Friday, May 30, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I love these. I'm thinking that something like this would look great in Anna's room when I redo it. Now, I just need to move her furniture down to her, buy new furniture for the room, paint the room, decorate it, and oh yeah, come up with the money for all of it. Not a problem.
Sonya Ann

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I love grilled corn. Love it. Den has an awesome cheat for making grilled sweet corn. Fill the sink with cold water and add all of the corn still in the husks that you are going to grill then add a cup of sugar. Stir it around a bit and let them soak for, at least, an hour. I normally soak them for three. Then grill as normal. YUM!!!!
I love buying corn from one of the local farmer's markets. But I don't think that I would want to buy from the guy above. He seems way to upset to enjoy his corn.
Summer love,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

Hahahahaha, you have to watch it until the very end. That would happen to Den. And I would laugh. Not that I think he sets doritos traps. I wouldn't fall for it. But if it was ice cream-still no.
Chip lover,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Smish Smosh Monday on Tuesday AGAIN!

I will eventually get my Monday posts back on Monday. Maybe.
Look at my crack. Yes, this is the crack in my driveway. CILANTRO has decided to grow in it.
See my little garden? Well, it wasn't good enough for the rebel cilantro. I guess I will be prying it up and replanting it.
This is a better view of my little garden. I have planted none of this. It planted itself. I have dill, lettuce, and cilantro. So stuff grows that I don't plant and...............................
this is what I get when I actually plant seeds and try to grow something. NOTHING! Not one flipping thing.
At least, the pool is doing a little better. Its not clear but it looks more like a pool than a swamp. We went to upper WI to visit Den's grandpa, DJ's graduation and family coming over for an impromptu party and Den's grandpa passing, things are a bit out of control. Understandable but still a mess.
 The color of the pool water is actually closer to the color of Smirnoff Ice. Of course, I would think of liquor.
I got ANOTHER $6 from Pinecone so I'm at......................
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$69           Pinecone research
$152.55     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $347.04 for our 2014 Christmas!
Anna got new tires. She was lucky that she didn't have a blowout driving home. They we pretty bad but she never said anything. It was $430. And then she informed us at the funeral that when she steps on the brakes they are making a terrible squeaking noise. Den won't be doing this brake job so I can't wait to get the bill for that one. Well, its coming out of her money but still.
Maybe Anna should trade her car in for a pair of shoes. Knowing her they would be heels and she wouldn't make it far.
Anywho, these are my favorite shoes. The sole pulled away on both shoes and tried its damnedest to trip me every step. Hot glue is the answer! We shall see how long it holds but I have high hopes.
Growing, glued, and not stopping,
Sonya Ann

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Have a wonderful Memorial day. Thank a vet and hug your family. We have so many gifts to be thankful for because others sacrificed for our freedom.
Have a wonderful day,
Sonya Ann

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This idea is from My Crazy Blessed Life. I may need to make a bunch of these and stick them in DJ's drawers and pack a few dozen of them for when the boy leaves home. Yeah, I'm still counting.
Sonya Ann

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cheaper Than Cheap

I'm not sure if I will put this under the cheap or mean column. I would let you decide but I'm kinda scared.
As you know DJ is allergic to quite a few things and I'm never quite sure what will set him off. And I think that I have stated before that our doctor is simple. So I do the "at home Sonya style" allergic reaction tests. Were you thinking, "oh God, what is she doing now?" It happens a lot when you visit me, doesn't it?
Maybe this is why DJ is so anxious to leave home? Because I experiment on him.
I am trying to find everything DJ needs to head off to a happy life at college. Yes, I am in the gathering stage. And I would love to be cheap about all the things that I send off with him. But laundry soap we have a big problem with. The boy likes to have random allergic reactions. Sometimes, they don't bother him, others well he is a hot, swollen mess. Literally.
So instead of making an appointment with out simple doctor(he needs a physical anyways so we will get to spend some lovely time with him anyhow) and then get a referral and have to pay for 2 appointments, I administer the test myself.  Yes, I administer the test myself. Go ahead, groan. He has survived all of my experiments. So there!
I scratch his arm in two places and then rub the laundry soap on one scratch. One is to see what the actual scratch looks like and the other to see if it looks different with the detergent on it.
This does work, mind you, I would consult with a doctor about ANY allergies. But just to test a laundry soap this works ok.
But I have decided to purchase the expensive hypo-allergenic laundry soap pods and send them off to school with him. I really doubt that his new roomie will want to chase him down and hit him with an epi-pen. Just in case my experiments were a tad off.
I get why he wants to leave,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ShhhhMonday on Tuesday

