Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We have been busy outside. I'm hoping that we spend more time enjoying the yard this year than working on it. Who's with me?
Den was busy mulching the yard last weekend. Bless him. DJ and I cleaned the insides of the cars. I think we will cheat and run the cars through the car wash and be done with it. See, I will occasionally spend money on things that I could have done myself. The van is a monster to wash.
There is finally signs that we are done with winter. YAY!
Not only do we have a bunch of dead areas in the grass but one of the front bushes is dying. I figure that it was put in when the house was built so it is probably 30+ years old. How long does a bush live? I've never pondered that question before.
The other bush is fine. I guess we will just be ripping one out. That doesn't sound like fun.
This entire house needs to be updated or gutted or demolished and rebuilt with modern and pretty parts. It really is a never ending battle. I'm ready to move or refinance and take out some money and fix the entire thing. Yes, I'm wanting to spend money and Den is the one telling me not to spend. I really don't know how I came to this point. Oh yeah, everything is run down and busted.
Here is the starting point of my money spending rant with Den. The damned fence! It is rotting and falling over. It desperately needs to be replaced.
And if you look closely, the picket fence becomes a chain-link fence back by the pool. Because a matching fence all the way down just wouldn't be the sensible thing to do for the previous owners. I want to put a white fence all the way around the yard and across the driveway. You can see how one thing leads into another. Den says to replace the few bad planks of fence and just keep the mortgage as it is. How is he being sensible? How did I manage to leave my frugal thoughts?The dog on that side is a major asshole and barks non-stop at us and charges the chain-link fence. That is another reason to get the white fence. We really get along well with our neighbors but how can they not see their dog is a dick. She charges the fence slobbering and snarling when we go outside. And the guy is like, "Ohhhh, she is just saying hi." I'm an animal lover but the dog needs to meet up with a boot.
Rant over, maybe.
The little garden behind the house always looks nice after it is mulched. I like the tidy look. The tidy look doesn't stay long though.
My little garden by the back door is mulched and I have chives and oregano coming up. See I can grow something.
Maybe I can't grow anything. I should probably retract that statement.
I just don't understand. I bought the good dirt and everything. Sigh. I guess I will be buying more plants this year. And if buying a few plants is the worst thing in my life, I guess I have it pretty good. Oh wait, I can complain about the fence. Normalcy restored.
I bought Den a pocket hose for Christmas. Well, it was free with CVS bucks but still. I saw the infomercials and was jazzed to try it. It is lightweight and easy to use but I was hoping that it would contract a bit more. Did you know the pocket hose is tough enough to tow a vehicle with? Hmmmmm, maybe we should use the hose instead of a rope when we pull out the front bush?
We need new hoses for the yard and I think that I will buy more of these but they are a tad on the short side. Short and non-retracting hoses are always a problem.
There is still more work to be done and we need a bit more mulch but it's nice to feel as if we are getting a handle on the yard sooner than later.
And I'll save you the trip out back by the pool. It's a green and mucky mess. This may be a job for 5 or 6 cases of bleach.
Dirty and non-retracting,
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mosh Monday

Damn, he was a little cutie. When I look at this picture, I'm so glad that we have him. I try to look at this picture to remind myself of how cute he was and good he was when he was small. It's all I got. LOL
Now he just goes from room to room looking for something to destroy. He is always planning something. And it is always bad.

This fuzzy picture is of a cat trap.
And this is my second cat trap. Sue won't stay out of the kitchen. Cats aren't allowed in the kitchen. Well, I say they are not allowed and Sue does whatever Sue wants to do. We tried the spray bottle but unfortunately you have to have ninja like skills to catch the little shit.
So I searched the internet and found that cat's don't like walking on inverted contact paper. So I set a trap and waited.
I caught this idiot. And it wasn't as if I didn't warn him. The cat had no problem with it. He touched his paw to it, didn't like it and just jumped it. BASTARD! Den wasn't as bright.
He(the cat not Den) is for some reason afraid of the fly swatter. I don't hit him with it but I'll sling it at him. So I lay it across the doorway and that seems to deter him.
This is a Santa beat-down!
I received another $6 massive dollars from Pinecone. I guess I shouldn't complain since they are the only ones giving me free money with any consistency.
So I have.....................
$57           Pinecone research
$118.82     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $200.82 for our 2014 Christmas!

