Friday, January 31, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I love this idea! That would save so much room in my drawer. But then again, I don't have this many tee shirts. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should go shopping? No, bad Sonya-we are trying to dejunk the house not fill it. But filling it is way more fun. This sounds like an internal drama.
Losing to the voices again,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Happens at My House

This is a true and very sad story about what happens in my kitchen. I made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread I might add and this was the conversation that I had with Den.
Den-(grabs a container and squints at it)-is this steak?
Me-(With an entire body sigh)-No Dennis, that would be spinach.
And what makes this even worse was we were both sober.
Not to fear because my bedroom stories aren't as bad as this. Wait.
Kitchen memories,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

I don't know why I find this so funny. And I don't know why I laughed so hard over bullying a person in the hospital. I really have issues. But the panda is kinda a prick.
No panda love,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Lie

Pintos the crap car of the 70's
I'm not saying that I lie to you. I'm just going to point out the fact that I did lie to you. I said and I quote(do you have to use quotes when you quote yourself? I say yes just for the fun of it.)"So off to the dealer I go! I doubt that I will be getting tires there though. We aren't made of money." I guess that we are made of money! We brought my lovely van into the dealer for the recall. Out of all of the vans that they had done the recall on mine was the only the second one that had to have the front and back control arms replaced. They were rusting through.
They also went through and made a to do list. Sigh. I did some checking and since there are sensors in the tires, the best deal that I could get was at the dealer. Then they started to rattle off a bunch of things that would love to fix for me.
The check engine light was on and Den said he thought that it was the air filter/air filter area. He was right. They said that it was a hose with two sensors on it and would cost $240 to replace it because it had a crack. Ummmmm yeah, I need to hand the phone off to my husband. I'm sure he would have had my head on a platter if I paid that kind of money for a hose. Den told him no and then later told me that a piece of duct tape would literally fix it. We always try to keep our vehicles in tip top shape but I can't see replacing a hose when $.05 worth of tape will do the same thing. They also said that it needed gaskets for a mere $534. UGH and they wanted to replace the hose on the power steering. Den told them to do the tires and the bushings since that was something that he couldn't do(you have to pull the frame apart and he doesn't have the tools). So when we went and picked the van up, the guy admitted that they never even looked at the gaskets or the hose for the power steering, they just quote those by the miles on the van. UNBELIEVABLE!
The good news is I feel I didn't get completely raped at the dealer. We spent $1134.88 and I got new tires, bushings, and they fixed three recalls. The tires alone were almost $800.
Now you are caught up on my car issues. We have spend $1327.97 so far this year on vehicles and it is still only January. I just keep telling myself that as soon as this is fixed we won't have anymore problems for the year. No really, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Still a dreamer,
Sonya Ann
PS-Deb Coy is the winner of the $25 gift code. Congrats Deb! Please email me your info and I will get that right out to you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Donna Freedman and Condom Love

From Retail Me Not!!!
Yes, that's our Donna and a little condom love. She just wrote a wonderful piece over at Retail Me Not and she even managed to work in some naughty stuff! That's my favorite! Please jump on over there, give it a read, and leave an awesome comment. I would consider it a personal favor and did I mention the personal lubes?
Naughty Girl,
Sonya Ann

Everything and Nothing Post

This post is just a random mess. How's that to start your week?
I made lotion bars again! It's one part coconut oil, one part bees wax, and one part shea butter. Well, I screwed up and bought cocoa butter instead. Can I just say, WOW! It smells amazing. All chocolatey. Damn, I don't know if I am making myself hungry or horny when I use it. SERIOUSLY.
I was poking around to check to see if cocoa butter would work and I found the Holy Grail of Homemade! It's called Bath and Body Recipes. It's homemade heaven.
I also made homemade body butter. You just whip the snot out of coconut oil.
This was what happens when you try to take a picture on your bed with a kitten.
And DJ turned 18. I told him it was his get out birthday. He is still here. He doesn't listen for shit. Hard to believe that I have no more "kids" in the house.
This was me trying to get a random shot of Den. It's either his IQ or he is trying to tell me to come here.
It's his favorite pose. And this was at the really posh Christmas party. He makes me nuts.
Speaking of the Christmas party, this was the center piece that I got from the owner. It was stunning.
Since I am basically dumping everything off of my phone onto the blog, here is a shot of some of the Christmas cookie platters that we made. Yes, some not all.
Do you feel diabetic?
This is what happens when Den gets a bottle with a little man on it that pees whiskey. You can tell by the amount of alcohol in the background that we all had a good time.
This was an argument that I caught on my phone when we were in Vegas. He never smiles!
He was saying that he does smile. I'm just not a good photographer.
And that it was my fault that he never smiles. Can you tell that his innards were swimming in alcohol?
This is what he looks like after I told him he was a pain in the ass and just fucking smile.
He always looks like a naughty boy.
That drink was part of the reason I had problems with him in the photo shoot. LOL
I miss Vegas but I think we may be going back in October and I think that I can score free flights! And I know that we will get free rooms! Yay me!!!!
Oh and this is how the house looked during the holidays. Well, it still has the lights on but we don't turn them on.
Now I think that you are all caught up on my life. I bet that you really didn't want that much information. Looking back on this post, it seems that we drink a lot. And it's probably not something that I am going to change.
Party people,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This would be great if your were hosting a picnic or a pool party. We have so many projects to make or dream about. Can you tell that I am completely over winter?
Have a warm weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Obvious Question