The end of an era! That is DJ's gym clothes. I will wash them no more. And nope, I'm not sad about it at all. I won't miss scrubbing the pits of the shirt.
It is a bit hard to believe that I don't have any "kids" anymore. No more school whatevers, no more sending money in, nothing to do with public schools ever again.
I feel sort of old. 42 and an emptynester, hmmmm not sure how this is going to work. Maybe, I'm a tad bit sad about it.
That's the dash of DJ's car. Poor thing is at 173k. And look closely and you will see that the check engine light is on. Sigh.
I saw a huge chuck of what I thought was debris/yard yuck and went to pick it up. It was a rusted chunk of the Lumina and it had a screw in it. I am really wondering what that screw held together. We may rename the car Old Yeller.
Anna had a flat tire. $20 to fix it. And then she got another flat on a different tire. SIGH. She will be getting a new set here pretty quick.
I'm a bit of a clean freak. Just a little. But the good news is I have passed my OCD on to my children.
Anna is still cleaning businesses and apartments this summer. It's not 40 hours a week, maybe 20 depending on the week. They do pick up for a few weeks when they have to flip all of the apartments. She also has a lead on cleaning a post office so I'm hoping that she gets that.
DJ got a job for the summer! He will be cleaning the high school, any maintenance, and computer repair. The best part about this job is that it will be waiting for him every summer. And it is 1 mile from the house! He is just thrilled that he isn't going back to Six Flags. Watch he will want to get a pass now!
With the way that his car is going it is probably best not to get too far away from home!
I seem to be running behind this year. No flowers or plants planted. Well except for 2 basal plants and that was all Den. I know that was a ton of work. We should call him Farmer Den.
The awesome baskets were from Aldi! $1.99 each! I wish that I could get all of my plants from there. But they don't sell flats.
Don't ask about the pool. I think the swamp thing died in there.
I got $6 from Pinecone so I'm at......................
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$63           Pinecone research
$152.55     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $341.04 for our 2014 Christmas!
And that's all I can think of to bore you with. You are so welcome!!
Old and broke,
Sonya Ann

Monday, May 19, 2014

Den's Grandpa

This is a picture of Den's grandmother and grandfather. Grandpa Mott passed away last Thursday. His funeral is today. I'll be out of touch for a day or so.
This is what each of us wrote for a memory board they are putting together. Anna is going to speak at his funeral so her little bit she wrote isn't as in depth.
Thanks for stopping by,
Sonya Ann

 From Denny- when I was first asked to write something I remember about my grandfather I didn’t know where to begin. I have so many good memories of him. I could tell stories of chivalry, generosity, compassion, sense-of-duty, humor, devotion, love, and some that are just a little naughty. But no single story could ever do justice to the wonderful man he was. Anyone fortunate enough to have him in their lives would know this. We all have stories and memories we could tell someone, but they just can’t compare to him sharing his life with you. Because that’s just what he did. He shared his life and experiences with you. And by doing so he became a very loving and meaningful part of our lives that could never be replaced. If I turn out to be half the man he is, I will consider my life well spent. I loved him and I always will. I know he loved me too.
So, as my grandfather said many times before, just before we went to sleep for the night, and as he would say now on his final sign-off “Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.” 
From Sonya- I have always considered it a gift to have had grandpa in my life.
He set an incredibly high standard that every man should strive for. He was considerate, a constant gentleman, a hard worker, very intelligent and devoted to his family. His kind ways showed in his eyes and his actions.
I have always considered it a privilege to be a Mott. Grandpa set the standards for the Mott name and those standards were passed down from generation to generation.
He will truly be missed.
From Anna-One of the memories that I have that shows grandpa’s amazing character is when I almost destroyed my car. I was completely irresponsible and was not paying attention to the road when I should have and ran right into the car in front of me. When everyone was ready to bite my head off, grandpa was there to my rescue. He told everyone that I would turn out just fine and that they should not be so hard on me. I am so glad that he was always on my side and whenever I get in trouble I will always refer to the times that grandpa knew I would be fine and how right he was.
From DJ-It will be hard to get used to the idea of Grandpa’s not being here. He was always there for everyone and anyone that ever needed a helping hand. I will forever cherish the time that I was able to spend with him and all of the fond memories that he has left me; all of the times he answered his door with a happy “Well, hello there”; all of the times that he said that I would become the next Warren Buffet. I will miss being able to talk stocks and business with him, but mostly I will miss being able to just sit by him, talk and listen to all of his stories while he sat back in his leather chair. It is difficult to see all of the ways that he has changed my life, but I know that it is in more ways than I can imagine. I hope that I can someday become more like he was and that I can help as many people as he did.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This is a brilliant idea from Adventures in Mindful Living! Premake everything that you need for a smoothie into awesome baggies and then blend in the morning! It would be like having an amazing treat waiting for you every morning. I love finding ways to make my life easier.
And I'm still dieting or is trying to be healthy or is it trying to piss myself off. Maybe all of them rolled into one?
Endless possibilities,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garage Sale Season

