Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Ahhh the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! Happy Halloween everyone. I'm so excited. Can we just skip all other holidays and have Halloween a few times? That would make me overjoyed!
My to do list for next Halloween has grown. I'm sure that I could make something like this.
Maybe I could make a costume like this? I'm sure the neighborhood kids would love it.
Tinkle, tinkle!!!
So what are you doing tonight? I'm sure I'll be having a few cocktails and dressing up!!!
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is an adorable snack to bring to a party. This lovely idea is from The Girl Who Ate Everything!I think that I would cheat though and just use Chips Ahoy though.
And if you don't have a costume yet, here is a list of Quick, Easy and Cheap costumes. 50 shades of Gray is a funny one.
Are you doing anything exciting for Halloween? Isn't this the best time of the year!!!!!!
Sinful Sonya

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Golden Lava

You must make this!! Oh Lord have mercy is this amazing!!!!! It's the crockpot lava cake. It's pure gold or chocolate gold.
I can't believe that something this easy to make is this amazing! But might I suggest a liner for your crockpot.
Here is the most amazing recipe ever posted on the web!!!! I doubled this for one of our many parties. Honestly, I can't believe how little effort this was.
1 devil's food cake mix
1 2/3 cup water
3 eggs
1/3 oil
2 cup milk
1 large package of instant choc pudding
2 cups semi sweet choc chips
Blend the cake mix, water, eggs and oil. Pour into your LINED crockpot.
Whisk milk and pudding mix. Let set up 2 minutes. Spoon over cake mix in your LINED crockpot.
Sprinkle with choc chips
Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours.
To be honest, its a bit difficult to tell when its done. Poke the cake part of it around the edges and see if it is spongy.
This is best served with vanilla ice cream in equal parts. People gobbled this down so fast there was barely a scoop left. They said they were embarrassed for going back for seconds but it didn't stop them.
Chocolate lover,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crazy, Frazzled And Back

Did you ever look around and think what in the bloody hell happened? Well, I do that a lot any more. I hate having my picture taken and bless sluggy, she backed off a bit. Please ignore my double chin and lumpy looking forehead.
Where to start? Where to start?
Sluggy and Mr. Sluggy came in for a visit on the 16th. Yeah, I'm really behind but boy do I have a story for you. Well, I have a partial story-they can drink. I'm not saying its a bad thing but we hit it hard a few days and there are a few moments that may have slipped by.
The above picture was of a drumming circle. Mr. Slugster is a drummer. So Sluggy and I figured we would watch him rock out. His cock was not out.
Anyways, the woman in charge wouldn't let us sit out and listen. So poor Mr. sluggy's drum circle got crashed by the two of us. See it was fine for Sluggy because she has a musical background. I can't even walk in rhythm.  But I learned that I can rock the fuck out of a maraca. Poor, poor people. Maybe next time I won't go sober.
As you can see, sluggy was her same mature self. We had a blast Goodwilling and eating out. The problem was Den. He did not like that he wasn't the center of attention or something and..................

decide to try and kill himself.
Den had gone to the dentist on Friday and by Monday he was terribly sick. He said he had a sore throat and an earache. He went to the CVS clinic and the woman said "I can't help you" and sent him to the ER. So sluggy, my MIL and I cut our trip to Goodwill short and I ran to the ER. I dumped sluggy off on my MIL.
Den and I sat there for hours. Come to find out he had an abscess in the back of his throat that was closing his throat. He wasn't a happy camper when they tried to drain it.
We got out just in time for all of the pharmacies to close. Mr. sluggy was quite chivalrous and accompanied me to a terrible neighborhood to retrieve Den's drugs. I locked him in the van and told him if the shooting starts to duck and run. Zigzag people, zigzag.
So we spent over $500 because he went to the dentist. Abscesses caused by the dentist are relatively common. We are blessed with the uncommon crap happening.
The next couple of days were spent arguing with doctors and the insurance company trying to get everything sorted. I'm just so glad that I followed my gut and didn't listen to the ER dr about her referral. I knew it was out of network. I guess she was worried about his life or something, I was worried about the checkbook.
Sluggy and Mr headed out on Thursday and then I cleaned and did laundry and prepped to leave the next day. DJ was on the Dean's list so we wanted to go to the little honor ceremony. 
My inlaws were so proud. DJ is a good kid just don't tell him I said that.
I tried to get a picture of the three Dennis' and my husband was his normal mature self. Sigh.
I'm trying to get back in the normal swing of things. I think even Den was happy to be going back to work. That says how nuts it was.
I promise to come and visit everyone, I missed you. Now all I have to do is sort some 400+ emails before I get anything else done.
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This would be an easy one! Cheap bust or the top of a mannequin from Goodwill, spray paint it white and then work on the eyes! I would be tempted to leave these out all year round.  What that isn't weird?!?!
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fabulous Friday

