Tuesday, April 28, 2015

$25 Amazon Gift Code Giveaway!!!!

Guess what kind of trouble I'm getting into? I love Vegas. Now hopefully it loves me back but not in a STD sort of way.
This is also a great little experiment for our Bloggers United Federation. I'm not going to post anything until I get back. So we will see what everyone prefers giveaways or daily posts.
So here is the dealio for the giveaway. I'm changing it up a bit in the hopes that bringing people in every day will help keep traffic up.
  • You get one entry just for showing up to the party! Just leave a comment on this post and a way for me to contact you. Get one entry PER DAY. Leave separate comments for each day.
  • If you are a follower of my blog, you get one entry. Just leave a separate comment on this post.
  • If you become a follower of my blog, you get one entry. Just leave a separate comment.
  • If I am on your blog roll, you get one entry. Just leave a separate comment on this post.
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  • If you post about this giveaway on your blog, you get one entry daily. Just leave a separate comment(s) on this post. To get the daily entries, you have to post a new link on your site every day. 
  • If you post about this on any social media, you get one entry daily. To earn the extra daily entries, you have to post a new link on your social media.
Good luck to all of us. I'll choose a winner on May 6th!!! I'll be out of the loop for a while so don't go throwing parties here!
Sonya Ann
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Bloggers United

Thank you all so much for joining and making this work. So many of you are onboard(leave a comment on this post and your in). I see you visiting other people and leaving comments on their blogs and you are also linking to the other members. Thank you.
And we have had a major break through, sluggy has now named us all bloogers. That is going on our jackets for sure. Her finger stuttered  or she was hitting the liquor a little early but it is the greatest name for us.
I was wondering how people get more followers. Do you go and visit blogs from searching through other people's followers. Do you just jump around and explore? Do you ask for people to follow your blog while you are having a giveaway? What is the secret?
Sonya Ann
Don't forget COMMENT to join, VISIT other members, LINK to other members!!!! COMMENT, VISIT, LINK!!!!
Leave your name and your blog/site name and tell me that you want to join the gang and I'll add you to the official list. Feel free to give yourself a title.
And the official members of the Blogger United Federation are.............................

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

    I think this might be something that I would be able to do. Or it might be something that I could convince DJ to do for with me!  Money making schemes are right up his alley! Jump over and read How to Make $750 a Month Selling Used Books! 
    So do you think DJ would like to get up nice and early every weekend and go book hunting with me at garage sales? It's quality mom and son time, right? Do you think this is why Anna moved away? Never. Have you ever done this? Did it work for you?
    Happy Sunday,
    Sonya Ann 

    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    Blogger Spotlight!!!

    Yay, here we are for another Saturday Blogger Spotlight!!!! This week let's show our love for Anne over at New Happenings at the Table. I love going over there and seeing what she has whipped up. She can make an amazing meal out of anything. I'm always in awe of her cooking talent, I could screw up fast food. Drop by and say hello.
    Happy Saturday,
    Sonya Ann

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    Fabulous Friday

    I love this. There were no links with this idea but I think we all get it. Cheap jewelry from say a garage sale and some old sheet paper and you have yourself a beautifully wrapped gift. I like when things are wrapped outside the box. Wait that didn't sound right.
    Tied up,
    Sonya Ann

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Super Shiny Hair

    I've been a sore and dried out mess lately. I think that all the drinking old age is catching up with me. And my hair and skin is kind of dull, lets just blame old man winter.
    I've been spoiling myself lately by soaking in a hot tub with my homemade bath salts. It's just Epsom salt and orange essential oil. But my latest find has helped my hair SO SO much.
    The last time that I made lotion bars, I forgot to add coconut oil. It is supposed to be one part bees wax, one part coconut oil, and one part shea butter. But last time, I forgot the coconut oil and added one part oil. So I had one part bees wax, one part shea butter and one part oil(it was a mix of olive oil, caster oil and vitamin E) in my new lotion bars. They melt so quickly in your hands. Its like butter. Anyways, before I bathe a lot of times I slick up my face with the lotion bar. It eventually washes off but your completion has a nice glow to it afterwards. And then I saw how dull my hair looked and I rubbed a bit on the ends. I washed and conditioned it as usual. My hair was so soft and shiny the next day. I have used hot oils before but my hair just looked heavy and the roots looked wet/dirty. This was better than anything that I had hoped for.So the next time that you are thinking about using a hot oil treatment, reach for your lotion bar. It works better.
    Slick and shiny,
    Sonya Ann
    PS-Run over to Sluggy's for another AWESOME giveaway!!!! Seriously, enter just for the nail polish!!!

