Monday, August 31, 2015

College Mess

So what have I been doing? Trying to enjoy the boy being gone!
I so love seeing the floor.
He's been gone almost 2 weeks but it still feels as if there is much work to be done.
I need to get all the bins out from under Anna's bed and then cull as much as I can. I'm going to try and shift a lot of the things in DJ's room into Anna's. Or I may just get rid of his stuff too.
I love to donate everything I can to Goodwill and I also love to get "new" stuff there. It's more like borrowing from them.
But a quick tip for a college student, go to Goodwill or any thrift shop in a college town, you will hit the jackpot. I was shocked at how much of the stuff that college students needed for their dorm room was there. It would be more of a one stop shopping than going and getting it new. Don't forget if you have a student going into college next year, to start shopping now. Here is the complete list. And I used it this year again to inventory his stuff before we left.
OK, I'm going to stop talking and start dejunking.
Sonya Ann

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

So have you ever been a lab rat? Have you ever been paid to snore, errr, I mean sleep? The Penny Hoarder has an article on making money while sleeping. It sounds like a great idea but I think I would be pretty cranky if I couldn't get up to pee and raid the frig when I wanted to.
Sonya Ann

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!

I just love Jenny over at An English Travel Writer!!! Her pictures are stunning and just how descriptive she is brings everything to life! She is a must read! Her life is amazing, mine is just drunk.
Happy Saturday,
Sonya Ann

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fabulous Friday

I am a little concerned that I am going to start hoarding windows. The thing is I don't know if I can make a promise that I will behave about it. Anywho, how about an old window and a planter and a bunch of flowers? See I may get you to start hoarding with me. Windows, glass jars, wax, picture frames, oh and I may have a stash of plastic plant containers. Oh and hangers. Damn, I need help.
Crafty not hoarding,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Drinking Shoes

This is a "this works really well" sort of tip! I'm not going to say that someone around here has stinky feet. I'll just say that someone has smelly feet.
Pop a dryer sheet in a not so fresh shoe and put it in front of the fan. I sometimes give them a spritz of vinegar spray too.

This might explain the smell. 
I normally can't walk the walk or talk the talk after I drink.
Who is thirsty?
Drunk walker,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tired Slide

I am so tired but that is a gross understatement. Crushed might be the word.
First off, I really missed you guys. You are much nicer and a lot less demanding than certain people that I have dumped off at college.
Where to start, where to start?
It's been a week of non-stop moving. I won't even go into the fighting we did last Tuesday trying to get that lazy and unorganized child's stuff into my van. Anna had her stuff sorted and ready to go a week before college started. It was because she so desperately want to escape us. DJ is either lazy or wanted to stay. I'm going to go with lazy.

So as we were haulin' ass through Chicago on Wednesday, I spotted this wonderful "fried something" fair stand.
I slowed down traffic so that DJ could get the side picture. I was laughing so hard and kept saying that I was going to kill us trying to get a perfect shot. DJ finally stopped complaining and started laughing and taking pictures. He couldn't understand someone getting so excited over fried food. Hey, I didn't make them stop or anything.