Now all I need is a forest to decorate! I guess I will just have to talk Den into letting me put creepy things in the front yard! The last one creeps me out a bit. Hmmmm, maybe next summer instead of buying things for the yard and pool area we should work on Halloween decorations. Right because storage isn't a problem around here.
So what is the most disturbing Halloween decoration you have ever seen?
Sluggy and Mr. Sluggy are in for a visit so I'm going to be MIA for at least a week. The good thing is I will have a ton to talk about if I remember it. We have the tendency to drink a bit too much. Don't forget about her Boring Blog Box giveaway!!! Run over and tell her to pick me!
Decorating and drinking,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Expensive and Bald Trees

Remember how our poor tree in the front was dying?
Poor thing!
Isn't it so much better?!?!

DJ worked on it a bit before he left. Well actually, I nagged him most of the summer to trim it and then he did a little bit the day before he left. Typical male. He started the summer out as my go to guy and then fizzled a bit at the end.
Den cleaned up what DJ missed. Oh and he complained about the boy a bit.

And since we are complaining about trees. I saw this sketch of a tree at my bank. They were selling it for almost $400!!!! How crazy is that! I mean its good and all but still.......................

This is the sketch my MIL made for me. It was free because she likes me. I think its better than the one at the bank but I may be prejudice or maybe its because I'm cheap.
Out on a limb,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creepy Mashup

I should leave that warning up for everyone that is going to eat my cooking!
Well, it was another crazy and packed weekend.
DJ came home this weekend and everyone was like "oh, I'll stop over and see him" and it somehow turned into a party. I think it was decided on Thursday that we would have a party on Saturday. But it was fun and my bestie and her hubs were feeling quite good by the time that they left.
Every time DJ comes home, he gets roped into chores like mowing, going under the house, cooking, cleaning, decorating, computer and cell phone repair, dishes. He thinks we save it all for when he comes in. Not so, I assured him, we live at this break neck speed.
We hadn't decorated in a few years and Den wanted to. Plus he had someone to help him drag the stuff from under the house.
I wish Anna was coming in. This guy always scared her in the morning. Maybe I could get a few chores out of her too!
And the lovely alter of evil. We go for super creepy in the front room. No cutsie things here or as Den would call them McGoo.
I just love Halloween. We are going to a party on the 31st and haven't even started the costumes yet. Plus today is Den's birthday, yesterday was our 21st Anniversary. As we speak, I'm driving DJ and his roommate back to Ball state and sluggy and her hubs are coming in this weekend and I'm trying to get ready for that. Making everything look creepy is preparing, right?
Den found an old cape in the decorations and a pumpkin and made this. We all have our talents!
So if I don't stop in to see you, its not because I don't care. It's because the alter of evil worked and I'm now a supreme ruler I'm so busy but I'm sure that I will have some great stories to tell. Or I'll nap.
Tired and driving,
Sonya Ann

Monday, October 12, 2015

Inflatable Crockpot

How cute is that!?!?! Den's to do list is growing.
I'm in a rambling mood, or maybe its ADHD or maybe I don't have anything to talk about just odds and ends. You decide while I jump around.
I would like to think there is still a bit of sugar in my heart but maybe not. Ask Den.
Hey, remember the bag with the tags still on it that I got from Goodwill for $2.13. It worked like a champ and it is small enough to fit when the free bag size changes on Spirit. They are replacing all of their planes and the area under the seats is smaller.
I'll just have to work a bit harder to get all of the snacks to fit. Maybe I'll wear cargo pants and fill the pockets. Or maybe I'll ship our snacks. The 'if it fits, it ships" boxes from the post office are around $12.
I found these inflatable travel pillows for $2.47 at Walmart. For under $5, I've become a travel guru.
I'm thinking I'll try and get two for my inlaws for Christmas since they travel a lot. Oh and for the record, if says they have a product in-store-don't trust them. I drove all over trying to find two for us.

 And since I'm talking and not really saying anything, I'll ask a question, does anyone have any good crockpot recipes? I'm also looking for some ideas for pre-made freezer to crockpot meals. I would love to put a bunch together and have them waiting for when I'm lazy busy.
Sonya Ann

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

How about starting your day with saving money?!?!?!? Over at the Penny Hoarder there is an article on 23 creative ways to slash your utility bills. I'm working on this right now. I'm trying to find more ways to shave a bit off of the bills. Are you working on any new ways to save a buck or two?
Sonya Ann 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!!!!