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Not As Much Fun Mashup

    Last weekend sucked compared to Greek Turkey Mashup. It was all work and not enough drinkies.
    Den is starting to scare me. Normally, I am the one that comes up with a project list and then he nods and we might get one thing done. He is now coming up with a massive list. It even includes brick making. Who knows, maybe I will finally find something that I am good at.
    This is a shot from the upstairs landing. You can see half a cat and the banister. I haven't carved up the cat yet. He just didn't have time to get all of himself in the shot. Even if I did carve up the cat, I wouldn't do it on the carpeting. I'm a clean person, ya know.
    DJ, bless his destructive heart, would run down the stairs as a child and teenager, catch the end of the banister in the kitchen and use his momentum to twirl around and dismount so he could run down the stairs into the rec room. He has never been a light child and the force of many years of gymnastics has yanked it out of the wall upstairs. I'll be honest, if you come to my house, DON'T HOLD ON TO THE RAILING. It won't save you.
    Den has decided that it needs to be completely replaced. I say bigger anchors for the wall. I looked at the railing in Menards and its the same as we have now. So why man, why?
    This is the world's crappiest fence. It's actually the neighbor's fence but he is unemployed and so is his wife so we will be buying the fencing. They had a kid's party this weekend for their granddaughter. We weren't invited. It wasn't a Greek party so I don't think I missed much.
    I know what your thinking, I'm psychic like that, if he has money for a bouncy house, why not a fence? Sigh.
    This is the first thing that I planted this season, some old green onions that I had in the frig. I was so excited!
    Den straightened bricks, mulched and weeded all weekend. He lovingly pulled the green onions that I had just planted.
    I did what everyone else did this weekend, I dejunked EVERYTHING! Really, I kept seeing on people's blogs and on Facebook about how everyone was getting rid of everything. Then bringing it to Goodwill.
    This is a lovely shot of the top of our closet. It was a miserable project. One thing led to another and all of a sudden EVERY closet in the house was open with a massive pile of junk on the floor. I left and came back in and saw the devastation with clear eyes. I went ape shit on our belongings.
    I did realize that my obsession with baskets is a good thing. I eventually found a home for every basket that I had collected and the good news is I NEED MORE! I will be collecting more all summer from garage sales.
    I have never been a fan of this house because of the lack of closet space. But if I would just step up my game a bit and organize better, its not so bad.
    I hung all of my boots and put my bracelets in a cute basket that didn't have a home. So much neater! I don't have before pictures because this wasn't a planned thing, I sort of woke up and every closet was gutted. I do the damnedest things sober.

    Anna is loving California. Her job not so much. We all saw that one coming. On one hand, I told her it was a bad idea to nanny. It's a waste of a degree. But then on the other hand, she is following her dream and she isn't sponging off of us. She is making it on her own. I'm proud just worried. So the normal mom thing.
    The little 12 year old girl that she is watching is a monster. The son is an angel. And the father is, well the biological father of the daughter for sure. In the beginning of the conversation with Anna, I was like stick it out. By the end, I was like find something now. The little girl has tantrums and screams, yells and throws things. She started needling Anna right away. She told Anna, she was so ugly that she should get plastic surgery. Anna shrugged it off. Then she started shoving her. Anna told her off but it is escalating. When they are in public, she shoves Anna into people trying to get Anna in a fist fight. Nice kid. Den said that girl would have found herself shoved into a pile of dog shit. He wouldn't make it 5 minutes as a nanny. Pray for Anna girl.
    And that's all I got!
    Needs a fun weekend,
    Sonya Ann

    Sunday, April 19, 2015

    Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

    Want to earn some extra cash? Yes, that would be me. And I'll just answer for you, yes you would like some extra scratch too. Well, here is a link to the Penny Hoarder on How to Get Free Money – These 16 Companies Will Give You $1,935.20.
    I have done a few of these. It's worth it to jump over there and check out the list and links. They all might not be for you but even if you use one or two, its still really worth it. Have you done any of these?
    Happy Sunday,
    Sonya Ann

    Saturday, April 18, 2015

    Blogger Spotlight!!!!

