Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!!!

I guess its time to close out another year. I would like to think that I have spent this year growing as an individual and contemplating the future. I know at times that I have seemed arrogant and aloof.
But that was all a facade to cover up my true self-the window-licker.
I love you all and I'm so grateful that you have been my friend this year.

And this is the plan to start 2016!!!! I have alcohol plans for this evening! I bet you never would have guessed that.
Thank you for being my friend and caring enough about me to keep checking in on my madness. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings us all. I will venture a guess though-alcohol.
Have a great and safe night!
Not sober,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Car Christmas

This is the only calm/sane picture that I have for you. One of the women in Den's department sent this for us. Just like everyone else, Christmas is the craziest time of year.
I'll start with Christmas eve eve. Anna rolled in Wednesday without Scott. She dropped him off with his family. Well, let me rephrase that-she barely rolled in. The check engine light was on, a brake bulb is out- light was on, there is another brake light that came on and a terrible mess of things. Den was working and told us to take it to get an oil change and have them look at it. There was mistake one! We took it in and the fuckers said that it desperately needed a brake job. I said no thank you just change the oil. Den called in the middle of that mess and said that they could flush the coolant and change the air filter. $171 later at the oil change place and a fight with Anna(I'll sum it up, she got upset cuz she knows nothing about cars, I sent her to tell them what her dad told them to do, she acted like she was going to cry and I barked at her cuz it was my credit card out. Ahhhhhhh, a refresher course in Anna. She paid for the brakes and rotors.), we left to pick up brake pads and rotors to the tune of $100. Den got off work early and tore into her car. After it was all apart, he realized that the brakes didn't need to be done AT ALL!
So we did all of that right before the Mott family headed over.
Our Eve eve party is just a pizza dinner since my sister in law and brother in law can't get good pizza by them and then we have a few veg and cheese trays and a lot of cookies.
I wanted a picture with the boys and then decided it would be a good idea to hold my nephew. Anna while smiling(we were fine at this point) was making fun of how weak I was. The kid just kept arching his back and trying to escape. I picked the wrong nephew to hold.
It was then decided that we should have a family picture holding "one of our boys." Notice Den's smile. He's very heavy.
It was a great evening and we all had a wonderful time, got great gifts and drank a bit. 
Christmas Eve, we went to my mother in laws and father in laws for Christmas. Since my bestie is English, her and her family are always there. That's Anna and her daughter Bek. Bek is a younger version of Anna. God help us all.
Anna has been giving me that same look all of her life.
I made the mistake of leaving my phone unattended. That's Donna and Steve.
That's my BIL, Chris.
A crack.
And last but not least, down the front of Steve's pants. It's best it didn't come out.
Christmas day is my favorite day. It's just the four of us, we open presents and then......................
We get Chinese food and pig out and watch Christmas movies. Super relaxing. Well every year but this year. We all took a nap and then....................................
we decided to dejunk Anna's ENTIRE ROOM AT 9pm on Christmas.
I had been asking for YEARS to do this and she was never here long enough to tear it apart. It took hours.
After we cleared it out and she was like, I can't believe how much was in there. UMMMMM yeah, that's why I had been asking for years.
At this point, it is after 1am and Anna was going to leave in the morning. The entire time she was there I just kept getting a bad feeling about her car. So after much alcohol and at about 2am, I asked Den if she could leave her car and take the 2007(her's is the 2004) amanti that was supposed to go to DJ. The 2007 is just sitting here. Needless to say, we had a fight. Let's just chalk it up to alcohol, holiday stress, car stress, both the kids being in the house stress, and being tired. He did not like my idea and said that we spoiled the kids and that "he wasn't a rich man and I keep giving fucking cars away" I said, you can't sent her out in a car that is barely running. We both went to bed mad.
The next morning, Anna was packing up the 2004 amanti and Den was giving her a long list of everything that she had to have fixed when she brought it to the shop.(Look, I know she is responsible for herself but you can't send her from Chicago to Denver in a busted down car. I said make her buy the damned thing. Have her pay $100 a month. I mean the car is just sitting there!) Anyways, he shot me a smug look or two because he was getting his way. I told Anna to stop at the first oasis which is about 45 minutes from home and check the back tire. The bad feeling was getting worse. She left. And then she called when she got to the oasis and said that the back brake was red hot, smelt and smoking and another light on the dash had come on. She waited until it cooled down and drove back. Den and Anna loaded everything into the 2007. She hugged him and thanked him with tears in her eyes and asked him to come up with a bill for everything that he had done and that needed to be paid. He told her that he loved her and said not to worry about it, they would figure something out. The car she took needs back brakes(What is it with us and brakes?) so he told her to take it to a shop, charge it and send him the bill!! Really!?!?!?!
2015 has been the year of the car for us. Honestly, I have a REALLY bad feeling about her car. We need to dump it. Den wants to fix up the 2004 and take back the 2007. It's not a sound car and if the transmission goes, its totaled. I say we get rid of it before it has no value. But I'm not pushing it. It can sit in the drive until the new year. DJ now has no car. Oh well, I told him sexy boys borrow their mom's minivan.
So by Saturday night, Anna had left and then DJ went to a friend's house and we were all alone. I looked at Den and said, "so are we fighting?" He was like no. We realized that we were fine and our stress level was gone. It really was the kids.
Sunday, we went to the casino for my birthday. Today is my actual birthday but Den has to work so we celebrated early. A few cocktails later and we were broke. But it was fun "us" time.
Well, we survived the holidays and no one went to jail. I'm just hoping that 2016 is our year of money.
How was your holiday?
Car giver,
Sonya Ann