I just love garage sale season. It is just starting in my neck of the woods. Smiling!
I'm not sure if Anna will like the dress on the left but it was $.25 so even if she wears it once and then gives it to a friend, I'll call it a win. The black dress was $2. I hate when we have a formal thing to attend and she needs to shop and it is a mad dash and tons of cash to find something for her. I figure for $2, I'll take a chance. I washed both and they held up fine.
And don't look at the burn mark on the table or the miss-matched chairs. It is one of the many things that need to be replaced in this house. I'll get the money for it soon enough. Sure. 
I also bought some full sized sheets for $1.50 for a yet to be purchased bed for Anna's room. We are lovingly transporting her bedroom set to her in August. We will need to purchase a replacement. I figure a full sized mattress is a bit large for her room but with only a dresser in there, it should be fine. And we desperately need a bigger bed for when we have people come to visit. Yeah, sorry about that sluggy. Poor Mr. sluggy had to sleep in DJ's bed and sluggy was in Anna's. It was like they didn't like each other or something. Giggle.
What was your best garage sale find ever? Mine was this lovely pool pump purchased last year! It was only $10 and a used one goes for about $220 and new about $450ish. I was a happy camper that day. Not that I have ever been happy while camping. I'm not the outdoors type.
So what was your best find?
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Famous People!

This is my lovely cousin, Becky Lynch. She is the sweetheart that is editing my book. I owe her so much. And she is super kind about me being an idiot.
So she is super smart AND famous. Oh yeah, and hot.  Again, I was shorted in our family gene pool.
She is in a webseries called Progress. It is really intelligent and different from the normal regurgitated crap that is out these days. Please, please stop over and take a look. It is time well invested!
Make yourself some popcorn, kick back and watch the show!
I see famous people,
Sonya Ann

Monday, May 12, 2014

Smash ShMonday

I want you to follow the watch with your eyes and listen to my voice. You are getting thinner, thinner, thinner.
Ok so on Groupon there was a hypnosis class that you could take for $50 for 4 people. Hell yeah, my fat ass is in! I also drug my bestie and my mother-in-law with.
Did it work? I'm not sure. But I can tell you that the warm healing glow of my inner rainbow and safe place could not stop my drunk ass from eating a quarter of a loaf of AMAZING french bread.
I may have had better luck with it if I didn't have to fart while being hypnotized. I know that I shouldn't talk about things like that. Oh hell, I tell you everything. But I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking about not farting. And it was quiet in there. The good news is I didn't fart but a bunch of people were snoring.
DJ said that we were paying money to be molested. I'm not sure but all of our butts hurt when we left but I think that it was from sitting in the chair for 3 hours.
Are you sorry you showed up today?
I made another $33.73 off of BP. I can work the system like no other. Well, there are a few of us. 
And this is where we are................
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$57            Pinecone research
$152.55     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $335.04 for our 2014 Christmas!
I've started gathering stuff to throw DJ the hell out of here help him to the next phase of his life. If you are trying to help get a child out of your home by sending him/her/demon spawn to college, here is the list of things that you will probably want to get.
Now that I'm looking for things for him, I'm surprised by how much that I actually have. I have a few things from when Anna was in the dorm and a few things from when DJ went to Northwestern college for summer school.
3 months people and we are empty nesters!
I can't stop writing. It's crazy. If I don't get to work on my books, I get all kinds of evil!
So what am I writing besides the blog? Good question! I'm writing a new sci-fi and I'm about 80+ pages into it. I am also writing a romance novel. This is only because Den said that I couldn't do it. He said at the very least, I would have to kill something in a horrific manner maybe a pet. We shall see Dennis, we shall see.
My guess is that the romance novel will be titillating trash. I'll take what I can get.
And I am rereading and fixing a novel that has been edited by my famous and stunning cousin, Becky Lynch. She is awesome and I am totally taking advantage of her. She also has a wonderful way of pointing out stupid things that I am doing and it completely sounds like a compliment. Really, she has a gift and I obviously, didn't inherit that family trait. Just ask the people that I live with. I'm a master when it comes to insults.
And I finished doing archiving work on a website for a friend.
So I'm busy, I just need to find a way to make money writing. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
And that's all I have for you!
Bad parent and the farting writer,
Sonya Ann