    This Saturday we all have to show the love for Jane over at Life begins at Retirement or Crabapple Landing! She is such a kind soul and is all pinching a penny or two. I love to read about her adventures which include hiking until her butt won't let her sit or kicking the hell out of Dougie. She always has a lot going on. Stop over and see what she is up to.
    Happy Saturday,
    Sonya Ann

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    Fabulous Friday

    This brilliant idea is from Craving Some Creativity! I know its a bit early to be thinking about the 4th of July but I love anything to do with summer. And we know that I can come up with more than a few empty wine bottles. Being creative and drunk is all that I stand for.
    Drunk Patriot,
    Sonya Ann

    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    What Having No Life Looks Like

    I'm adjusting well to a very boring life. It's much easier to adjust to the kidless life than it is to a kid life.
    So when you have nothing to do, you boil candles. Actually, I wanted the glass jar. Really, it might be an obsession. Soap, jars and baskets, I can't seem to stay away from. I must have been dirty without anything to store things in in my last life.
    Anywho, if you want to get the little bit of wax out of a jar just boil it and it will slide right out. See some useful things come about from visiting me. 
    It almost looks good enough to eat. Almost. But it does smell good enough to eat. And then Den got involved and said that I should save the wax and make a new candle. So I put the wax back in the jar that I just got it out of and threw it under the sink. I guess I will save up a bunch of wax and make something new. Or just leave it under there until Den goes to get something and all my jars spill out. Then he will recycle them. He lacks the vision that I have.
    And since nothing else goes on around here, we decided to have a taste test. Coke with real sugar verses Pepsi with real sugar. I chose the Coke and he chose Pepsi. I thought they tasted a bit flat but maybe that was because they were missing the rum. Maybe we should try that again.
    A friend stopped over one night and I answered the door holding a bottle of vodka. Bless her, she joined me in drinking dinner. Den shook his head and decided not to try and keep up. It went something along the lines of vodka, smirnoff ice, vodka, smirnoff ice, vodka, tequila.  Hey, it was a 6 course meal. See I can cook a good meal.
    Tasting liquor,
    Sonya Ann

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Wicked Wednesday

    I could see sluggy doing this to get a deal. Or better yet, to get the last bottle of body wash at Rite-Aid. Yes, it will happen.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Sonya Ann