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hawaiian Love

GOOD LAWD!!! Yell it with me! These are amazing!!!!!! They are mini Hawaiian sandwiches. We gobbled these down like a bunch of pigs. Here is the original recipe.
I changed it up a bit. This is what I did, I sliced a 24 pack of Hawaiian bread in half and then went apeshit with mayo on both sides. We all agreed that avocado would be awesome too. I peppered both sides and then added ham, roast beef and turkey.
Flip the top back on and mix together, 1 stick melted butter, 1 1/2 tablespoon mustard, 1 1/2 Worcestershire sauce, 1 1/2 teaspoon dried onion. Brush the mixture on. Make sure that you have your picky son redo everything that you did because it wasn't spread evenly enough for his tastes. Bake for 20ish minutes at 350.
This was beyond wonderful. The only thing that I would do differently is I would cut it into four pieces before I baked it. The inside was a bit soggy.
And now I'm hungry. Tis' the season!!
Not picky,
Sonya Ann 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Now that the holidays are over, I'm ready to get back into full thrift mode. Everything is right in the world again. I was poking around at The Penny Hoarder and read this article about the Krazy Coupon Lady. I mean we do have sluggy as our resident expert but is there any sites you go to for deals?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!

Yeah for another spotlight!!! Today we pick on, errrrr I mean we visit McVal from Sew Not My Day! She is always a little crazy with the schedule she keeps but its kind of fun(in a loving sort of way) to watch her slip into madness. Run over there say hi and sit back and watch the show or is it insanity?
But then again who am I to judge insanity?
Insane in the membrane,
Sonya Ann

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my nutty and loving house to yours!!! I hope that Santa is good to you!
Merry Christmas!
Sonya Ann

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Eve

I hope that you have all have a wonderful Christmas eve and get everything done! That's a huge order but I'm sure that the elves will kick in and help!
These guys don't look like helpers. They might make a bigger mess.
Love to all,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

I now know what I want for Christmas!! No, not the car!! Den is just going to have to take one for the team and fight the mother. He needs to know the spirit of giving!!!
Come here boy,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Devil Drives

Well if that wasn't a mess of epic proportions!! Where to start, where to start!!?!
About a month back, I asked DJ if I was going to pick him up or if his roommates parents were going to get them for Christmas break. Him and his roomie(which I really like and feel bad for him at times, his fam is a bit of a mess. They love him but no one knows what is going on.) talked and his roomie said that I could choose which way. I said I would pick up since it was a Friday pickup and both parents work. Then about two weeks later, DJ said that his roomie's dad was getting them and I was driving back. Ok, fine. Then about a week later, DJ said that his roomie's mom was coming to get them Sat. Then Thursday, the mom backed out and I found out at about 6pm. So the dad was trying to get his sister to get them. So as I stood in the Dollar Tree, I lost it and said I'm leaving in the morning and I'll get you DJ. If the kid wants a ride, he is welcome, otherwise, they can try and find someone.
I left Friday morning at 10am. I got back at 11:15pm. I'm either a good mom or an idiot.
I told his roomie from here on out, I'm driving DJ. If he wants a ride, he is always welcome. This is the only way to deal with this. Not fair but at least, I know what is going on.
When I got into Muncie, we had to wait a bit for his roomie to pack but it was fine cuz I chilled on DJ's bed. Then I wanted food. A grouchy woman can only live on pork rinds, grapes, and beef jerky for so long. Whenever we are in Muncie, I make DJ drive. He knows where everything is. I drove Den's car since its a hybrid and we would save on gas. As DJ was driving, some idiot almost hit us. DJ handled it well and the catastrophe was averted. We were laughing that we would all just get out of the car, pick a direction and start a new life under an assumed name rather than face Den. He is a bit of a nut about his car. Right then, Den called. HE KNEW!!! He said there was a disturbance in the force.
After dinner, I drove the rest of the way home in heavy traffic. YUCK.
Den made cookies while we were gone. Not that I noticed, I went to bed as soon as I got home on Friday.
I woke up to a beautiful pile of oatmeal cookies.
There was also quite a mess that was waiting for me.
How do you not see this?!