After the wonderful fry truck, it was pretty smooth sailing. We made it in about 6 hours to Ball State. We checked into the hotel and then decided to search for dinner. Well, I actually decided what we were eating. I love Waffle House and we don't have any by us so I said we would both love to eat there.
And then the shit went south.
I love my son and I try to be a supportive mother but I am being completely honest when I say he is a terrible driver. And he knows it so he drives close to home. The problem is he now wants to take his car to college. He has never driven on a tollway or an interstate. So I decided to change this and MAKE him drive us the 30 minutes to the Waffle House and back. Dumb fuck should be tattooed on my forehead.
I took a deep breath and started to calmly talk to him about paying attention while driving 70. He decided that 70 MPH was too fast and he would do 55 MPH in the fast lane. Things started poorly. He is just a very nervous person and we often say that he better get a fun wife or he will stroke out by the time he is 30. He is stressed all of the time.
I think the only reason that he hasn't gotten into an accident as of yet is because he is A.) going slow all of the time, as in half the speed limit. B.) everyone else is paying attention. C.) Divine intervention.
I'm sure that he has had some close calls that I don't know about.
After getting in the slow lane and calming down, he seemed to be ok with it and I was seriously thinking about giving him the car. Maybe I was the one shaking his confidence by telling him that he was a bad driver.
Then I got a refresher course on his driving.
A semi was broken down on the side of the road so I told him to change lanes since the tow truck driver was behind the semi and was working on hooking it up.
When he went to change lanes, some ass cut him off. So instead of taking a deep breath and watching the road, he keeps looking out the driver's window to get over and veers off the road and is about to run us into the back of the tow truck. All I could think was, we are all dead.
I screamed "STOP." Normally GOOD drivers will slowly press the break and look. Not my boy, he locks them up while we are half off the road before he even knew what was happening.
Mind you, this entire incident only lasted a few seconds but it seemed like it went on for at least, 10 minutes. Pure terror slows time.
Being half off the road, he stomped the breaks while there was gravel under the tires. The over-packed van was just not built for that kind of abuse plus the weight of all of his crap SHIFTED us SIDEWAYS.
I am not kidding when I say that I felt my side of the van lift up. Yup, we were about to flip.
He went from off the road on the right to the right lane and then into the fast lane, then back again.
He managed to right the van once he got us back on the road and thank all that is good and holy that all the other drivers backed way the hell off. He had the entire road to himself in about 2 seconds flat.
HE'S NOT GETTING THE FUCKING CAR was the only thought in my mind after that mess.
Then he snapped at me about how my yelling doesn't help matters. He almost died twice in under a minute. I wanted to pinch his head off but I was too afraid that he really would kill us if I distracted him.

The Waffle House meal was not all that I had hoped for. Perhaps near-death distracts from the taste.  Notice its not a real clear picture, well that's because I was shaking 30 minutes later.

And because I have a death wish, I made him drive us back. Mind you, he didn't want to but he really needs to know how to drive on the interstate. He is fine if he is going under 35 and did great in town but you hit 40 MPH with him and just pray to your God for help.
We went poking around after our near-death experience and meal. I found nothing at Goodwill in Muncie but it was something to do. And DJ felt bad for snapping at me so he was all chatty and willing to do whatever I wanted. I should have suggested some fucking driving lessons.
The next morning we moved DJ in without any problems. He even managed to back into a parking space like an expert. But there were 4 cops there and I think that fear had something to do with his improved driving skills. Maybe that's the key to him becoming a better driver, I need a gun.
And since I was picking all my favorite places to eat, we stopped at Captain D's after he was all sorted. Nothing like loading up on a vat of tea before you hit the open road.
I love him. I don't want to ride in a van with him again but he is a good kid. I miss him already. My van does not miss him.

I hit the road later than I wanted and with a full bladder. Hmmm, odd how the only bathroom that I could find was at the casino. I'll just say that it was an expensive piss and leave it at that. I did not stay long.

I knew that I was going to hit traffic on my trip home but I had no idea what a mess I was stepping into. The problem is there is a time change so I normally hit rush hour in Indianapolis and then I shift back an hour and get to hit another city at rush hour.

But who knew there would be a 2 hour detour. Yes, it was crap. But I did get to spend some time in the middle of nowhere. At one point, I thought that I should just abandon the van and live in the woods/fields. I had been watching Fat Guys in the Woods and figured I had enough knowledge to make it for a day lifetime.
I made it home very late Thursday and super tired. I hate move ins. Only two more times of moving DJ in and then I am free. Thank God Almighty, almost free at last.
Friday, I had to get up and take my neighbor to get her wisdom teeth pulled. When Den got his wisdom teeth out, he was drugged out of his gourd and told me to tell the tooth fairy that he wanted a blowjob and a new truck. When they were putting Anna under to get her teeth out, I told her that I would be doing the surgery. As DJ was going under, I told him he was there for a sex change. When my neighbor woke up, I told her she was pregnant. I'm a nice person like that.
Maybe I have all these problems in my life because I'm a shit. Karma watches me more than most people, I think.