I wasn't always this bad. I really wasn't. I think my children had a pretty good childhood. I limited the tv, was insistent they got good grades, and kept them safe. At times, DJ calls me the Tiger Mother. Bless the smart ass.
But they really did have a wholesome upbringing. Until they hit about high school and then it all went downhill. I figured if they had gone through public high school, Den and I could let loose a bit and go back to our true forms. We are fun and mischievous people and the kids were really holding us back.  I think that every parent should give their kid a ration of shit when they are old enough. Hence this Facebook conversation with Anna.
Anna posted this, "To the man with an unhealthy amount of hickies on your neck, I just made friends with random strangers because we all shared horrified faces, deep concern, and subsequently a lot of laughter at your expense. Thank you for opting to not wear a scarf today and making us all feel hella classy."
I, of course, had to ask the obvious question on Facebook, "was it dad?"
She did not find this funny. In fact, she says that its quite terrifying to deal with me. 
Just a slight query,
Sonya Ann 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another - $25 e-Gift Card Give Away!!!!

I'm in an awesome mood today! I'll probably jinx it now that I said it. But I'm willing to tempt fate. Anna is going to get her Masters for free and they think that she would make a great counselor at the college. So she may even have a job lined up. AWESOME!!!! And to think she was the child that we fought with terrible and took her phone away and gave her walkie-talkies. That punishment was legendary with her friends.
Anywho back to you! How would you like to win a gift code. Yeah, I thought you would!
It's pretty much the same as before.
  • You get one entry a day.
  • If you are a follower, you get one entry.
  • If I am on your blog roll, you get 5 entries. Just leave a separate entry for each.
  • If you post about this giveaway on your blog, you get 5 entries. Just leave a separate entry for each.  
 I don't have everyone on my blog roll. I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this one yet. Please follow me and leave the name of your blog in one of the comments and I'll add you. If I don't get it, yell at me. It builds character.
I'll pick a winner in a week just make sure I have a way to track you down!
Happy, happy,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 20, 2014

Funny or Mean

Poor DJ. He really is Alex P. Keaton. He wants his little life in perfect order and we just aren't those kind of parents. He doesn't do stress very well which makes this even funnier.
But I didn't do it this time. Really, I just sat back and laughed. It was all Den.
DJ went to SIU for a school trip. He stayed there for three days which translates into him not sleeping for two nights. He said it was fun and I really didn't get anymore out of him. Anywho, he got home on Saturday. Den and I weren't home, we went to a friends house for a drink. Who would have ever guessed it? DJ knew this and didn't really care, he came home and went to bed.
We left our friend's house. I was the DD and Den enjoyed himself. He was quite happy with life in general. It was late and Den was hungry so he decided we needed Taco Bell. I said for him to call DJ because he was probably hungry and get his order.
And this was the conversation that Den and DJ had.
DJ-answers his phone, he had been asleep-Hellllllllllo?
Den-What are you doing?
Den-Hey, mom and I are shitfaced, you are going to have to come get us?
DJ-still sort of asleep-Wait, what?
Den-Come and get us.
DJ-Are you still at Kathy's?
Den-No, we put the car in the ditch.
Den-No but there was a hill.
At this point, DJ was awake and PISSED. Den and I couldn't hold it together and bust out laughing. You know he hung up. Even though he was rude, we still brought him food. 
Best parents ever,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This is from Moms By the Heart! How cute is this?!?!?! I think this would be adorable outside. Can you tell that I am done with winter already?
Thinkin' Spring,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cars, Cars, Cars