Saturday was a bit of a blur. I was super tired and ended up napping for quite a few hours. It was either I was tired or ODed on the pork rinds but my mind and body weren't on the same page. My mind, kicked into overdrive while sleeping and I ended up having odd dreams. Needless to say, I had sex with the devil. Look, things happen. I know its wrong to dream-sex and tell, but I will recommend him. He is a biter. Look, I have no control of my mind while awake so asleep its like a free for all. I may have had dream-sex with J. Edgar Hoover too a while back. I wouldn't recommend him.
Sunday was much better, maybe dream-sex helped.
Our friends dropped off this damned cookie jar with cookies in it. My bestie Donna won it at my MIL's house on Christmas and abandoned him. Den and I felt the need to return it late one night last year, it was an awesome stealth mission. I have the feeling that they will be getting it back.
I think the cat is in training for a fight. He seems to have issues with Santa. I'm now at the point where I just watch the destruction. I eventually learned, I can't win.

Speaking of Santa................................
This was not the greatest year that I have had finding free money!!! I guess I should do what the woman at the liquor store was doing-panhandle and then use the money to buy scratch offs. Needless to say, we got liquor and a show on Sunday(How is it we go in to the liquor store for a $13 gift and spend $166. Den said it is because we are drunks and we buy alcohol for our friends that are drunks. Makes sense). Might I say, that Antioch's finest are hot as hell when they look pissed. Ok, I'm off track again.
Anywho, this is the 2015 tally.
$23.85    SavingStar cash deposit
$21.65    SavingStar Amazon gift code
$10         Swagbucks- Amazon gift code
$129        Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$24         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
$10          MyPoints gift card Panera
$20          MyPoints gift codes Amazon
$255.92   Points from Bank of America
For a total of $620.67
It looks like 2016 will be a much better year in the free money category. I have a lot of accounts that weren't quite ready to be cashed in so at the end of 2016 they will be ready. 
I forgot about this little trip from a while ago and I figured since this post makes no sense whatsoever I might as well add this. Remember how I was saying that you should look at your junk mail and emails during the Christmas season, well, I went shopping with all my coupons and an old gift card! I got $175.95 worth of stuff for $10.15 OOP. Well, $35.15 if you count the $25 Macy's gift card that was a present. The sad thing is I spent $8.37 on lunch.
And that's the mess that I have for you today!
Not dreaming,
Sonya Ann

Monday, December 21, 2015

Glued Procrastinator

It's a slow news day in the Mott house. I forgot about this little gem though. We have a leg lamp night light and it was broken when I unpacked it. Den looked at me and said, "YOU USED ALL THE GLUE ON PURPOSE!" Hahaha, he has his moments. In case you forgot how funny that is, go here. My favorite part is known as the Skut Farkus affair. What is your favorite scene from Christmas Story? Or any Christmas movie? Let's be honest, we should all be doing something more constructive but instead we are procrastinating. So let's procrastinate with the best of them! What should you be doing right now? What are you really going to do?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I found this interesting little gem over at the Penny Hoarder about a game to save money! Honestly, I play this game with myself but one is such a lonely number. It would be great if Den would like to play this game too but he is more interested in video games but at least, he is renting them from the library.
Do you have a mate that is willing to join in the saving game?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!