Honestly, Saturday and Sunday were sort of a blur. I did some yard word and paid bills.
Den and I tried to help our poor little tomato plants and I yanked out the run away dill.
I did manage to find this cute little birdcage at a garage sale for $2. I'm going to put a flower in it. It will be the only plant in the yard that the chipmunks can't get to to bury their seeds in.
I also managed to find a solar powered pump for my little water fall. I'm going to sit outside and listen to the peaceful sounds of trickling water while I drink. I deserve it after this week.
Top that,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sad Police

I feel as if I'm teetering on the threshold of hell. I'm trying to sort DJ's stuff since I am taking him back to school and he is dragging his feet. ON EVERYTHING! He's turned into a social butterfly and isn't interested in anything that needs to be done. I will be happy to dump him off at this point. Love him dearly but I need a break.
This past weekend was garage sales and police. Yeah, that's about right for my life. 
This adorable little picture is cracked all the way acrossed. So sad but for $1, it can live by the pool.
Den thought this was the find of the century. Me, meh. $12 for some very old coral, didn't really do it for me.
I have never been to a bag sale before, have you? It was at a local church. $3 for everything you could stuff in a bag. Challenge accepted. Den thought I was nuts and to be honest, it was mostly junk but it was fun. I got a bunch of tins and baskets and I did manage to find some brass for Den to recycle so we should more than get our money back.

I even managed to shove a leaky sprayer in there at the last second. Oh and some shelving brackets for the garage. Oh and some candles. For $3, I had and hour and a half of fun!!!!!

The find of the weekend was this Wagner pan. They go for about $50ish. And I got it for $3. And the best part is Den was the one that scrubbed it back to life!

This one was my grandmother's pan and I LOVE it. It cooks everything to perfection. It is Den's favorite pan too. We said that if we ever got a divorce, it would be the one thing that we would fight over. I would give him DJ and the cats and take my pan.
And I got a 3D movie for $1. We tried to watch it and eat dinner with the 3D glasses on but looking down and then back at the tv wasn't cutting it so we shut the 3D feature off and just watched it. Den wasn't impressed. He isn't a connoisseur of cartoons like I am.

And just for fun, I called the police on my jackass neighbor Sunday night. I couldn't take it anymore. He turns his very powerful stereo up and then leaves it playing for the entire weekend. He was blasting the theme song to SESAME STREET!! WHO DOES THAT!?!?!?! It takes the Antioch police under 7 minutes to respond to a non-emergency call. That is pretty amazing. I should have called earlier in the weekend because my nerves were shot by Sunday night. The people directly behind him were having a party so he did it to be a dick to them. Whenever someone throws a party, he turns it up so they have to yell to hear each other. I just call the cops. Maybe I have found a new hobby. My next door neighbor went to his house. I don't have the kind of control that it would take to speak to him in a civil tone. I would just punch him and then throw his system in his pool. He is 3 doors down and behind us and it feels as if we are sitting on the speakers when he turns it on. You would think since all of the neighbors have called on him, he would stop. Some people love being dicks.
I'm going to stop posting until I get back from dropping DJ off and I'm settled again. I also have to take my neighbor to get her wisdom teeth out so I'm going to be busy for a while. But I promise to be back in a week and probably with a story or two to tell.
Love and nuttiness,
Sonya Ann