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    Greek Turkey Mashup

    This past weekend started out odd. This is a very bad picture of a turkey on our garage. Yes a turkey. I was in the kitchen cooking(that statement should scare you) and Den was looking outside at all the things that needed to be done. He said, things are so boring around here. To which I said, every time someone wishes for excitement, its a BAD THING!
    I realized I forgot something for dinner and started downstairs to retrieve it and as I was in the front room something extraordinarily fucked up caught my eye. There was a very large woman with no shoes on, sweat pants that had seen better days and were rolled up, with an undershirt on that was WAY, WAY, WAY too tight, hauling ass down our driveway into our backyard.
    I went back into the kitchen and told Den that someone was there to see him. And then I shit you not a massive turkey came running into our yard. The barefooted woman was CHASING A TURKEY. Well, now I have seen everything. In the end, all she wanted to do was take a picture. But for the life of me chasing it down didn't seem like a good idea. Or that outfit. Or the fact that she was running like a lunatic into people's yards. Or running without shoes on.
    Bet this one has never happened at your house! And Den got in trouble for wishing for excitement.
    On Saturday, Den decided that our bathroom's days are numbered. My frugal self always cringes when he comes up with a plan.
    We went to Hobo. Its a discount warehouse sort of thing. Everything is a lot cheaper. Den likes this tile but I think it looks too much like the kitchen tile.
    It's in a really bad neighborhood. Like duck and weave to get into the building sort of place. Its so bad that they have to lock up the small tile. How nuts is that?
    We also decided to splurge and get a new runner for the front room. Look carefully at the sign on the left. We decided that a runnr ass wasn't for us though.
    This was a purchase that I poo-pooed. Den wanted to buy a few orange jumps suits for our heavy drinking nights parties. He thought it would be a good idea for everyone to wear a jumpsuit and then perhaps take a long walk through our neighborhood at night. Seems like it would be a good way to get your skull thumped by a cop.
    He also told me not to use his real name while in the store for safety reasons. He wanted me to call him Carlos Spicy Weener. I called him Mr. Weener most of the day.
    We went to the liquor store to stock up on alcohol for Greek Easter and then went to our local vineyard. It's called Vigneto del Bino and it is owned by the Trombino family. They must be Polish.
    This was my first wine tasting ever. Let me just tell you that I had class and sophistication eking out of my butt that day. That said, it was wonderful and relaxing. We will be sure to do this again. It was about $18 a bottle which is way higher than my normal $3 Boones but it was really good.
    Here is a shot of our new runner. And we also bought some trim for in the kitchen. We are just now finishing it after about 10 years. Way to go us.
    Den said,"We bought liquor, trim and carpet." And then he laughed like a 13 year old boy. This is what I'm dealing with people.
    This is a shot of the cabinets with the trim being installed. I think there are times when Den wants me to help instead of snapping pictures.
    Sunday was Greek Easter. Its so much fun and highly intoxicating. Our neighbor across the street and one down throws a bash every year. Thank God it is so close because there is no way that we would make it home if it was more than a few steps.
    Every year they put bread on one of the kid's head and pour wine on the bread as a blessing. Then everyone takes a piece of it. They also tell everyone about some of the Greek traditions and sayings. Its a good thing that they do the blessing in the beginning. An hour later and everyone is smashed beyond belief.
    This is Den with one of the MANY bottles of Metaxa that are passed around. One year, they had DJ so smashed. They kept telling DJ that it was rude to all Greeks if he didn't take a drink. I asked what age do Greek children start drinking at and they said they can drink as soon as they can walk. So I guess about 2.
    The food was amazing. They said that you can't leave the house hungry or sober. Mission accomplished. 

    Then for another Greek tradition. The Greek pyramid. Oh and the more they drink the more naughty jokes they tell about little boys. SO FUNNY!
    The men on the bottom decided that the women should be on the second level but I said, no way you just want us on top of you. Everyone laughed. No women joined in.
    They just kept snagging little kids and throwing them on top. They don't seem to care about their children's safety much.
    And last but not least, I got another $15 from Pinecone research.
    So we have..............
    $45         Pinecone Research
    $69.59    BP
    For a total of $114.59!!!

    And I think I'm done for the day. Maybe next weekend we will just rest. Probably not but I doubt that we will have a crazy woman running down our driveway after a turkey. Wait, it might be me.
    Glad its over,
    Sonya Ann

    Sunday, April 12, 2015

    Makin' It and Savin' It Sunday

    Happy Sunday! So who is sober and wide awake?
    I'm pretty sure that Den could make us furniture and it would probably be spectacular. I would make a chair and the first person to sit on it would be impaled. I could see it happening. Run or lazily walk over to the Penny Hoarder and read the quite entertaining post on DIY Savings: How I Saved $5,000 by Building My Own Furniture.
    Have you ever built any furniture? Has anyone ever been injured?
    Kickin back,
    Sonya Ann

    Saturday, April 11, 2015

    Blogger Spotlight!!!

    Wow, we made it to our second edition of Blogger Spotlight! And we made it to another Saturday. So who is hungover? Really, I wont tell anyone and I won't judge.
    And our blogger in the spotlight is sluggy over at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING! Honestly, the bright light and any loud noise probably won't help her hangover. Did you see her alcohol budget from last year? Dude, I long for that level of alcohol consumption!
    I love that picture. That was me trying to take a selfie with the four of us. I cut myself our completely. I love DJ's smile. He said he couldn't wait to see how bad I screwed it up. He was right, don't tell him that I said that.
    Stop over and say hi to sluggy, tell her I sent you. It's not really an order, its more of a loving shove.
    Happy Saturday,
    Sonya Ann

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Fabulous Friday

    Look at that window!!! It is perfect. And I now have a new plan. I sort of make plans within plans. Maybe that is why my To Do List is never ending.
    Go over and poke around Debbie Doo's, there are plenty of awesome ideas to draw you in. And then come back to my house and help me tear out my windows. We need new windows terribly and this way, I will be able to reuse the old ones and make something cute out of them. I think this is a perfectly acceptable plan. Do you think I will be able to get Den on-board?
    Scheming Planning,
    Sonya Ann

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    The World's Easiest Diet!

