute painted clothes pins holding them in place. I really need to stop talking about Christmas all the time. I act as if it is my favorite holiday. It isn't. It is way to stressful to be at the top of the list. I think my favorite holiday is clean your toilet brush and plunger day. I know, it is your favorite holiday too. Oh and by the way, you really should clean your toilet brush and plunger. Just spray it with cleaner while its in the toilet bowl. Or pour bleach in the bowl and let it soak. See it is an important holiday.
Off to soak,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My New Wood

 Remember way back when, when we redid the downstairs bathroom? It doesn't seem like it was over 6 months ago but it was. Who knew?
Den took down the towel rack when he was painting and said that it would be really neat to hang a towel from some drift wood. Let me translate that for you, we haven't had a towel rack for 6 months.
We went to an estate sale and I found a piece of drift wood for $3.50. Much cheaper than a new towel rack and it turned out way cuter than I expected. The white towel cost $5 and won't be bright white after I wash it a few times.
Here is the towel in all its glory. These are the best pictures that I could get since I was standing in the shower. That is the tiniest room. I once slipped and fell out of the shower. I touched every wall on the way out.
I should stop complaining though. We are lucky to have two bathrooms. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like living with Anna and only having one bathroom. She would have claimed it and we would have gotten a bucket.
Not in the shower,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cooper's Balls

I have been wasting a ton of time educating myself over at Camp Wander. I don't know if you know this or not but I will do just about anything to save us money. I love to experiment on my family. It's good for them and builds character.
I made lovely dryer balls. Yup, old socks(roll one sock in the other) and essential oil(15 to 20 drops inside the "ball"((I used tangerine essential oil because it was cheap and all I had))). I wrote on them so no one would try and put them away. Not that anyone ever does laundry but in the hopes that someone will get the urge, they wouldn't put these old socks back. I labeled the first one "DB" well for dryer ball and then I named the other one "Cooper." I live only to make myself laugh.
I would like to say that if you write on your homemade dryer balls with permanent marker, you are going to have to wash them. Smelly, smelly.
This really did make the clothes smell, orangey. And I was shocked at how much faster everything dried.  I think I will be adding a few more of Cooper's balls to the dryer.
Ms. Cheap,
Sonya Ann

Monday, March 4, 2013

Saving More $ Than You

Den called me from work the other day and asked me if I was cold when I got up in the morning. Nope. Hmmmmm, why would he ask such a question? I always take a deep breath before I ask him why. I have to. It calms and steadies my nerves. I rarely like what I hear when he starts with some crazy statement/question.
He said he woke up in the morning and it was "super cold" in the house. Well, duh. I turn the heat down when we go to bed. He should thank me really. Think of all the money that I save us.
Anyways, he was in the bathroom in his socks and underwear and thought he was going to freeze to death. Sorry about the visual. Just think about Tatum Channing in his undies and it will be all better.
Den said he went into the hall to check the thermostat but it was dark and he couldn't see with just the bathroom light. So he flipped on the light on the fan and still couldn't make out what it said. He thought it was cuz it was so early and his eyes weren't working. But come to find out, there was nothing on the thermostat.  The keypad was blank.
He went downstairs in the kitchen to get some batteries and, of course, we had no AAA. Then he went down into the rec room to rob a remote. He said it felt like it was 40 degrees down there. Here is where I roll my eyes. Like it was 40 in the house. What is wrong with him?
He took the thermostat apart and put the batteries in. He didn't think that it could be right when it did come back on because it said 57. It said 57 and that was upstairs. We live in a tri-level and it is at least, 10 degrees cooler downstairs if not more all the time. He was telling the truth when he said it felt like it was 40 downstairs. Glad I slept through that one.
So the moral of the story, change the batteries in your thermostat. And don't doubt your husband's internal thermometer. Wait that sounded wrong.
Ice, ice baby,
Sonya Ann

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fabulous Friday

This is the world's worst laundry room. It is terrible. And I own it. I would laugh but I can't. The problem with this horrid room is that it is more of a hall than a room. You see the builder of this house was daft. He put the furnace in the dead center of the downstairs. I understand this was to save money but to add to the problem he put the water heater and all the plugs/water lines for the laundry right there too. Then slapped up a wall and left half of this level unfinished. Meaning all of this blocks perfectly usable space. Then throw in a few previous owners that tried to help and well you have a beautiful cluster-fuck. You have to go through this mess to get to the game room or the bathroom. I'm not even going to scare you with pictures of the crawl-space.
This is one of the last untouched areas of the house. We added the ugly and free cabinets.
This is the path to the game room. Cry for me.
I keep telling Den that he wants to fix this room as much as I do. He isn't taking this project to heart.
I found some before and after pictures on Tip Junky. Maybe there is help for that room after all. I just wonder how long I am going to have to complain before Den really wants to redo the laundry room. Oh wait, I'll answer that for you,"NEVER."
I think this summer I will start gathering things for the laundry room like a chandelier and a crew of men to fix it. LOL
Daydreaming about a wonderful laundry room,
Sonya Ann