Sunday, January 31, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Ahhh, its another Sunday trying to come up with some extra scratch! I'm feeling(get it scratch and feel, no?) this article from The Penny Hoarder on 10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash in 2016.
So are you working on making more money this year or are you trying to save more money? I sort of think that it is easier to save it once you have it. Well, sort of.
What ya got for me? Or are you hungover and not caring? That's ok too.
Broke drunk,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

What have I done this week? Does a couple cocktails count? To be fair, we really aren't alcoholics. We just like to have a drink at the end of the day and well, a few on the weekend. Oh and the people at the liquor store know us on a first name basis. Never mind.
I've not posted about Christmas money I have collected. I'm over $100 so far between Pinecone Research, my credit card points, swagbucks and MyPoints. I haven't cashed them in so its not an official tally yet. But I think this year will be much better than last.
Our taxes are done!! We will be getting money back and it will be out the door just as fast, between college, the credit card and beefing up savings-It's gone. But I'm grateful we don't have a tax bill to pay.
We are eating down our food stash. I'm hoping that will help cut down on the grocery bill a bit.
I also went through the cabinets in the bathroom and got rid of a bunch of stuff we don't use. I got rid of some of the beauty products. I feel much better about the all natural lotions, oils that I make and use.
Did you accomplish anything this week? Are you still plugging along toward your goals?
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fabulous Friday

DUUUUUUUUUDE, I have a few hot glue guns!!!!!!! Diy Joy has some amazing crafts, you can do with a glue gun. We all now have new goals in life. Seriously, I'm thinking the coral needs to be made.
So do you have any crafting plans for this weekend? Do you have any drinking plans for this weekend? Do you have any drinking while crafting plans?
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bacon Drink

I need this shirt. You need this shirt. Let's start a club and this can be our logo. Would it be a drinking club?

I'm really a better cooker when I have a drink. I fried cold pizza in a dab of bacon grease. Oh and I continued on with cocktail hour.
And YUM! Is this a helpful hint? Maybe. Would your cardiologist think so? Maybe? Is this a drinking hint? Maybe!

Perhaps my food wouldn't have so many calories in it if I stopped with the bacon grease.
What do you do to breath new life into leftovers? Does it involve bacon?
Fat, happy, and intoxicated,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I do sometimes wonder what would happen if they gave my job to someone new. Would Den be homeless after a few months? Would he be dirty and hungry? I think he would be fine but I would hope that he missed me. Maybe he would get body slammed by a lowland gorilla? I kinda would like to see that one.
Primate lover,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Salsa Cars

It was a long weekend of fun! Den got off early on Thursday and we headed up to Ho-Chunk Casino in the WI Dells.
I did great! I paid for all our food, some drinks and came back with exactly the same amount of money that I left with. It maybe the year of the Sonya. It is not the year of Dennis. He only hit for a little bit and that was only because I told him I had a "feeling" about the machine next to me.

The casino and hotel are quite nice and decorated with a waterfalls and a nature theme. It is  beautiful and I would have to recommend it, not just because I won.
We headed home later on Friday and I got to do a few piles of laundry. Reality stinks.

Saturday, we headed out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Grande Lettys.  They have a salsa bar!!!!! And.....................................................
they have a small gambling area. I mean really how could it get any better?!?! Oh wait, you get free pop and salsa and chips if you are gambling! I may never leave!!!!
After our yummy food, we went to the Volo Auto Museum.
It's actually quite brilliant, not only do they have every kind of car imaginable but they sell them too. Yup, you pay to see cars you can buy.
This little bug was my favorite.
This was Den's favorite. It's sort of a modified mess to me.
I think that we may need to build a bigger garage.
It is $15 a person which I thought was a bit high when we went in but after seeing everything that they had, it is under priced.
I talked to one of the women working there afterwards and we both decided that they need a different marketing strategy. Yes, there is a ton of cars there but its a museum with so many different areas that they need to touch on that to draw more women in.
This was one of the antique advertisement signs from the stupid ages. I wouldn't have made it long back then.
I'm pretty sure Den wouldn't think about spanking me over coffee or anything. How this sold anything is beyond me.
On Sunday, I lost my damned mind and decided that I needed to cook everything. And everything seemed to have quite a bit of cabbage and onions.
I made meatloaf, veg soup, chicken noodle soup, apple and cinnamon water(not really cooking but I figured since I was chopping everything else in the kitchen, why not.) tomato and cuke relish, fakin' fried rice. And you know what we ate for dinner?
Not one damned thing that I made! I think Den felt intimidated by my mad cooking skills and needed to show me up, which he did. No really, he had planned a steak and shrimp meal days ago. It was yummy!
So its back to the diet this week.So what did you do? Did you eat salsa? Please tell me it was fun!!
More salsa,
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 25, 2016