Hey, did you hear about US Airways? Really, WTH?
Anyways speaking of airlines, E-Rewards(the research company that I got a ton of airlines miles with) is no longer offering Spirit miles as one of their rewards. Sad but I can still earn a bunch of free gift cards that I can use for Christmas. So I'm still in the winner's circle. It's a sad and crooked circle but I'm there.
Spirit now has the Miles for Thought program to earn airline miles. It pretty much sucks but I'll work at it. Free is free!
And that's all I have,
Sonya Ann

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fabulous Friday

The Mother Load people, the mother load! Every kind of flower box and adorable arrangement can be found at Southern Living.
I can't wait to start planting and making the yard not BROWN. Ahhhh, a warm pool, a drink and lots of LIVING flowers in pots. It's a dream but one I'm holding on to.
Thinking green,
Sonya Ann
PS-The sluggy is having a giveaway on her blog! Check it out!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Snoring Cure?

I normally try to say nice things about the people that I live with. Bahahaha! Ok, I edit most none of what I say about them.
My husband who will remain nameless, snores like a son of a bitch. It is terrible. And it has gotten to the point where I was sleeping in Anna's room.
We have tried everything, rolling him over, snore spray, me covering his nose and mouth with my hand. I really did try to smother him while I was asleep. He woke up and saved himself. Damn it.
But I think that I may have found a cure. Well, not a cure but a way to make it so much better.
Yes, a tazer. I think it is completely fair. You suffer from sleep deprivation and he suffers from cardiac arrest. It's all the same really.
I could use duct tape. I'm really ok with him losing some facial hair. It will be like waxing for him.
Yes, that's the cure! A pillow!
Yup, having Den sleep on 2 pillows at night has made a huge difference. I'm not saying that he has stopped snoring completely but I don't have to get out of bed to get a good nights sleep either.
All those pictures just to tell you to use 2 pillows. I like to think of it as suspense not wasting your time.
Out cold,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

I would definitely put one in a box. But not a toaster or washing machine even though it was a really nice front loading washing machine, I don't see it working out well.
Careful with fuzzy friends,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finger of Death

I'm sure some of you recall how I'm not very good with plants or people really. But I keep trying.
Yes, that is my finger of death for our plants. Yup, that's about right!
I bought a cheap "greenhouse" to try once again and grow flowers. In the past, I have grown mold. I'm a winner.
But it was only $4.77 and I will be able to use it over and over again to grow mold.
Some cheap flowers from the Dollar Tree and a screwdriver to make some holes! Den said that was better than using my finger.
And we have an enclosed death container! I mean, just wait-I can do this. Really, I can grow flowers.
I found this while looking up the finger of death!!!! My finger has an erection often when I have to deal with the people that I live with.
Can Grow,
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mish Monday

Today, you are getting a mish-mosh of everything that is going on here. Yeah, you.
First off, I'm blind. Yeah, my eyeballs suck it which means my glasses are super expensive. $400.08 for my glasses! The only good thing about it is our insurance will now pay for the eye exam and I get 10% off the frames. So I saved about $65. Just so you know, we spent $1000s and $1000s on health insurance just to save that $65. I'm savvy, what can I say?
I got another lovely $3 check from Pinecone!
So I have.....................
$51           Pinecone research
$118.82     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $194.82 for our 2014 Christmas!
Some asshole hit Den's car and drove off! I'm getting sick of this, I really am. Why is it we take care of our things and respect other people's property as our own and there are never any consequences for these dickheads?!?!
Den super glued it. He's hoping that the vibration from the exhaust doesn't make it worse. He looked so sad after he "fixed" it. He loves his car. I just looked mad after he fixed it. I'm so burned out. I have always tried to be a nice person but I am getting to the point where I understand how old people get mean and crotchety. By the time you get old, you have had enough people be shitty to you and you start off being ornery towards new people just to ward them off.
Maybe I just need to go on an adventure to not be so burned out on life and people. Can we say Groupon? I have been checking out things that Den and I could do once we ditch the boy lovingly get him settled at college. Maybe a power hand-gliding flight is what I need? I doubt it.
Or perhaps an autopsy seminar? I'm thinking a few cocktails and then an incision. If I find the son of a bitch that hit Den's car, I know who will be on the table!
Happy times,
Sonya Ann