    I have to tell you first that I'm not getting one penny for this endorsement and secondly, I'm not sure that it will work for you. I'm just telling you what has happened with me. Look, we established that I should only be half listened too a long time ago. It may work or you might end up damaged and the police might get involved. Hey, I had someone call the police on me while having a party with kids here. Not to fear, when they walked into the backyard, I made the announcement that the entertainment had arrived. Then I offered them both a beer. Hey, I really am a nice person. They politely pointed out that they were on duty. I apologized and then offered them two beers. The shit that comes out of my mouth, I swear. No really, I swear and I'm shocked by the shit that I say. I have the same surprised look on my face that everyone else usually does. I can't control it and I get no advanced warning.
    Anyways, it looks like another post that I will be jumping from one random thing to another. We should all be used to that by now.
    Ok, where was I going with this? Ahhhhh yes, Den snores like a MOFO. It's terrible. He is a soft spoken person until he gets in bed then he's so loud. I personally have come to the conclusion that he isn't really a quiet person, he just has no voice left from snoring all night. He also likes to point out that I snore. To which I say, you have to sleep to snore. We have tried pills, sprays and the only thing that helped was using two pillows. It helped but the minute his head moved off the second pillow, he was snoring and I was back to plotting his death.
    Then I ordered the snore guards. And overnight it was a whole new world. And after a month and a half, I had lost 10 pounds and HAVE DONE NOT A DAMNED THING!
    There are a few things that you need to know about using them. You have to boil them and CAREFULLY mold them. As soon as it starts to melt, pop that sucker in your mouth. You will need to align your bottom jaw with your top teeth. While it is still hot, push it against your teeth with your tongue while biting down. Also pull in your lips and push on them with your fingers to help get a better mold in front. It's a lot to do at once but it will help you get a better fit. Den and I both had a bit of jaw pain for the first few days but it goes away. We also had sore spots on our gums for a couple of days. They will go away soon. And one last yucky thing, you are going to drool terribly in the beginning. Sleep with a washcloth. Den and I have been married for so long that a little drooling doesn't even phase us.
    Now on to the best part, I'm losing weight and doing nothing. Plus, I feel much better when I wake up. I think what was happening was I was so tired I was eating more and craving carbs. Once I felt refreshed, I didn't reach for that stuff as much. Will this keep up? I have no idea but just feeling refreshed is enough to continue on.
    So if you are dieting and not losing weight, this might be a way to go. Hey, its something to try. Just make sure that you get one for your partner too. Share the fun, I always say.
    Sonya Ann
    PS-Our favorite Frances is having another giveaway!! She is on a roll I tell you! Stop over there and tell her to pick me!!!

    Wednesday, April 8, 2015

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    Lesbian Mashup

    Easter card from my inlaws!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. This was the first one that we were kidless. It was a bit odd but it is amazing how quickly you get used to having a clean and quiet house. But not to fear my nephews were at my inlaw's house so they reminded me what it was like to have children around. THEY ARE LOUD! Empty-nesting isn't so bad.
    We took the boys to Choo Choos. Honestly, this is an amazing little restaurant. Just be prepared to wait because it is super small. But really, if you are ever in Des Plaines IL, go there.
    All of your food is delivered on a train track. It was awesome and I know where I will be taking the kids when they come home for a visit. I mean, isn't this what a 19 year old and a 23 year old wants to do?
    The only problem was Andrew(the little blond cutie) decided that stabbing his brother repeatedly about the head and neck region with the little toothpick/sword that was holding every one's sandwiches together was the best idea ever. I tried to get my MIL to stop them but she wasn't wearing her hearing aids because they make her ears tired. So I did what anyone would do and swatted acrossed the table only making contact with air. Hey, mom instincts never leave. Justin grabbed his sword and retaliated. Again, living without children has its perks.

