Friday, February 27, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from mommo designs! She has an entire collection of awesome ideas for tins. I think I will have to eat more mints. I may have to make one of these for Anna. I know that she would still like it.
Fresh breath,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

I have my moments. They are rare but still, I amazed me. I'm a bad cook but I pulled this one off.
This is a super easy and quick dish to make. I've seen a few things floating around on Facebook about kielbasa and I was reading up on cast iron cooking. I then, managed to find a few odds and ends here and there and voila, you have it. Even Den was impressed. That never happens here.
So again with everything that I put out in cyber-space, its at your own risk!
Easy kielbasa skillet dinner-
a few potatoes
a few carrots
a medium onion
one pre-cooked kielbasa link
the remainder of a bottle of Italian dressing(about 1/3 cup)
salt and pepper to taste
Peel, chop, mix! I covered it in aluminum foil and baked it at 375 for about 45 minutes. It really depends on your oven. Just cook until the veggies are soft.
And because I was unstoppable, I threw in half a head of cabbage with it. Yeah, I'm on a roll.
This is an easy way to use up the last of your cabbage.
Roasted Cabbage-
Sliced cabbage
salt, pepper, Italian seasoning to taste.
Spray the tray and the cabbage with oil and then season.I baked this at 375 for about 40 minutes. This took a lot longer to bake than I thought it would. Just check it every so often.
You don't really get recipes here, its more like a guideline and a guess.
Almost cooking,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tumultuous Tuesday

Well, we have had a few things happen around here. And we needed a grown-up timeout.
First the miserable news, Den's dad has prostate cancer. They caught it right away and we know he will be fine. It's just one of those things that eats at you even when you aren't thinking about it. He is a very good man and has been nothing but good to me. My inlaws are true gold.
Den isn't a man of many words. He is a man of grunts. He has always been a grumpy sort. The kids loved nothing more than to get him shirts and whatnot with Grumpy from the 7 dwarfs on it. But this is different. He really hasn't been happy and he seems a bit more upset lately. I know he is worried about his dad. Plus, he has been having problems at work. It's not my place to talk about his work but I will say that there are a couple people that are pretty awful in his department. He has tried over and over to help a very lazy person and all they do is push their work off on others and then go and spend time with a "friend." Den only has so much authority and he went off on his boss about him not backing him. In the entire time that Den has worked there, he has really only gotten mad a hand full of times. Poor Den.

After he told me about the problems, I suggested that he try and take off and we should run away. Well as far as the Dells. His boss gladly gave him time off. LOL. They know about his dad and they know about the problems that he has to deal with. Plus, Den's boss really is a wonderful man. I have known him for 20 years and he is great.
We had a blast in the Dells. We didn't win but it was nice to get away and relax. I had a lot of fun playing a game called John Wayne and I think that it may be calling me back. Plus the BOGO drink coupons were great, sort of. Den was drinking lite beer and I was drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade. Needless to say, I kept up with Den's fast guzzling and then I wasn't doing so hot. I will not say that I was drunk. I will say that I had to lay down for some time. I also used that long round pillow to prop up my head and then realized that someone probably had sex on it and that I had someone's sex in my hair. I won't use the BOGO coupons again, they made me feel dirty. 
Is this Santa making you feel dirty?
On another good note, I finally got some money for our Christmas 2015!!!!!! Yeah, Sonya!!!
I got $15 from Pinecone Research and $38.79 from BP!!!