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This is awesome. I wouldn't wear it but I might buy it for a gift for Anna or one of her friends. Not DJ because he has said since he was little that he was Jewish. Remember the old song-one of these things just doesn't belong here- yeah that would be the boy.
You would have to wear it while eating breakfast or BLTs, it would be the law. Let's just hope that we are leaving scarf weather behind.
I smell bacon,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick and Frugal Kindness

This isn't a braggie sort of post, its just about doing something kind for someone hurting.
That basket and goodies cost me just under $7. The basket was from the Goodwill and the goodies and fruit were from the store.
I have a thing for baskets, maybe its from a past life or something, but I would fill my house with baskets if I had no self-control. Hmmmmmm, I have self-control with buying baskets but not liquor. Something to explore with a therapist, I guess.
Anyways, Anna's best friend, who we consider a part of our family, Grandfather passed away. Anna had spent quite a bit of time with him. And they were buddies.
As ya know, I'm from da Chicagoland area and in these parts, people don't send over food when someone passes. I think that is a sad thing but its just not the way it is around here. People just give money or flowers. Down south, you will have food in every nook and cranny of your house if someone passes. I've seen it and it was wonderful and a bit scary.
Anywho, the point is it doesn't take a lot of money to let someone know that you care. Make a basket, write a note or give someone a cup of tea and listen. I think being creative more than covers the lack of funds.
Wow, this was way too mushy for me. I'll have to link to porn or something on the next post. Maybe sex baskets?
What is your frugal hack to show da love?
Kind or crazy,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Something To Do

So I was poking around the internet and I found a really interesting site called Things I Find in the Garbage. I can't believe the good things that Martin finds. He sells what he finds and uses the money to help support himself. Brilliant! I can't believe the things that people throw out and what he has saved. I try to donate whatever we can't use or find a good home for it. But then again, I don't have a ton of stuff either. I can't imagine having so much that you could throw out silver plated serving ware. How much would you have to have to consider something worth a few hundred dollars to be trash? It's mind-boggling.
Thinking about pickin' trash,
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 14, 2014

You Get It All

I received an entire $6 from Pinecone research. I know, it is just too exciting. It gets betters, trust me.
So I have.....................
$48           Pinecone research
$118.82     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $191.82 for our 2014 Christmas!
That's not a volcano, its a pimple. Yes, I made it worse.
Anyways, my skin is completely cleared up. Crazy as it sounds I started using my lotion bars on my face every night and sometimes in the morning. I won't say that my wrinkles are gone but they seem to have faded a bit. And I can tell that they are worse if I go a few days without putting it on my face. Hmmmmmm, youth in a bar? I won't say for sure but I also use the bars to rub/push out the puffiness on my eyelids and rub the lovely crease that was forming on my brow(I blame Den and the kids for that one). It has made a huge difference with both. Will it work with fat? Probably not and I would need a shit-ton of them to cover my ass!
Speaking of my fat ass, I'm down 7 pounds. This is a never ending hell I am trapped in. I don't think that 7 pounds in a month is that great. But it is better than gaining and I have managed to do it with Den cooking. My mantra is.......Stuff less in your face-FAT ASS! It helps but I'm slightly suicidal.