Guess who the blogger of the day is? Yes, guess!
It's you!!! We are all in the spotlight today! How about we all leave a comment in the comment section about where our best Christmas find was? I figure anyone that isn't done shopping and is procrastinating and poking around my blog, needs help. Oh wait, do I fall in this category?
What has been your best find? This should be great!!!
Get it done,
Sonya Ann
PS-All of you are my best finds! Love ya.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Fabulous Friday

I now decree a new law- ALL GIFTS MUST BE WRAPPED LIKE THIS!!!!
There was no link but I'm pretty sure that eyeball is a drink lid. Please someone buy me gifts and wrap them all like this. Yes, every last gift for the rest of my life.
Ok, you can go about your business now!
So what is the most creative gift wrapping you have ever done? And don't say dollar store gift bag, its not allowed. I mean I make laws and gift bags are against the law in Sonyaland.
King shit,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hawk Diet

I think Jack Skellington would help me get in the Christmas spirit. We need one.
I've completely lost my damned mind. So not only am I trying to finish everything Christmas but I have also decided that I need to dejunk and reorganize everything in the house. Plus I'm trying to diet. Yes, I'm trying to lose weight during the holidays. I may have ADHD. Or a death wish. Den is telling me to back off.
Our little birdies are also on a diet. So how do you save on birdseed? You get a hawk. My birdies want nothing to do with our feeder now. I tried to get a better picture of the hawk but he wasn't having it. I told him to stay but he is quite disrespectful.
Did you know that shot glasses aren't just for making Sonya happy? They can also keep the saran wrap off your goodies.
And you are welcome for that ADHD post. I've got to run, I've got to diet or clean or stress or something. So do you ever lose your mind?
Doin' something,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

Maybe comb-overs are the root of all of our problems! Notice how I worked "root" in. And I'm a dork. My grandfather had a comb-over, I cut it off for him and told him to wear his bald proud.
Full head of hair,
Sonya Ann
PS-I almost signed off with, full head but I thought that might be too trashy for this blog.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Police

This is what Christmas Hell looks like. We made hundreds and hundreds of cookies and aren't even close to being done. For some reason, Den was happy. He really needs to be the stay at home mom. Mind you, he would clean the house 5 minutes before I got home and never to my standard but we would eat well. Oh and the kids would have been filthy and the bills wouldn't have been paid but we would have yummy food. Oh and Anna would still be locked in her room.

I decided that Den didn't need my help Saturday and I started wrapping. AND THAT WAS ALL WE DID!

We slept about 4 hours Friday night so we ended up in bed at 7:30pm on Saturday night. We laughed because "back in the day" 4 hours of sleep would have been more than we got for a few days.
I keep a clean house but I gave up pretty quickly and we lived in chaos all weekend. I didn't even clear a path out of the front room Saturday night, I jumped the mess and went to bed.
We slept about 2 hours and were awoken to flashing lights streaming in every window. The police and an ambulance were parked in front of our neighbor's house. Me being the loving person that I am, yelled to Den, "DON'T OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BECAUSE WE LOOK LIKE HOARDERS!" And that's how I think.
We never did find out what was going on. As far as I know everyone is still alive. 

Late Sunday, we went with Donna and Dennis to David's Bistro in town. I had an old gift card that I needed to use. Honestly, I forgot about our little date until the last minute. But it was a wonderful night out. That could have been because we were so grateful to get away from cookies.
After dinner, we went next door to our local bar for a drink. We were VERY overdressed for that bar but hey, they had gambling. I lost, Donna won $4.
Are you close to being done with all things Christmas?
Sonya Ann

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mental Cards

This looks like a shrine to my SIL and her children but it is not. There is a small tip in there. I run a long piece of ribbon and hang my Christmas cards on it. It's an easy way to display them and its out of the way. Plus its a free decoration.
And because I'm crazy, a hoarder or slightly mental sentimental, I save every Christmas card with family pictures on it. And this year, I grouped all the cards from years passed and the recent one together so you can see how their family has changed. It looks like a bunch of photo albums vomited in the front room but oh well, I like to let my crazy show from time to time.

The Dollar Tree is selling wall clings and I thought what a better way to torture welcome home an almost 20 year old man from college by sticking this to his wall. I'm searching for more just to add to his Christmas joy. I figured I would try it on his walls because his room is hopefully the next room that is going to get redone so if it ruins the walls, its not a big deal. Fingers crossed, we redo his room this year.
I also scored this AWESOME Star Wars comforter and sheet set for Anna and Scott. She is turning 24 and he is turning 25. They turned out great, such grownups. LOL! Hey, it was only $25 for both after I used some Kohl's cash and coupons. Cheap immaturity!!
Sonya Ann