$15        Pinecone Research
$38.79    BP
For a total of $53.79!!!
I can barely contain myself! Over the total not the nasty Santa.
We did manage to get quite a bit of TV time in. We watched the entire series of Game of Thrones when we got back. I love that series but there were only 10 episodes in it. I NEED MORE!!!
Ahhh and this is a picture of our shower/tub upstairs. It has been leaking OUTSIDE!!!! Oh joy. The grout was all screwed up so I figured that I would redo it and that should stop the small leak. The last time that we had a leak I ended up pulling off siding and cutting parts of the house away so I could fix it and then we ended up having to redo the entire bathroom.
I spent hours and hours, chipping, scrapping, cussing, and poking grout in the crack. Only to realize that when it dried, the tiles are loose and it won't hold. Sigh. Soon, I will be tearing out tile. I just hope that I don't ruin the tub like I did last time. Last time, we had to rip out the tub because I was a bit overzealous with the hammer. Look, my arm gets tired and I lose control. I have also hit tile so hard that my hammer stuck in the drywall in the other room. I thought Den was going to have my head on a stake when he realized that he had even more drywall work to do and in the hall. I'm strong and careless, what can I say?
But ripping out tile will have to wait for a little bit though. Anna is coming home next Monday for her last visit before she leaves for CA and I have to pick DJ up this Friday for Spring break. It will be nice to have us all back together. Even my inlaws will be back from AZ so it should make for a nice visit. But hey, after spending a week with all of us under one roof, I may be in the mood to crush some tiles.
Sonya Ann

Monday, February 23, 2015

Four and Half Years Without Cable!

I was looking back through some old posts and I realized that it has been almost 4.5 years without cable/dish network. How awesome is that?
Here is the link to the original post, I still remember this very clearly. Den was NOT A HAPPY MAN! His exact words were, "I would rather you mutilate my arm than get rid of TV." And look 4.5 years later and his arm is still intact. Oh there have been a few bumps along the road, like the Super bowl. But I said, lets go to a local bar and watch it. I'm nice like that plus all the bars around here have gaming. Ok, it was more about me gambling than about the game but does he really need to know this?
And the nice thing is we have saved $2160 since shutting it off! It makes me wonder what else I can shut off and save money on. Water? Electric? Heating? Our budget is pretty bare bones the only extras are the $30/month health club membership that Den flat out refuses to get rid of or use. We don't have a home phone anymore but we do have the cell phones. The cell bill is about $198/month but when I get the phones paid for it should drop down to $110ish/month. I figure that is pretty cheap since we don't have a home phone and the kids don't have home phones either. I'm not sure how much a month it is for a home phone but it is looking like 4 cell phone lines might be cheaper than having separate home phones.
Have you cut something out? Did it work out or did you turn it back on?
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from Designtjejen, perhaps German? Paint in a jar, got it no matter the language. This would be too much fun to make!
Have a great weekend,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Step Away From the Edge

I don't know why I feel the need to overshare with you. This one is a brilliant plan or so stupid that I can't see it. Be kind in the comments!
Since dearest Anna and Scott are moving to California or Arizona, I figure there will be quite a bit of flying going on. And my guess is we will be paying for quite a bit of it. So here is where my brilliant or moronic plan begins.
If they move to either state, Spirit flies to an airport near them. That's a major plus since we have been accumulating major miles since we charge DJ's college tuition. And if we fly on off days and at stupid times, we can fly round trip for about $15ish to either hub. Sounds good so far, right? We can also fly them back and forth with our miles(some airlines reward programs make you accompany them).
Here's the crazy or smart part! I can sign each one of them up with the rewards program. That's the free part. Here's the not so free part, I can have each Anna, Scott, and DJ sign up through a referral link through me and get rewards miles(about 3 one way tickets) and have them each get a Spirit credit card, they would earn about 3 one way tickets just for signing up. We would then have the bill sent to us. Yeah, that's where we walk on the wild side. If you charge once a month, your miles don't expire and you get extremely discounted flights using your miles. There are two major drawbacks, first off, I would be on the hook for what they charge. But I told them that we would only pay $5 a month on each account just to qualify for the cheap flights and two, there would be about a $40 a year annual fee for each account. But I should more than make it back with the money that I would save on flight costs. So we would shell out about $300 a year but we would earn about 3 round trip tickets for that money.
This will be a lot of leg work to get this set up but I think it will pay off. What do you think? Brilliant or boneheaded?
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crafty and Loved Target