Sue is getting bigger and lazy and odd. He only wants to sleep on me. Either on my legs or between my boobs. If I am sitting down, he likes to stand on my boobs and tries to stick his nose in my mouth. He also tries to do it to my bestie. But only us. Maybe it's all the alcohol?
You wouldn't want me to have a normal pet, would you?
Back to your normally scheduled program,
Sonya Ann

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I have so many projects and no Anna. I miss her and her crafty ways. She was always doing something adorable. You should see her apartment. It really is shocking how crafty they are. She says that people compliment them all the time about how nice it is.
Anyways, back to the candles. I need to start doing fun stuff like going to the casino and drinking making wonderful crafts.
Sonya Ann

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Avocado Ideas

While this isn't the most appetizing photo, this did work well. We had friends over for dinner and Den sliced some avocados. They weren't a big hit but the homemade tamales were so the dinner was still a success.
Anywho, the avocados were turning brown and I wanted to drink entertain so I needed to do something fast and I didn't want to throw them out. In my inebriated rushed state, I remembered the guac experiment and wondered if it would work with just sliced avocados. I put them in a container and added water. Then off to drink I went.
Those lovely slices are two days old. They are a bit softer, perhaps a tiny bit water-logged(they are perfect for guacamole), but still green and taste the same. This is really a good way to store them. Next time we have avocado slices, I'll put them in water as soon as they are sliced. This would also work great if you were bringing them to a party. Just a thought.
Alcohol logged,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bad, Bad, Bad

I did NOT do this! But I laughed VERY VERY hard. I can't help it. I think I have authority issues or mental health issues. Something isn't right.
Some person(I'm assuming a student) hacked the high school email system at DJ's school and sent out a horrible video to the entire list of teachers, students, and parents. I'm not going to link to the video because I don't want those kinds of diseases on my computer. And I'm sure you feel the same way about infecting your computer.
But my bestie did have her son forward it to my phone. Yes, she is as messed up as I am. I, of course, downloaded it and showed it to Den and DJ. I laughed until I had a headache.
I won't give a blow by blow but one of the three ladies was being booby-slapped quite vigorously. I can't even imagine the look on the new principal's face when he opened that one. 
Not right,
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mish Mosh

I do believe that it will be snowing and crappy in June. I would like to think that I would be happy and the animals would flock towards me and we would break out in song and dance.
It has gotten to the point where Den was weeding one of the flower beds while there was still snow on the ground. He just wanted to be outside doing something. Nope, that is just too cold for me.
I have the feeling that we will be ice skating on our pool this summer.
I got $3 from Pinecone Research and $33.46 from BP.
So I have.....................
$42        Pinecone research
$118.82 BP
$25      Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $185.82
I'm not going to have enough money for Christmas at this rate. Oh well, its too soon to stress.
The oral surgeon PAID! Finally!!!!! I should probably put the money towards Christmas but we need to visit Den's grandpa in upper WI and that won't be cheap. We are trying to rent a cabin but it is harder to rent one because people don't return phone calls or emails. We may end up in Motel 6.
And DJ has a 2-3 day orientation in IN. I'm betting the $709 refund won't pay for both. Hmmmm, maybe I could sell our teeth to help cover the costs.
This may kill me but I'm cancelling our Sunday paper. It is going from $1 a week to $3 a week. I love my coupons but not that much. I'm also hoping that I can print more coupons online. I may go through withdrawals though.I may miss this more than the satellite! Speaking of satellite and the tv..............
As you know, I cancelled the satellite over four and a half years ago. We have saved over $2100 by shutting it off. I did break down this Christmas and buy the kids a years subscription to Netflix. It was just under $100 for the year and they can share the same account. The funny thing is DJ said to me the other day how most of the shows are crap and a waste of time. That is quite a statement from a teenager.
I prefer to rent an entire season of a tv show that I have heard good things about from the library. Even Den has gotten to the point where commercials tick him off. Should I bring up the point that I post commercials every Wednesday? No, probably not.
And Spent,
Sonya Ann