That's not my car. I probably shouldn't even post a picture like that on my blog. It may give the gremlins that watch over me ideas.
Our car drama hasn't stopped. It followed us into 2014. I did get my Christmas wish of having one car fixed though. Thank you, Santa. I'm sorry I didn't wish for all four cars fixed.
I'm happy to say that Anna's car is running strong. And she only put it in the ditch twice when all the bad weather hit. Maybe this is why we have problems. LOL. She did manage to get it out both times by herself and get groceries. She said that they were eating odds and ends because that was all that was left in the house. It has to be bad if a college student is complaining. She parked her car after she got groceries and isn't going out anymore.
Den's windshield is still cracked.  I doubt that it will improve on its own. The creaking has subsided though. I'll take it. Den seems to think that it wasn't aligned properly and that it just broke itself in. Fine, I'll take whatever explanation you give me as long as the money stays in the checkbook.
My lovely van is really misbehaving. It is creaking horribly and I got a recall about the creaking. Who would have thunk it? I guess it has to do with some arms that hold the tires in place. They are rusting through and can cause an accident. Can I just say, AWESOME!!!! That sounds like a ride I want to take. It still beeps when you back up, and I keep getting a flat. So off to the dealer I go! I doubt that I will be getting tires there though. We aren't made of money. Just for shits and giggles, I'm sure that they will print out a list of everything that needs to be done. My guess it will have an estimate attached to it for close to $4000. They find so many things that they want to fix. Bless them really.
And last but not least, the lovely Lumina. I'm not tired of the abuse yet. We spent $500 and all that was fixed was the windshield wiper fluid pump. The car is in really, really good shape. It runs like a charm but the damned light will NOT GO OFF! I think secretly Den is loving this. The certified mechanics didn't find the problem either. Maybe I will show everyone up and fix it myself.
So I think what I am going to do is leave it. Maybe it will magically fix itself like Den's car did. Or maybe we will just wait until it gets warm out(BAHAHAHAHA, NEVER) and then Den can replace all of the hoses. That is the only thing that I can come up with. The mix is lean. That is the code that keeps coming up. Meaning that the air/gas ratio is off. I'm going with a pinched hose. We have replaced everything else on the car, we might as well do the hose too. It really is going to be a completely new car.  I have a plan though. You can get $25 off of a $50 purchase if you give one of the local stores your cell number. I'm going to give all of our phone numbers and buy the parts at different times. I'll also see if I can't get a cheap gift card from one of the gift card resale places.
So to recap all of this, I'm still screwed. But I have a plan. It is the same plan as the one I had last year but I'm going with it. Maybe 2015 will be the year that I get all the cars fixed?
Grease Monkey,
Sonya Ann
PS-Frances is the winner of the $25 gift code! Yay Frances!!!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

I guess this has been around for a while so in case you missed this review of Veet Hair removal, go here!
Snowman sex,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well That's Odd

My dear friend, Betty passed away on December 24th. She was 82. She lived next door to my inlaws and we became very good friends. I would go once a week and clean her house and clean Donna's house. I did this for years.
I just adored Betty and the great thing was we told each other everything. She came to me with problems and I dumped my problems in her lap. I loved the fact that she didn't hold back when it came to any problems in my life. Like the one time I was cleaning and I was in tears because Anna got a tattoo(Its on her ribs). Betty asked me if Anna had a shirt. I answered yes and she said, "Good, now move on to the next problem." I laughed so hard and more importantly she made me feel better.
She broke her hip one time and while I was visiting her in the hospital, I told her that everyone in her neighborhood was talking about her. She laughed and said that she was always the talk of the town. But I told her not to worry, I was going to tell everyone that she broke her hip having sex and that that should stop the rumors. She was laughing so hard that it made her hip hurt, she swatted at me. The little lady in the bed next to her was laughing so hard, I thought she was choking. I seem to lean towards being inappropriate at all times.
I told her many, many times that she was more like my sister than a friend. She loved to point out the fact that there was almost half a century between us but I always said that I didn't care. She also pointed out that I wouldn't want to be in her family. I said the same thing went for my family. She was the sister that I always wanted, I told her. She just shook her head and thought I was nuts.
Betty's family was cleaning out her house and getting it ready to go on the market. They sent over a few things for Donna and asked Donna if there was anything that she wanted. Betty wanted all of her things to find a good home. That was just the way that she had been her entire life. They had a few Precious Moments that they didn't know what to do with and it bothered her son that they were going to have to dump it off at the Goodwill. Donna said that I loved them and would take them for me.
The first one that I unwrapped from the paper towels was titled, "To a special sister." I am going to miss her.
Still smiling,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Lesson

 Take one of these lovely garbage disposals.
 Add a glass shot glass.