Ahhhhh, tongue refreshers, a totally and completely worthless product. Really, you ran all the way over here for this! It's a slow news week at the Motts. All I can say is, I have told you to stop coming back here. Don't expect much from this post.
Den and I went grocery shopping and every once in a while they have a cart of free things. And the entire cart was filled with tongue refreshers. I've scored some soap and laundry samples in the past and I considered it a win. Den thought these were great. I said, we don't need those. No one bought them because they are worthless. So Dennis snagged 6 of them to put in the kids Christmas stockings. He said he is also giving them tic-tacs, toothpaste, and dental floss. He's a dick when he plays Santa. He found this so so so funny. I worry about his maturity level.
He did buy me these flowers at the same grocery store so I'll let him be Santa for the kids. I better not get a tongue refresher for Christmas though.
Can you believe all those flowers only cost $15? I love Garden Fresh Market! And I might like Den, might.
And then Den made a blow-gun. He was so excited about this. I just shook my head and told him that I better not be his target. So far, the peace treaty has held.
I'm not sure why he feels the need to make these things. I guess if anyone ever breaks into the house, I could defend myself. I have asthma so it wouldn't be much of a fight.
My crafts are nowhere near as dangerous as Den's. I figured I would try my hand at card making. Don't expect much, I have very little talent. I might be better off making a shield to defend myself against the darts. He was telling me that you could make the darts with screws in them and they would stick in concrete. I might need a restraining order, now that I think this through.
I did manage to buy a vegetti this weekend. You can make veggie noodles out of carrots and zucchini. My plan is to lose lots of weight and be a smaller target for Den to hit with his blow gun. Being hit with concrete piercing darts might just be the inspiration that I need to get thin. Maybe.  
And we got the $500 deductible back because of the accident!!!!!! I had written the money off. So that little chunk will go into the emergency fund. Yay, fund!
And that's about it for my weekend! So was yours more exciting and dangerous than mine?
Defend thyself,
Sonya Ann

Monday, February 16, 2015

Infused and Bound

My bestie bought me an infuser. She said that it would help with the nasty taste of water. She is dieting and lost a ton of weight. Me, not so much. So I used the gift and infused Smirnoff ice. OH DEAR LORD, THIS IS GOOD! Maybe I need to start making good choices. Haha, NEVER!
Remember how I have been saving boxes and glass recyclables? I had a plan! DJ's closet is a work in progress and I probably won't have it fixed until he moves completely out. But then again, Anna's isn't so great and she has been gone for a while. Let's just say that I have quite a few works in progress.
This isn't the cheapest project but it is easier to find boxes that fit shelves than it is to find nice baskets at Goodwill. The tape was about $2.99.
Make sure that you tape the edges last. Other than that, its an easy and quick project. Except the tape didn't want to come off the roll. At one point, I thought my wrist was going to dislocate. And sticking to itself was the only thing that it wanted to do. The box, well not so much. This tape is a novelty and wouldn't work for any real jobs. But it looks good and DJ will like it. Not that he would say anything other than grunt.
One roll will almost do two shoe boxes.
This is before.

And after.
Not that much of an improvement but like I said, its a work in progress. After looking at it, I'm not real sure DJ will be that excited about a couple of boxes. I'm sure that there are other boxes that he would be more interested in.

This is the box that would get his attention. All of his money goes for magic cards. I have to send him noodles so I know he is eating.
Like I said, his closet is a work in progress. This house is so small and we really don't have a lot of closet space. I do the best that I can with how little we have.
How brave was it for me to post one of my closets? Its so empowering. Not really, its terrifying. I need a few more covered shoe boxes and some large baskets and maybe it will be picture perfect. Snort, never in my house.
Told you the cat has to be the center of attention.
Now, the problem that I really have is, what do I do with all of the empty Smirnoff bottles that I have. It's getting overwhelming. LOL
Drunk crafter,
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fabulous Friday

All I need is citric acid and I've got all the fixins for a bath bomb! The directions are over at Design Sponge. I should make some of these for Den for Valentine's Day. I'm sure that a bath bomb is at the top of his list. Well, I'll make them and then I'll use them. A clean wife is a gift, right?
Creative Giver,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homemade Vaseline