    We also found time to stop by Big Lots this weekend. We found a ton of things on clearance like these $.30 cake mixes. Den brought a bunch into work to give out. The women there are great and spoil him with food so whenever we find something like this he brings them in. They also had cookie mixes on clearance for $1. I never ever buy them. In fact, I can't ever remember making cookies from a mix. That said, the Betty Crocker sugar cookies were the bomb. I need to rethink my Christmas cookie list.
    This is my latest Goodwill find. I just love baskets and for $4.99 it has a new home. Den said it looks like a ram's head. My besties daughter said it looked like the goblet from Harry Potter. I think it looks like the female reproductive system. So every time you walk in my kitchen you can see a woman's crotch. How appetizing is that?
    Our old cat, Harry is having some issues. I scoop the cat pan every day, never fail but now he has the bad habit of tearing the plastic door off every time he uses the pan. I think he is just getting cranky in his old age. I mean, I have never had to take a shit so bad that I tore a door down. You?
    And I'm getting the itch again. Not not that rash down below. Or the baby itch. PHEW! I'm getting the urge to gut DJ's room. The only problem is he still comes home for the summer. If I want to keep it nice, he can't live here, right?
    This house is going for $220k in Antioch. Someone please buy it for me. I'll be good.
    My inlaws are now thinking about moving back by us. They are about 40 minutes from us if traffic is good. I think my FIL is worried after having cancer that they are getting older and may need some help. I suggested buying a massive house and us moving in together. For some reason, they don't want to live with me. Maybe its my new basket. Do you think I could sell Den on buying a new house. I mean wouldn't that be easier than trying to fix everything around here.
    You are now caught up on my everything in my crazy world. Glad that's over, right?
    Not reproducing,
    Sonya Ann
    PS-Our very brilliant and helpful Donna Freedman is giving away a free download called “10 Proven Ways to Generate Blog Topics." And you will get her weekly newsletter all for signing up! This falls in well with our new Federation.

    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

    As promised, I'm going to post about different ways to save or earn money on Sundays! I'm excited, are you? I can feel the excitement eking off of you.
    For our first Sunday together, I'm posting a link to the Penny Hoarder and 29 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2015! Hahaha, been there and done that on #13.
    Have you ever tried any of these?
    Saving up Sunday,
    Sonya Ann

    Saturday, April 4, 2015

    Blogger Spotlight!!!

    Yay, this is our first EVER spotlight on one of our blogging friends! I had to start with the person that got me thinking about uniting us bloggers, NDChic's Cents! So take a few minutes and say hi. And make sure you read the post that got my little wheels turning!
    Happy Saturday,
    Sonya Ann

    Friday, April 3, 2015

    Fabulous Friday

    This is awesome and easy!! Does that sound like someone we know?
    Pin and Paper has a how to on how to make jewelery holders!!! I love, love, love this. I have so much jewelery that I need to go through and sort. Oh and I need a massive walk in closet. So if someone could get on this, I would be ever so grateful!!!
    Happy Friday,
    Sonya Ann

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    Cheaper Than Therapy

    Hey look, you can't see the stain on the floor from Anna's makeup.
    I'm not a shopper or a spender, this has been accepted quite some time ago. But..............
    It seems I will probably not be seeing Anna or Scott when we go to Vegas. I had hoped that she would be able to drive over and we would get a day with her. But working girl said that she probably won't be able to with her new nannying job and all. I guess its good she is being responsible but I'm not happy about the distance. Oh and hey, here is an interesting article about how much babysitters are making NOT NANNIES. Some sitters are making between $20 and $25 if they don't smoke, and are CPR certified. How about nannies with degrees in LA, well they get $13 an hour. Burns me up.
    As you know I have been collecting and spending but mostly collecting, Spirit airline miles. Its a hobby. Did you know you can get free miles just for doing surveys? I still like them.
    Anyways, I'm cheap and won't pay for baggage for us when we fly. And I won't pay for the kids either. So I have been hitting the clearance racks for shirts and socks so they will have a few things to wear when they come home. They also won't have to worry about shampoo and stuff either. Look, I'm upset and normally spending money doesn't help my mood BUT preparing does. And preparing for them to come home gives me hope. Sigh. I'm kind of pathetic or is it pitiful?
    And this is what it is like to try and take a picture around here? I push him off the dresser and step aside and he jumps up before I can get the shot. He gets yelled at a lot. It doesn't seem to effect his self-esteem either. In fact, it seems to spur him on. His name is, what the hell is wrong with you?
    Sonya Ann