And you have an angry husband replacing the garbage disposal. You know what I find most shocking about this entire problem-----that this hasn't happened to us in the past. This seems like it would be a common problem with us. I asked my SIL and she said they had to replace a garbage disposal because of a shot glass. Maybe we aren't partying enough.
Hmmmmm, while Den is under the sink do you think he will find his future self? Maybe his future self can give him a few tips on how to fix the disposal? ;p
Buying plastic shot glasses,
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Friday

From A Thoughtful Place
How sexy are these?!?!?! I think this is something else that I need to add to the to-do list. I wish I had a done-list. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - $25 e-Gift Card Give Away!!!!

I'm giving away a $25 e-gift card. Yay, Sonya. And I'm doing it just cuz. I like you what can I say.
This will be in the form of a gift code. I will email the code to the winner. This is going to be a super easy giveaway!
  • You get one entry a day.
  • If I am on your blog roll, you get 5 entries. Just leave a separate entry for each.(I have tried a few times to add a blog roll and my blog becomes unrecognizable. I think it has something to do with the fact that I rewrote part of the code. I did it just not very well. LOL. I wanted to get an actual website then I realized that cost real money and well, I'm cheap and you know this so it ended with me doing nothing and not changing my actual blog so I could add the blog roll. It all makes sense in my head. Hey, was this too much information?)
That's it. I will pick a winner in one week! Please just make sure that I have a way to contact you when you leave a message.
Have a wonderful Thursday,
Sonya Ann
PS-I added a blog roll. It only took all morning. Sigh. If I have left you off the blog roll, it isn't because I don't like you. I just have no idea what the hell I'm doing. Please leave another comment and tell me the name of your blog as it would show up on the list and Ill add it. If you see your blog, you get an extra entry just let me know that I got it right.
On a side note, I have no idea why it wouldn't let me add the damned thing. It really did take hours and I lost a few things. Sigh again. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

And now I have to get a stuffed bobcat. I wonder if I could find one at the Goodwill? Anna did manage to find a porn chair at the Goodwill so I'm sure that a bobcat will be no problem.
Have a non-skittish day,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So It Begins

I have decided a few things about Christmas. I am going to have more of my shopping done by say, November and I am going to try and collect a few more free things as I go. I may post about what I get for super cheap or free. I tried to make Christmas easier on myself by buying a lot more gift cards but there is only so many ways to get cheap gift cards. So I will buy more gifts this year and try and get them cheap or free. I only spent $4.24 on Den this year and he spent(ok I bought it) $7.24 on me. And I had so much fun getting those gifts. I'll try and make Christmas more fun. Yeah that sounds like me. But I have to say that this was one of the easier Christmases that we have had. I think me stressing makes everyone a bit unhappy. I know, I'll try harder.
I won a $25 e-gift card from Surviving and Thriving, I'm a lucky girl!!!!! I have gotten $6 from Pinecone research and $25.88 from BP.
So to start out the year I have...............
$6        Pinecone research
$25.88 BP
$25      Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $56.88
 I think that I will use the gift card for either me or Den. Not sure but I have plenty of time to figure it out.
That's all folks,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 6, 2014