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I found this on Pinterest and it didn't have an original link. So whoever posted this, bless your heart!
I can do this and I need to do this. And they sell the solar lights for $1 at the Dollar Tree. The only problem is the lamp shade but I think that if I covered it in duct tape it would work. LOVE THIS!
Gathering more projects,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, May 8, 2014


DJ's car is rusting. I have said this before. In fact, I was to the point where I was sick of talking about car problems. You know its bad when I don't want to talk about, vent about it, or acknowledge it.
This is a picture of the tail light that was busted in the high school parking lot.
And this is the other side of DJ's car. Both sides are rusting out by the back wheel wells. It seems that most Luminas are rusting in the same spot. Honestly, the next time you see a Lumina you will see that it is rusting  on both sides near or on the wheel wells and that the paint is peeling off of the trunk lid. Other than that, the cars are wonderful.
Out of all of the cars that I have owned, this is the one car that I feel as if we got our money's worth out of. We bought it for $4500 and that was 11 years ago. If we were making payments on it, it would be $34.10 a month. Giggle. I'm not including repairs. The transmission was a big bill and Den ripping apart the motor was a chunk of money. That said we have gotten more than we gave with this car.
Hmmmmmm, this sounds like the goodbye speech.
The check engine light was on again. And it was leaking a little bit here and there. So Den and I really did decide that we would let DJ drive it until he went to college and then we would try and find another loving home for it. We were willing to add a few dollars here and there to keep it running until we got rid of it but that was it.
Den added some stop leak and DJ tightened the oil filter. No more leaks and then the check engine light went off. Out of all the cars this winter, the Lumina was the one that started on the first turn every time. So we decided it was time for the car to go and then it changed our mind for us. It can stay. Maybe it will heal the rust spots too.
I'm scared to even type this but we have all four cars running in good shape, no check engine lights on. Now all we need to do is fix the rust, scrapes and dings and the fleet will be in tip top shape. I'm thinking that Den needs to learn auto body. Hmmmmmm, I thinking again.
Christine owner,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

I guess this Monkey is better than the trunk monkey but not by much! I do Vegas but not like that!
Primate partier,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Saved $44,000 in One Day!

Yeah, I'm bragging. This is flat out crazy.
DJ was accepted to a few different colleges. He has expensive tastes especially in colleges. He has known all along that we will help him, his grandparents will help him but he is on the hook for a lot of it. It is a gift to get to go to college and you have to work for it. No one owes you a thing. We help because we care but this is his problem not ours.
The same has gone for Anna. We have helped her. I have complained IMMENSELY. But she is shouldering a chunk of the bill and debt. We can't do it all. That said, I will go out of my way to search and double check EVERYTHING for them. I even told DJ that I am going to be running 3 separate households when he starts school. I should start charging!
Anywho, the other colleges that accepted him offered him massive amounts of scholarship/grant money. MASSIVE. But he wasn't interested in the schools for one reason or another.
The one that he picked didn't offer him anything. I kept pushing for him to go to a different school but he wasn't having it. The business program is top notch at the school that he chose and that was what he wanted. Sigh.
When Anna started college, the school sent all of the paperwork to us and we could sign on to the college website and look for whatever we needed. The college that DJ chose only gives the info online and to the student. The student then has to decide if they want family members to have access and then set up a proxy account for them. I'm not even going to get into how stupid this is. The parents, in the majority of the cases, are the ones paying, why make it more difficult to get your money? Fine, it's their system so so be it.
DJ set up accounts for me and his grandfather and I started poking around. Come check out the campus, sponsor this or that emails and nothing on scholarship/grant money. DJ has been a very good student, very good. I thought that he would get something. And did I mention that this was an out of state school. Cue, the guttural groan.
Somewhere along the lines, information was entered wrong(Anna's FAFSA info was messed up too and I think it was because we went from one student in college to two) and that seems to be the reason DJ was offered nothing. I found that he was eligible for$11,000 a year in scholarship/grant money. And that isn't including the money that he got from federal.
So please send out a good vibe or a prayer that it all works out. But if everything goes through it will be cheaper for him to go there than an instate college. And it will only be $4000 more for him to go to that college then it would be for an  IN resident. He is also searching out more scholarship money.
Getting your kids through college is a practice in time and patience. You must also turn into a detective. There are just so many services that I should be charging for.
Sonya Ann