I have never been a fan or used Vaseline. Anything that is derived from petroleum isn't something that I want absorbed through my skin. I'm sure the company will say its safe but I'll make my own thank you. Here is an article talking about the iffiness of petroleum jelly.
This is a quick project and it turned out pretty creamy. But its going to melt fast on your finger tips so no dilly dallying with your dollop.
It's one part coconut oil and half a part olive oil. I heated it in the microwave until it was a liquid and then blended it with a stick blender. TA DA! I've heard that this is great KY jelly as well. I have not tested this but with Valentine's day coming up, it was a thought. It was a thought for you not for me. Hahaha. Aren't you glad I didn't put homemade KY jelly as a title. That would have been awesome on your blog roll.
Slick crotch,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wicked Wednesday

I would need a diaper not deodorant! I would like to think that I would be all smooth like and slip away like a ninja or secret agent. No, I would poop and cry. How about you?
Not wanted,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tired Tuesday

This is Ozzie. He spent part of last week and the weekend with us. He's my bestie's dog. He needs to be walked A LOT. You would think that I would lose weight walking him in this cold weather and for as far and as fast as this dog likes to walk. But no, my body likes only to gain weight, go me!
It was a pretty uneventful weekend. I love those weekends.
We went to the movies this weekend. I had two free tickets that were going to expire. It still cost us $25 for candy, pop and popcorn. That is crazy!
We saw Jupiter Ascending. It has gotten a lot of bad reviews but I liked it. The acting was good and the special effects were AWESOME. Den thought it was just alright and seeing it in 3D helped. I don't know, the lizard men/monsters were incredible. Seriously, the graphics were really good. And seeing Channing Tatum with his shirt off was well worth it. Have you seen his arms-GOOD GOD!
I also made a bunch of Freezer Pickles. I found massive packages of cucumbers on clearance and they were calling to me. Normally, candy bars call to me but this time it was pickles. So if cukes ever call to you don't up your meds just buy them and make pickles.
Freezer Pickles-
(Again this is more of a guideline than a recipe)
8 cups sliced cucumbers
2 onions sliced
2 TBSP salt
2 cups white vinegar
1 1/2 cup sugar
Mix cukes and onions together and sprinkle with salt. Mix very well. Let stand 2-3 hours and rinse well.
Mix the vinegar and sugar, stir until dissolved. Put cuke/onion mix in freezer containers and pour vinegar/sugar mix over them. Make sure that they are cover with the vinegar/sugar mix. If you don't have enough liquid add a little vinegar or make more vinegar/sugar mix. This isn't a picky recipe.
Freeze for 3-4 weeks before eating.
I have no idea where I got this recipe from. I have had it for a long time.
And that's about it for here. Anything new with you?
Sonya Ann

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Room of Many Colors

I'm sure that you remember us redoing Anna's room not that long ago. We did the walls in grey and everything else black and white. I had been planning on doing this fun thing with Anna's room from the beginning but its been hard to collect everything that I needed. I'm being all secretive, aren't I?
The cat wouldn't stay out of the pictures. He's mostly black and white so I let him stay.
Anyways, I'm just giving you a refresher walk through.
And that's about it. Can you tell that the cat has to be the center of attention?
When I was a kid, my grandmother used to always cry a little bit when she heard coat of many colors. I tried to help her by telling her to stop listening to it. She swatted at me a lot. I still miss her and her gravy. Honestly, her gravy still makes my mouth water just thinking about it. But I'm naming this fun little project after her and her song.
I've been collecting different colors to add to the room to change the feel of it. I'm loving the red bowl. I'll eventually get more things and swap them out but this is so much fun and everything was collected from the Goodwill.
I'm looking for red pillows to add to the bed, I'm thinking after Valentines day sales should help me.
This one is a bit blurry but my hands shake. Maybe its my blood sugar, maybe its the alcohol. No really, I was sober.
This was the only orange trinket that I could find. Orange is still a work in progress but I wanted you to get my idea. Well, I could hang Halloween decorations but maybe I'll wait until October.
This is the yellow things that I have gathered. The pineapple will be going both for green and yellow. Haha, it goes both ways.
I need to collect more yellow but you can see how much fun this is and I haven't spent more than $30 on all of it.
Here's green and my bi-pineapple.
I'll have to keep looking for green things. I'm thinking St. Patrick's day clearance.
I'm so loving the blue. I was worried that I might have gotten too many things for the blue. But I'm happy with the way that it looks.
Again, this one is blurry. I was in a bit of a hurry to get every color pictured. But the two little blue cups are being propped up by pinchy clips. See everything is half-assed frugal in my house.
Yeah, blue!
And last but not least, my lonely purple vase. I'm going to have to work on orange and purple.
I'm having so much fun with this and the vases were anywhere from $.49 to $3.99. So this isn't a huge investment and since all but 2 of the dresser drawers are empty, I've got plenty of storage. I'm sure I'll find a few more things to throw in my gay pride room. It's now like I have 7 bedrooms all rolled into one. Think I could sell this house as a 10 bedroom house? Probably not.
Many colors,
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday

I found this lovely bag on Pinterest. There was a link but I think it was Russian. So thank you and good vibes to the person that posted it.
I NEED this. How great would this be for Vegas?!?!?! Now I  just need to learn how to sew or I need to beg my mother in law. Yes, begging is probably easier than sewing.
Purse envy,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I'm on a tea kick lately. Maybe it is the cold weather or maybe its cuz I'm trying be a grownup. Who knows? But I'm in love with orange tea. Its a bit of an addictive relationship, I must say.
All of my mugs/tea cups are being stained brown, scrubbing and dish soap and a run through the dishwasher aren't helping either. Then I found it! A little windex and a scrubby and VOILA, all clean. Mind you, I run it through the dishwasher after the scrub just to make sure the windex is gone. Be careful if it is a delicate cup but if it was glazed properly, it should be just fine. Test it in a small spot before scrubbing the entire cup. It did no damage to my cups at all but again with everything that I post, continue at your own risk!
Now for the real question, do you think this will work on my teeth? Tea seems to stain everything.
Ammonia mouth,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tumultuous Tuesday

Well, I got a bit of surprising and upsetting news. Anna and her boyfriend are moving to California. I'm upset as a mother(not like mother F'er or anything but as a mom. See I'm not naughty all the time.) but I understand why they want to move. Neither one of them has had any luck finding teaching jobs in IL. Mind you, I don't think that it will be any easier finding a teaching job in CA either. But Scott put in for a transfer at the company that he is at and Anna has a waitressing job lined up. I tried to find flaws in their plans but I couldn't. Trust me, I tried for 20 minutes to poke holes in it.They also have a place to stay in a nice neighborhood. They are storing their furniture for free in Illinois. If CA doesn't work out, they are going to go to Arizona and stay with his mother and look for teaching jobs there. AZ has a shortage of teachers and my guess is that this is where they will end up. Illinois isn't an easy state to make a life in. Trust me, it is harder now than it was when I first got out of school.
And then I find pictures like this of them and worry all the more. Not really, they work well together.
I mean she is 23. I guess I have to let her fly. And CA and AZ is way closer to Las Vegas than Illinois is. That was what Den pointed out when I wasn't having such a good moment. I guess we will see where DJ lands and then move somewhere closer to Vegas to the kids.
DJ in all of his smart-assed ways infinite wisdom said, "Well, they might as well get this mistake out of the way." Bless him and his confidence in his sister.
Den is still carving fruit when not concerned with what the kids are doing. Maybe its his form of escaping. I would rather him take up cleaning.
I am dehydrating everything that I can get my hands on. I'm dog sitting this week and Den has talked about dehydrating the dog. I think it would be better to stick with fruit.
We went Goodwilling this weekend. That's a word, right?
Anyways, we got this awesome apple corer. This is making my life so much easier. We really might be taking the dehydrating thing a bit too far. It runs all the time. But maybe its because I can't stop eating all of it. You would think that we would have a surplus by now but no.
I found this massive bag of hotel soap for $4.99. I was so excited about this and all of the laundry detergent that I could make. Den thought that I was way too excited over it but he isn't the laundry person of the house. I am.
And that's it for my world. I love Anna so much and Scott, too. And I know this is the time in their lives when they have to make  a move but I can't help but cry. Even Den didn't take it so well in the beginning. We are at the point where we understand and want them to succeed but it sucks being a parent sometimes. Be kind in your comments, my heart is sad.
Sonya Ann