Son of a bitch. Yeah, I said it and I started a post with that. Damn it, why can't I have a normal life? WHY? Just answer the question.
Before we start this little adventure, go pee, change the clothes over to the dryer and get more coffee. It's going to be one of those posts.
This little adventure happened the end of 2013 but I wasn't ok with it for a little while. Oh yeah, and as we speak I'm giving the middle finger to 2013 as I drive away. It wasn't a stellar year.
While reading this I want you to understand a few thing, I love my husband and he is a good man. He literally saved me. I don't know why he thought that I was worth the effort but I will love that man forever. I believe in him and I believe in us. It is always easy to believe the worst in someone. Look past that first thought and you will truly see how deep this fucking rabbit hole goes. Yes, I said son of a bitch, damn it, and I dropped the F-bomb. It's that messed up.
It started with a flat tire and a coupon. Seems about right for my life, right? I needed to go to a mall that was a far drive for us since I had an AWESOME coupon that I could use it with ANOTHER coupon. Frugal heaven. But before we could get out of the damned driveway, I had a VERY VERY low tire. I would have filled it up at our house but Den lent out the air compressor. So DJ and I went to the first gas station and their air compressor was broke. So I had the pleasure of driving another few miles on that low tire. We made it and carried on. But I should given up right there.
The only good thing about that day was the fact that I scored an amazingly cute jacket and 2 tops. I'll look cute in the nut house or prison. It will be one or the other. It is just a matter of time.
DJ and I got along as well as can be expected of a 17 year old son with his Mother on a shopping excursion. I only raised my voice at him once and then we decided that we would meet up later. It was a wise decision for his sake.
On the ride home, we actually spoke. Yes, we spoke. It was nice. I don't get to glimpse that side of the boy very often. Life was going too good for me at this point, a conversation with the boy and new clothes set the devil off. I mean, who the fuck do I think I am? I can't be happy. This isn't allowed.
I pulled into the driveway just enough to get off of the street and jumped out to get the mail. Grabbed it and hopped back in the van.
I saw a card that I thought was a late Christmas card and tore into it. MISTAKE. It was a baby announcement congratulating me on my husband's new baby boy. My stomach dropped like I had swallowed a boulder. I felt dizzy and sick. My entire world and my life was overturned in one moment. Nothing I knew was real. Nothing that I had built in almost 20 years was stable. With clammy hands, I showed it to DJ. He shook his head.
I parked the van and drug my once prized clothes into the house. I was in a haze. I asked DJ to go to his room and I texted my best friend to come over. I needed help. Within a matter of minutes, she was giving me the most needed hug.
I talk non-stop. In fact, I can talk enough for at least two people maybe three on a good day. I have the tendency to scare people when I stop talking. It is that rare. Anna used to call it, the shit just got real, moments. Bless her trashy mouth.
My bestie is from England and she gave Scotland yard a run for their money or would it be pounds within a matter of minutes! She started pointing out flaws in the card left and right. It helped so much. She was a lifeline into the bleak hell that I was sinking into.
I'm not going to tip my hand until this is settled. BUT I will give you a few things that we have figured out. This was against Den not me. My name was spelled wrong if they knew me they would know my name. It was written as if English was their second language.
She promised that if he did cheat she would help me kill him. She also pointed out that no sane woman would want our husbands. I love her and she made me laugh through tears.
She left before Den got home and offered to remove all the knives out of the house. I told her she could take them because we have swords that I could use. She also made me promise that I would let him speak. It wasn't a problem because I wasn't in the mood to talk. Hard to believe, I know.
Poor man walked into a trap. He walked in the door and said hi. I nodded and asked him to sit down. He asked if he could put this things away(his lunch and papers). I replied no and asked him to take a seat.
I have to say that I have a knew found respect for the police. I would be beating a confession out of people left and right.
Den sat down and looked at me VERY worried. I stared blankly back at him.
Me-"I have one question that I need you to answer."
Den-looking very nervous
Me-"Have you ever cheated on me?"
Me-I'm studying him for any tells-"Have you ever cheated on me?"
Den-"No, I have never cheated on you."
I slide the card to him. He looks very, very confused at this point. He opens it and looks puzzled. and then I shit you not he says to me, "Who had a baby?"
You have no idea how hard it is to interrogate someone so stupid!
Me-in a condescending tone-"READ IT AGAIN!"
Den-"But I don't know anyone that had a baby!"
Me-"Dennis, you had a baby!"
Den-"DJ is..."
Dennis isn't stupid but this one was just not sinking in. So I caught him up to speed and I told him that I talked with my bestie and she thinks that it is bullshit and someone wants to tear apart our marriage.
Den was furious. The thought that someone would try to ruin his marriage didn't set well with him. 
After he calmed down and I was convinced that he had not cheated, we started trying to piece it together. He decided that it came from his work and that he was going to his boss with it the next day.
Den is normally the first or second person at work. And it gave him enough time to talk to his boss alone. He asked him if there had been any complaints about him lately and his boss said no. Den started to hand the card to his boss and his boss said, "Not this shit again." Yup, we weren't the first person this has happened to.
What kind of a person is so hateful that they would try to tear apart a marriage? I try never to hurt anyone's feelings, ever. I'm a lover. I would never hurt anyone and for the life of me, I will never ever understand that level of cruelty. I have never been able to understand why someone would show hatred when kindness is so much easier and lighter on the soul.
But I did realize a few wonderful things because of this. The depth of darkness that I felt when I thought that I lost my husband is a wonderful gauge of my love for him. I have an amazing best friend. Not only does she have a wonderful accent, she made sense of a messed up situation and pulled me back from hell. She also promised to help me kill Den if it was true. That is a true friend. My bestie's husband is Den's best mate. And he came forward and admitted to fathering Den's baby.
My life is completely fucked up. I try to do the right thing but messed up situations follow me. Guess what, I love my fucked up life. I'm so blessed. And I'm still funny-go back and read the title again. Bahahahaha!
Can't wait to read the comments,
Sonya Ann
PS-If someone thinks that they are having a bad day send them here, I have them beat!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I found a new site!!!!! Its I heart Organizing!!!! I want to organize everything in 2014 and save tons of money. And we will see where I am at in exactly one year. Probably complaining and being sarcastic. Hmmmm, doesn't sound like a bad year.
Striving for OCD,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