Monday, May 5, 2014


It's mish, it's mosh, its Monday, it Sh'moshday! Just go with it.
So that unhappy lady in the picture is me. Hey, my name could be Charlene. Sonya, Charlene, its all the same.
Here is another crazy Sonya story. These things happen here. Really. I was tearing it up with my diet. Or so I thought.
My old scale was an old timey spinning scale sort. It was old and had way too much play in the dial so you weren't sure how much you had lost. Sooooooooo, Den and I had to go to the hardware store and I decided to get a scale. Makes sense. I went to get a new, old timey scale but Den thought that I should get a new fangled digital one. It was supposed to be glorious. Glorious, my ass.
The new one did everything. Measured your BMI, how many calories you were allowed and how much your weight was and kept your height and age. Except that it added 25 pounds to my fat ass the first time I stepped on it. Fine, maybe my old scale and the new one were really far off.
So I started my diet with even more weight to lose. Every bloody morning, I would get up and weigh. What a miserable way to start the damned day. But I started to lose weight, I wasn't happy but the weight was coming off. And then it happened, I started gaining the weight back. Hell, I gained 13 pounds in one fucking day. What the hell had I eaten, boulders?
I weighed with it according to my age and height and then reweighed without it being set to me and the scale went down 7 pounds. Are you shitting me?
The new fangled lying piece of shit scale has gone bye-bye. It has been replaced by a new, old timey scale. The problem is I'm still fat and have to start all over again. But the good news is, it isn't fucking with me. Well, yet.

I got $100.49 from google! And it only took me 6+ years of writing. GO ME!
And this is where we are................
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$57            Pinecone research
$118.82     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $301.31 for our 2014 Christmas!
I'm still plugging along with the 52 week Money/Savings Challenge. And I'm still not following the rules. I should have $171 in the fund but I'm at $257. I'm choosing the week to pay by how much extra cash I have not by the week that we are on. I just can't play nice.
I'm just about done Spring Cleaning. Did anyone here notice? Nope.
I found that I hate certain areas of the house less if I scrub the bejezus out of them. Maybe that is the key to loving your house-scrub it. I wonder if that would work with people that you can't stand? You could scrub them or drowned them. Either would work. I think it is a great way to solve problems. And I have a pool!!! Just think of all of the people that I could "clean"!!!!!!!!!
For a great cheat when you are Spring cleaning, soak your blankets or comforter overnight in Gain crystals and then air dry. They smell wonderful! And the scent fills the room.
Please don't tell that I am a cheater!
This is a lovely picture of our rainfall shower head with a Piggly Wiggly bag on it. It is supposed to be a relaxing and cleansing experience. Except that we have hard water and two maybe three of the holes were open. It was more like trying to bathe with a water pik for your teeth. Avoid the crotchal region.
I had read that you could soak the shower head in CLR and a plastic bag and it would remove the buildup. Well, I'm cheap so we only had RLC. Really, the dollar tree sells dyslexic CLR.
By the way, this doesn't work. Don't blame the Pig bag.
Den took the shower head off and filled the inside of the head with RLC and soaked it overnight.

That worked like a charm. No, Den isn't charming.
Pretend the boy is DJ and our cat Sue is the dog.
The very last thing on the list for Spring cleaning is the carpets. It's not the worst job but it is the most back-breaking. Hey guess what? I'm dogging sitting for two different dogs this month. I think it's silly for friends to pay to kennel their dogs when they have friends. Are we going to place bets if I will be cleaning the carpets again?
And you are caught up. Playing computer games probably would have been a better use of your time!
Sonya Ann

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fabulous Friday

If I didn't have the will-power that I do, I often wonder how many people around me would be fertilizer. I think MANY! At least, ten.
Anywho, I'm think I might need one of these. Or two.
Not dangerous,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Slight Hair Experiment

I'm thinking this may cause a seizure!
I'll let you in on a small secret, I have two tone hair. I'm not saying that I have a ton of grey hair. I'm just saying that it's getting a bit out of control. Damn it all!
As you recall, I donated a bunch of hair. I'm still not happy with the length but it is growing quite rapidly so I'll be back to a normal length soon enough. The good thing about it is I don't need anywhere as much hair color. Good deed and frugal!
I mixed(Ok Den mixed) half of the colorant and half of the developer in an old plastic container and then dyed my hair. It worked the same and I no longer have two tone hair.
Just don't mix the entire color as normal and try to save it in the bottle. It will start oxidizing and be useless.
A tip and a seizure,
Sonya Ann
PS-Just to go the extra frugal mile, if you use L'OREAL hair color, you can get a free box when you buy five. Just go here and enter the codes.  And then you could use the free box of hair color coupon at say CVS and earn free CVS bucks. I'm an evil frugal genius!