And our bloggy friend for the day is Absolutely Sweet Chaos!!!! She is always working on something, patches or paying off something. Reading about her struggles to pay down debt makes me feel better. It's not that I want to see her suffer, its just that I am in the same boat. Hey, she is my seatmate. Stop over and see her!
Are there any blogs you read about their struggles to pay down debt?
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from Hauntforum but you have to join in order to see their stuff. So I will just say thanks from a distance!
Anywho, this would make for a quick and easy Halloween prop for your house. A couple of masks and some stakes and the little children will be scared!!!
What's your cheap and easy Halloween decorations?
Favorite time of the year,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Zombie Tip

Remember the other weekend when I got these ink cartridges for my printer at the garage sale for $2 each? I had read a while ago that if you garage sale you should keep notes of everything that you need and specifics like shoe sizes, clothing sizes of everyone that you buy for. I keep a list on my phone of ink cartridges numbers and things like that too. Who knew I would use it?!?!?!
Do you carry a list? What's on it? Did I, God forbid, forget something?

A neighbor is having a Halloween party and I think I need to make these. This cute and gross idea is from Fabulessly Frugal! Check out the site, its a lot of fun there.
Anything going on in your world? Do I need to keep a list on my phone to prep for a zombie Apocalypse?
Talk to me,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back and Winning

Please send me back! We had a great trip to Vegas but it went way too fast. We stayed at Silverton again. They spoil us. The free drinks and free rooms help me fall in love all over again.
We flew in Wednesday and came back on Sunday so it was really only 2 full days. But this is for the best, I don't think that my FIL could have handled much more. He was a trouper though.
We walked around at Bellagio's botanical gardens. I love it there.
Den said that he didn't think that was an accurate depiction of Jesus. Hell will be warm and we will be together. I've accepted it. Speaking of warm, the weather was perfect. In Vegas not Hell.
The good thing was my FIL is now on steriods and all he wanted to do was eat. Well at first, it was great and then after eating about 5 times a day it got a bit old. The scale was not happy with me when I got back.
We went to South Point on Friday day, our last full day. We go for the wonderful buffet and the AMAZING desserts. And who knew that I would hit! Yup that's right, I found a machine that was paying like crazy. That has never happened in my life! I walked away about $500 up! And I even shared with Den the man with bad luck the entire trip! Let's just say that he ate into my profit to the tune of $150. I always go to Vegas expecting to lose, and the money that I gamble is never to be seen again. And I'm alright with that. Vacations cost money no matter where you go. Never thought I would win a bit.
The best part was my FIL was the big winner. He kept hitting. It was so nice to see him happy. He was up $200 at one point. Even my MIL hit for $200. Den nada.
I left for Vegas with $350 in my pocket and came back with $200. Not too bad but we charged a few things. Parking alone was a damned criminal act against us! $138 to park at O'Hare.(We did price out cabs and parking at an offsite lot and it worked out that it was just a bit more to park at O'Hare so we did that since it was easier.)
After figuring in airfare, parking, having to pay for 2 nights at the hotel(they only comp Sunday-Thursday now), the trip cost us about $800 and that was covering the airfare, parking, and rooms for my inlaws. They bought us quite a few meals though. But it was nice to spoil them for a change. Can you tell that I like them?
In a cruel twist of fate on our last day, Silverton had a massive garage sale in their parking lot. Den and I decided not to go. He said that he would fall in love with something massive and then have to find a way to get it home. I looked longlingly at it from our room.
 And that's about it. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and it ain't fun. October is going to be a crazy month for us. DJ said that he is probably coming home this weekend and I will have to drive or drop off. Sigh. At least, it is better than going both ways. Haha, I said both ways. Sluggy is coming in for a visit. And DJ made the Dean's list and we are going to drive out for a luncheon they are having in their honor. Plus Halloween and I'm sure that I am forgetting something.

I also had $15 from Pinecone waiting for me when we got back! Yup, winning at life!
So my total is.......................
$23.85    SavingStar cash deposit
$21.65    SavingStar Amazon gift code
$10         Swagbucks- Amazon gift code
$111        Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$24         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
$10          MyPoints gift card Panera
For a total of $326.75. I think I need to start Christmas shopping!
 So what did I miss in your life?
Sober but a winner,
Sonya Ann