I guess this is the day that I look forward to all that 2014 has to offer. So maybe yesterday was the day that I was supposed to do this but yesterday was Wicked Wednesday aka quiet day for hung over Sonya.
What do I hope for this year? Peace and prosperity for all of my loved one. And you are one of my loved one. Awwwwww, starting the year all mushy like, aren't I?
Here are a few things I'm working on.
I honestly, don't think that I can tweak the budget anymore. This is where I was last March....
1244 house payment
 190 car insurance
 175 electric and gas
 95 garbage and water
 141 cell 
  30 gym
 400 food
 400 gas for cars
2675 total 
This is where we are now.........
1284 house(our taxes went up AGAIN. Grrrr)
90     car insurance(the kids each pay $45 a month for a total of $180)
175 Gas and electric
125 garbage and water(the water went up again.)
200 cell(this is our only luxury and I'm sticking with it. The kids each pay $50 a month for their part. $300 total)
30   gym membership
500 food(I can't seem to get this lower no matter what I do)
400 gas for cars
 2804 total
I'm really quite happy with this. I would love to shave 10% off of this but it seem unrealistic especially with the area that we live in. Life is just expensive here. I did great getting the car insurance down but then I spent more on the cell phone. The water is crazy money now. We got a $300+ bill in December. The running joke around here is that everyone is going to wash their kids with the water from the sump pump. 
The gym membership keeps Den happy and I don't think that I would get rid of it even if we really hit hard times. He is allowed to bring 2 people in on his pass so its more like 3 for the price of 1. 
I am going to try to save more money. I'm starting on the 52 week challenge again. I'm sad that I didn't complete it last year but SO SO grateful that I had that money to do repairs on the cars.
I also set up a yearly budget for things like birthdays, car repairs, new glasses, car repairs, pool supplies, car repairs. I like to fund these funds and then use as little as possible. Things have changed over the years but I try to get about $8000 in this fund. This was single-handedly the one thing that has kept us out of credit card debt. Will we use that much money-I HOPE NOT. But I'm really bulking up the car fund this year. Probably $2000 to $3000 in there. This is still so much cheaper than car payments. 
I'm going to try to get more free things for Christmas by running more deals. I will also try to find more free money. 
Overall, I'm really happy with our progress. We don't have a lot of debt only the house payment. I'm grateful to my past self for working so hard getting us to this point. And I hope that I continue to say, "thank you Sonya of the past." 
Is there room for improvement? Yes, always. I'm a work in progress.
On a personal note, I would like to get my latest book edited and out. It takes forever to finish one of these damned things. But 530 pages would take anyone a while to finish. It's ok to take your time, Sonya. I seem to have more patience for others than I do myself.
DJ will be going away to college this year so there will be many changes for us. Anna is getting her degree in education so it takes 4 years to get the degree and then they have to spend one semester in the classroom. She is also, talking about staying on for her masters. It looks like she will be able to get it for free. So I'm happy. I know that I talk a lot about what a pain in the ass they are but I am so proud of them. My greatest accomplishment in this life will be my children. I'm so blessed. Please remind me of this the next time they pull a stunt. Say like releasing a rottweiler in the house. 
I truly hope that you stick with me for 2014. Knowing me it will be filled with lots of cuss words, hare-brained adventures, a book or two, and money saving tips. 
Thank you for being my friend,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

I've done this before. And I bet that you have too!
I'll answer all of the comments when I'm sober. Give me a day or two. Haha, not really! Leave quiet comments please.
Wishing you the best new year,
Sonya Ann