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rainbow Cars

You are getting a super quick tip today!!!! UGH, its a bit crazy around here lately. Oh wait, I say that so often. Never mind, its always crazy around here or is it me?
Anywho, I have picked up quite a few Disney movies at garage sales this summer. Yeah, I like to watch Disney movies. Den not so much.
Disney has a rewards program called Disney Movie Rewards. It's pretty straight forward, enter the codes on the fliers in the DVD case. You can then redeem the points for Disney things. I normally save the points to get presents for Christmas. I'm so so short on Christmas money this year. And that is another thing for me to worry about. STRESS!
It is surprising how many movies that I have gotten at garage sales and the codes haven't been used. Which makes me wonder if there are any old movie codes that I haven't entered from the DVDs that we have already. Now you know how I fly off on a tangent and get nothing done for the day. I'll say, tear the closet apart looking for movie codes and then realize that I could dejunk while I"m in there and all of a sudden, dinner isn't made and Den's home.  I live an ADHD nightmare.

Maybe this will calm me down. A nice relaxing rainbow. I had to run to my inlaw's house to grab a few things the other day and on the way back, I saw this.

Ok is it me or does that look like a car driving on the rainbow. Do Leprechauns drive to the other side?
Seeing things,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

There are some great ideas over at the Penny Hoarder on how to improve your garage saling skills! 
I never thought about mapping out a route to be more efficient. This sounds like something that Den would love. He used to be such a free spirit now he likes to see how many garage sales we can get in, even if I say, need to pee or am in desperate need of food.
What has your favorite find of the season been?
Sonya Ann  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!!!

Yay for our favorite bloggers!!!! And yay for Our Little House in the Big Woods!!! I love it over there, it is such a cute blog! Run over and say, hey or hi or hello. Did I forget any salutations?
Au revoir,
Sonya Ann

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This fun idea is from Ever Never Again! Indoor balloon tennis!!!! Maybe I would have been a better mom if Pinterest was around when my kids were little. Maybe I should borrow a kid and do all these fun things with them? Maybe I should calm the hell down and look for a cocktail recipe instead.
Wrong genre,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Growing Solar Lights

I figure I'll give you a yard update today. Look, I'm tired and I just don't have the energy to entertain you. Haha, that was what I used to say to the kids when they were little.
Anywho, this is our little bunny that now lives in the yard. I think that he is liking the lizard. I did try to get a better picture but for some reason he runs off, I'll have to work on that with him.
Den was so excited the beginning of the year to add this trellis for our morning glories.
I lovingly planted the seeds in baskets and pots since last year nothing came up and....................I got one small plant growing. Yup, all that trellis for nothing.
Some seeds that I planted last year, moved themselves into a corner and grew better than the pots. The vines completely ignored the trellis. WHY?????
The tomatoes plants are doing well. We haven't gotten a tomato yet but at least, they are growing.
The dill, on the other hand, loves me. Wouldn't it be great if I could eat some of the dill on say a tomato?
I haven't had much luck with my little ladder. The plants keep dying. I think it is because they are getting quite a bit of pool water.
I've been throwing the marigold seeds in the empty spots. Maybe I will get some plants before it frosts.
We took a basket for stairs and planted in it. It is the best basket out of the bunch. It is also growing an American flag, that's talent.
The front yard and the middle yard get a lot of my attention and I'm pleased with the way that it looks but the back yard by the pool has always been a problem area until this year. I decided to throw whatever leftover pots and anything that I could scrounge around the area just to help change how I felt about it. It's helping.
I took a couple of the old pots that I didn't use anymore and set them out. They had plants in them that were scrawny but green. And when I broke a solar light post, I threw the solar light in the bare spots of the pots. Actually, it helped. Well, it looks good at night, not so much during the day.
My first marigold is flowering from one of the pots that I threw seeds in.
And when all else fails, and nothing is thriving in a pot, hide it with a fake flower and shove it under a bush. Perhaps with a bit of sunlight it would do better.
And that's all that I got for ya! How's your yard doing? Are you hiding anything under a bush and behind a fake flower?
Sonya Ann