Friday, July 31, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This fun little dohicky was linked to buzzfeed. This would be cute in my closet to organize junk or it would be adorable outside with plants. Our deck is pretty high up and something like this would be very eye catching.
More watering,
Sonya Ann
PS-I am getting the flower addiction honestly. My Grammy was nuts. Her yard was stunning and people would drive by and take pictures. Some would even stop and take family photos in front of some of the water fountains. She always teased the people that she was going to charge for the photo shoot and then being their photographer.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Solar Veg

You know how I'm always trying to save something or find ways to save money or some crazy shit like that? Well, I saved these squash plants from Menards. They were on clearance for like $.25 each. They weren't being taken care of and most were moldy. I lovingly planted the best ones I could find. And waited.
Something lovingly ate them or they walked off. Maybe I should have left them in the store and kept my money.
We saved a few veg plants a few seasons ago and were so thankful that they went crazy producing. Guess the same can't be said for squash.

My tomato plants are doing meh. I really should give up on buying plants. My neighbor throws old marigold seeds around his yard and in a few pots and calls it a season. I'm thinking that is what I need to do. The seeds that I threw down from the rotted tomatoes last year are just as large as the tomato plants that I bought this year. My neighbor might be on to something, he did find a way to get a free fence out of someone.
I did manage to save these solar lights from the Goodwill. They will be lovingly hung somewhere. These suckers were $6.99 so I hope nothing makes a meal out of them. ;p
Yard happenings,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cursed Mates

We didn't start out the weekend on such a good note. Den even said that we were either cursed or the planets were out of line. He never says things like that. Every step we took, something else screwed up.
We were having a party on Saturday and we needed to cook quite a bit of it on Friday. The brake line on DJ's car was broken so he had been using my car to get to work. So I was vanless. Den had found mechanics that would come to your house through a friend of a friend sort of thing. Those sort of deals don't work out normally but the guys were awesome. The problem was all the lines were in such bad shape that all they could do was a patch job and we have to bring it to their shop. Sigh.
Someone hacked my email account and then the credit card company shut down my credit card because they thought someone hacked it. It was DJ ordering a computer. UGH. We couldn't finish one thing without something else popping up. By 10pm that night, Den was saying just give up and come to bed, maybe everything with sort itself by morning. Oh and my van is acting up and 3 different places didn't have the part that Den needed.

By Saturday morning the cloud of Hell seemed to have passed and we had a great party. It was pretty much the norm for around here. We ate a lot and drank way into the night. Someone broke a tooth, another person fell out of a chair, you know the normal stuff.

The pool was nice and inviting. See all my bitching and moaning about what a chore it is paid off for everyone else. Ok that was rude but it does feel like all I do is work on it.

Den and his best mate, Steve. Steve's mom and Aunt were over from England so whenever they have family in, we throw a party.  The running joke is we are trying to change how the world sees Americans one party at a time. I just hope that they remember it, they were "on" the whiskey.
Sunday we pretty much did nothing which was great. I cleaned up a bit, did laundry and ate leftovers.

The good news is I earned another $15 from Pinecone Research!!!! So I'm at..........................
$81         Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$12         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
For a total of $219.25.
So were the planets out of line for you this past weekend?
Under a ladder,
Sonya Ann

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bound and Drizzled

I found this cute little rock rope thingy when we were in the Dells. And then I saw.................
What's wrong with people? I understand that everyone up there has to make all of their money for the season in 4ish months but still this is a bit excessive. Didn't we all macrame in the 70's? I'm sure we could come up with something close for less than $47.99!!!! But it is still a little cute.
And since we are paying way too much money for things, how about $12.89 a pound for pretzel sticks? Well, it was kind of a thought.
Honestly, I will probably give these a try. Not buy them, mind you, but to make to see if they would be something to add to the Christmas platters. I just keep adding more and more things to the to do list.
So what was the craziest price that you have ever seen anyone ask for something easy to make?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Want to make some extra cash? How about renting out your driveway? I love this idea!!! Jump over to the Penny Hoarder and read "How to make $250 a month renting out your driveway or parking space." 
I'm not in an area that anyone would want to rent from me but how about offering to rent to people with RVs? Hey, did I just come up with a new app? Would you rent out space in your yard for a month or so to an RVer?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!!!

Yay, who is happy? I am!!! All because it is time for us to say hi to another blogger! The blogger in the spotlight is................(drumroll)..............................
A New Frame of Reference!!!!!!! SAM has a lot going on with a voluntary pay cut and trying to find way to fix the gaps without decreasing the retirement contributions and trying to find a way to scrape together a vacation. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Pop over and say hi!!!
Sonya Ann

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fabulous Friday

Have I ever told you that I save things? I also have quite the collection of picture frames. I may be on the verge of hoarding. Don't tell anyone.
Run over to buzzfeed and check out all of the upgrades that they have listed. We might have more to do!
Junk saver,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shaking Tip

Remember all of the crappy painting that I did about a month ago? Well, something good did come out of it! No, not the twisted ankles. And by the way, I really did do some damage because my left foot still hurts. I probably should have gone in for x-rays but that would have cost money. LOL
I learned a great painting tip. You know how expensive paint covers better, well that isn't necessarily the case. Cheap paint can work just as well but it needs to be shaken first. Yup, I had the best luck with Walmart's el cheapo paint just because the girl working their said to always bring the paint in and have it shaken. So all the cans of leftover paint in the garage just bring them in and they will shake them for you. Not that I am in the mood to paint anything again real soon but I'm not ruling out the old cans of paint in the garage anymore.
Or I will just hand the paint to DJ. He seems to be good at it.
Sonya Ann
PS-Donna Freedman just told me about an AWESOME giveaway!! Bless her and her frugal heart!!!!
Want to win a $20 Visa GC? is giving away a hundred of them! Enter to win by 11:59 p.m. PDT Friday, July 24.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unlucky Turtle Pucks

Did you know that turtles can move pretty quick when you are trying to save them? That was a fast turtle!
I sort of have a thing for turtles. I feel so terrible when they are trying to cross the road. But not chickens, fuck them they are mean and try and chase you with their wings out. Turtles, on the other hand, are trying so hard to get to the other side and they rarely make it. So whenever possible, I jump out of the car and save them. Trust me, in this area, it is a dangerous feat at times.
Anywho, the other drivers were nice enough to stop while I tried to catch the world's fastest turtle. I saw the direction that he was trying to go and put him on that side of the road. We were in a neighborhood so it was safer to pick him up. I wouldn't advise getting out on a major road. And if you do help a turtle to the other side always help them to the side of the road that they were pointed towards. And also pick them up in the middle so that they don't scratch you. I would like to think that he was thankful for the help because he didn't hiss at all.
We hit a few garage sales after the dramatic rescue. I got this mess for $10. I figured that the movies alone were worth it because its something cheap to watch instead of renting a movie. Not that that happens very often.
I love getting "package deals" when garage saleing but then it is hard to tell you what I actually paid for an individual thing. Oh well, I know in the end that you are just happy that I got a deal.There was also a PS3 game that isn't pictured an........
these 2 blue rays. I had always wanted to try selling something at...............................
the PORN SHOP pawn shop. I got an entire $2 for the two Blue Rays. Den being ever so encouraging and supportive stated that this was a lot of work for $2. But now they have me on record, it will only take a few minutes to sell something. So all of the stuff that I got was only $8. So suck on that Dennis! 
This was the best find of the weekend though. $5 for about 25 pounds of Chlorine pucks. I normally pay about $56 for that much. We were desperate for chlorine and I always hate spending a big chunk for bleach so this was a gift. It was getting so desperate that I was dreaming about buying pool chemicals. But in my dream, I got it for free. I'm cheap even when I sleep.
Cheap chlorine is the only bargain that we will be getting around here. Den worked most of Sunday on DJ's brakes. I moved his car and the pedal went to the floor and it was leaking brake fluid everywhere. Every piece of brake line that Den replaced, cracked the old line that the new piece was attached too. In the end, the fluid all ran out and he doesn't have the tools to bleed the air from the master cylinder. Sigh, we will be paying to have someone fix it and the tow. My van is now lurching forward after every stop. Den thinks its the transmission, I think that its the fuel filter. Hey, did you know that the fuel filter is in the gas tank on Kia Sedonas? Yeah, that means that Den can't fix that either. Secretly, I think that he is happy to have someone else fix it. I hate to part with the money.
I tried to convince Den that we should just donate the car as is and take the write-off. He said that it will be worth more running. I think the time for us to be saying our last good-byes will be soon. Sad but true.
On the plus side, I got $10 from a beer rebate, $12 wine rebate, and a $25 Macy's gift card from My Points(I count gift cards as cash. It's my tally and I'll count it as I want to. ;p)
So we have..............
$66         Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$12         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
For a total of $204.25.
I'm thinking that I'm not going to have the money saved for Christmas. Hmmmm, maybe I can sell the white car to cover it. Any takers?
Anything exciting going on in your world?
Sonya Ann

Monday, July 20, 2015

Organized Studs

I'm in love with this!!!! It's from Houzz. They built shelving with a mirror into the wall.  It reminds me of the table that Den built in the game room. I mean if he can build one, he should be able to move the hinges on the side, add a mirror and keep me happy, right?
This is the mess that I have in my closet. I was going to put it on a cute cork-board or something but I couldn't find anything that would fit. And in the end, it would just be a mess of jewelery that would cover the cute cork-board.

During one of my Goodwill outings, I found this mirror jewelery case that was brand new for $4.99 and since Den seemed to be dragging his feet about ripping out drywall, I bought it.
It has a crack in it but I really didn't care. Plus since I didn't break it, I don't think that it will be my 7 years bad luck. Or did I just buy 7 years of misery?
Den hung it in Anna's room behind the door and I put all of the jewelery that I rarely use in it.
And this is what is left in my closet. Yeah, all I did was move the mess to Anna's room. I figure I will continue to look for something cute to hang/make for inside of my closet and then I will weed out anything that I don't use for a while from Anna's room. But I do have a full length mirror now but it likes to close so you can only see yourself while holding it. Sigh.
Sonya Ann

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I'm always trying to find new ways to make a dollar or to save a dollar. And so are you, isn't that why you came to see me?
The Penny Hoarder has a great article on "The 12 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in 2015."  I have even done a few of these. Odds are some of the things aren't for you but even if you learn one new tip, how much money will you make/save. I'm always looking to glean a new trick that's why I keep searching for something new for us to do.
Do you have any odd ways to earn extra money?
Penny lover,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!!!

Our blogger of the day is Cheapchick over at Living Rich On The Cheap!!!!!! She is such a sweetie and always leaves such kind comments and she finds the best deals! I love that she also budgets carefully. Plus I love when she posts about her second hand finds. She is the real deal people!
Have a drink and go visit her!!!!!
Happy Saturday,
Sonya Ann

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is AWESOME!!! We are going to save so much money on gift bags!!! And they will be unique. This little gem is from Eclectically Vintage. I just LOVE this. Honestly, I feel a bit out of control. Well, we know what we will be doing this weekend, making bags! Go us!!!!!
Wood pulp,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Naughty Tip

I'm not sure if this is a helpful hint or a tip to make you argue with your spouse. I'll let you decide.
This is the row of crappy peonies in the front yard. In the Spring, there are also tulips and some other flower that comes up. I am terrible at flower names, its a damned miracle that I know tulips.
I don't like this monstrosity. It is a raggedy mess after the ugly peonies bloom.  It needs to be dug up or set on fire or something. The problem with our house and yard is too many previous owners decided to leave their damned mark in the yard and add ugly and hard to fix problems. I wish an itchy crotch on the idiot that added this mess.
It is so straggly and the weeds take over quickly. I have spent many, many hours cursing the old owners weeding that I finally came up with a plan. 
I planted wild flower seeds from the Dollar tree and I let them take over. It was just a pink box of seeds that I shook on the ground a few years ago and now they reseed themselves. Den hates the wild flowers. He says that it makes it look even more overgrown. Perhaps but he isn't the one weeding.
Now if I could only find a way to have our trees look more like these, I wouldn't think about tearing them out.
Perverse gardener,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Giraffe Love and Gambling

This is a bad picture so lets just blame the crazy overhead lighting and not the photographer.
My life has been a crazy whirlwind of activity. Anna and Scott came in for a visit and stayed over a week. They now live in Denver. Scott has a job at a health club and Anna thinks she has a lead on something. They are trying to find teaching jobs but are taking anything that they can get at this point to have some money coming in. Whatever, the bank of mom is closed, well except for gas money so they can leave.
I kept snapping pictures and I think that I caught how Scott really felt. He is a good sport and can take a hell of a lot of shit our humor.

My sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephews also came in for a visit. And all the boys wanted to do was to try and kill/torture sit on DJ's lap. For some reason, it seems that DJ was shaking the children in a few pictures.
It seems to help them smile though.
Again, I think DJ should not be left in charge of the boys. Notice how happy DJ seems.
It somehow works with them though.
We managed to get a group shot of the family but it seems that there are a few of us in the back that looked like we are being interrogated or are going to be beamed up to the mothership. Oh well, we tried.
Anna and Scott headed back to Denver and then Den, DJ, Me, and DJ's best friend Jordan, plus my inlaws and my SIL and BIL and boys headed to the WI Dells. The men folk went to a golf outing. DJ and Jordan went to Mount Olympus and Cindy, Donna, Justin and Andrew and myself went and hung out downtown most of the day. 
The boys went prospecting. Let me tell you, if you ever want to start up a business this is the rack to get into. It was $15 a bucket of sand!!! And  that was the low end!!! It went up to $135 for a bucket!!!!! Each of the boys ended up with a few little worthless shards bits of rocks. For $15, I thought that we should have gotten to keep the bucket and all the sand too. But I'm cheap and I have to keep telling myself that its just for the experience of it.
I held Andrew a lot during the trip. I forgot how wonderful it was to be loved by a little one. I also forgot how dirty they are. The little stinker would just wipe his dirty hands on me. I realize that I'm so far out of practice with little ones.
We then rode a mini train through a zoo sort of scam. I again was lucky that Andrew decided I was his buddy. He is pretty brave for a 3 year old until..........................

Of course, the biggest of the bunch decided that he wanted to stick his head in Andrew's lap and try to eat his $4 cup of carrots. We survived after I told the scared kid not to freak out because I'm not sure what the animal was going to do. I threw a few carrots like the ninja Aunt that I am and freed us.
Then it was on to the giraffes. I'm a fun Aunt. And there is where the problems started. You could "kiss" the giraffes. Andrew was so brave and wanted to try it. As you can see, I'm holding his hand against his chest. I was a bit worried he would freak out and punch the giraffe. I'm a badass ninja Aunt but I don't think that I could win that fight.
Then my adorable little nephew asked me to "kiss" the giraffe. I mean how do you say no. Thank God there isn't a picture of it but some freaky giraffe pushed the other gentle and polite kisser out of the way and shoved his tongue in my mouth and then up my nose. Yeah, I can now say that I made out with a giraffe. Unfortunately my SIL saw it all and I have been the butt of many jokes. Like, once you go giraffe you never go back. Damn it. But at least I got his name, I made out with Eddie.
After the sexual assault, we went go-carting. My nephews are adorable little speed demons. I think they get that from me.
We left the casino down but I did hit for $57 on my beloved John Wayne game. I cashed it out and paid for our dinner at the buffet. It tasted like winning, people. The woman sitting 2 machines down from me hit for $3000+ after 3 spins. A day late and a dollar short!

On our way back from the Dells, we stopped in Madison WI at the casino. You only have to be 18 to gamble there so I thought that it would be a nice way to end our trip, the boys gambling for the first time. We gave them money and thought this would be awesome for them.
This was right before their first bet. And that was the last time that they smiled. Maybe it was because of the creeper checking my son out or perhaps they don't do well losing money.
We didn't stay long. DJ lost $25 and Jordan lost $35 and I thought that they were going to have a meltdown. I guess neither will be wanted by the mob for gambling debts anytime soon. DJ especially was not a happy boy. He stood over me glaring at me, telling me how stupid it was to gamble and how he wanted to go. I sent him to his father and then we left. They really kill all the fun. And Den and I were both winning! The boy is not going to do anything to upset his fuddy-duddy ways. The kicker is they lost my money so I don't know why they were so mad!!!!
And that about catches you up on my life.
Sonya Ann