You OK Jacket

Anna sent this to me the other day. I had to wonder about her mental health so I send this.................................................
She said I win! And she said that she was fine.  Bless her, she has had a few breakdowns.
They are cute. God only knows where they will be living in say a year but its not on my dime. I miss her and I hope that the car we gave her is still running. As long as it starts and the CD player works that is all she cares about even if all the lights on the dash are flashing.
She made me proud the other day when she told me that she only shops 2nd hand now. She said after seeing what came in the door when she worked at the 2nd hand store, she hates to buy new. Some of that might have to do with the fact that she is poor. No, I'm sure its because she is being more financially responsible.  Right.
Speaking of second hand....................................
I scored this lovely jacket for $6.99 at Goodwill. I will be wearing it to Den's Christmas party this year. If you have to go to a fancy-schamancy Christmas party, it seems that January is the month to hit the 2nd hand stores. There were tons of Christmasy/dressy clothes out. This is a much better plan than trying to search for something the end of November(ask me how I know!). It's a bit tight in the upper arms but wouldn't it be great if I lost some weight by December. I'm delusional and chunky.
Back in September, I scored a bunch of jackets at a bag sale. I gave some to my neighbor, she has an important job and has to dress up and they reminded me of her. Hey, at $.33 a jacket I can afford to be generous.

Yup, the identical jacket was going for $59!!! Hmmm, might want to get that one back. LOL.
Do your kids make you nuts? Does second hand shopping make you happy?
Lookin' to score,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Do you want to win the lotto? I do, well, I did until I read the story about 21 Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything over at the Penny Hoarder. I would like to think that I would manage the money better but I can see how easy it would be to piss it all away especially at 16!!!!
I think you would need a lawyer, a body guard, an assistant to stop all the calls, and an accountant. Oh and someone to stop you from spending money. I think I would set aside money to donate, blow and then save the rest. But it would be hard. Would you spend or save?
Handbag lover,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our 2016 Mission


I'm going to call this a really slow week all the way around. And to me, that's a good thing.
I haven't made any real progress on dejunking/organizing this week and I'm still down 11 pounds. There is always next week, right?
I did get my birth certificate so that is amazing in itself. Just the fact, that I got everything straightened out with the state in a week is almost beyond comprehension. I should be able to start on getting the passports. If getting a birth certificate from the state was a pain in the ass, I can only imagine what it will be like to deal with the government. My friend, Donna is from England and have to sort their green cards every so often, I should shut up really about my birth certificate problems. Just to renew the green cards, takes months and tons of time. They are probably going to have to go downtown Chicago and fix it and pay $2000 for the four of them. Poor them. The funny thing is their daughter used to tell people she was illegal just to see their expressions. She got in trouble a lot.
We might know what we are doing with the Amantis. Anna is going to buy the 07 and Den is probably going to sell the 04. He thinks someone at work wants it. The sad thing is the value of used cars has dropped. The 07 is worth about $5k and the 04 is about $2k. Anna has $500 left in the little kitty that I saved for her so we will use that towards the debt. She will owe us about $2500 if it all works out. I tried to explain all of this and she just said, "MOM, I'm not good at math!" And to think that she is the one doing their bills. I think that we will charge her $100/month til its paid. That is if it all works out and Anna figures out math.
I've paid down the credit card/car loan(see the problem is that I am trying to pay off a car in under a year because instead of taking out a loan, I put it on a 0% interest credit card offer. It's up in August. And now you know why I am always crazy!)  if the numbers even slightly workout as predicted, I should be close to having it paid off mid-year.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This awesome idea is from Homestead Life Style. Why didn't I think of this before?
I just want to think about all things warm. That is much better than snow and cold and gray skies. What is your favorite part of summer? What do you do to help get through the cold and crappy winter?
Warm wanter,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Second Hand and Free Box Mashup

Back in September, I scored a few awesome finds at a bag sale.
I realized that the yellow jacket from the bag sale was almost dead on like this designer one.
Not long after that I found a slightly torn geisha costume in a free box at a garage sale. Damn, I wished I could look that sexy in things like that. Sorry off track again.
Anywho, I loved the print. And got my poor, poor mother in law involved.
She sewed an adorable scarf out of it. She really is great and she has no problem getting involved with some crazy plan that I have going on. Den married his mother, she is always cooking something up too.
The jacket cost me $.33 and the scarf material was free. I'll find a way to repay my mother in law, Donna. I'm thinking toes or lunch or something.
I really can't take selfies and I am nowhere near skinny enough to post selfies but I love this jacket and scarf and I wanted you to see it. I've gotten many compliments on it too.
Have you gotten any good second hand deals lately? What was your most excellent find?
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Why oh why didn't I find this before Christmas? I've not made love to a lumberjack, I'm not ruling it out if he looked like him though. Who am I kidding, it would be a GO!!!!
By the way, our tree tried to escape one year and the cops got involved. The kids and I thought that it was screaming funny, Den not at all since he was the one that wouldn't let the kid tie it to the top of the car because he didn't trust him. Can you guess who pointed that out?
Want that tree,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nothing To See Here

Really just move along! I've got nothing. This weekend was as boring as it gets. It was obscenely cold and we did very little.
Den finally got around to putting the plastic up on the windows. We both hoped that we wouldn't need it this year. But no, winter kicked it up a notch and the furnace barely shut off. It makes a huge difference when it is up and the house is now much warmer and the furnace gets a break. Ahhhh, the thought of new windows brings joy to my heart. The thought of paying for new windows brings pain to my pocketbook.
As soon as the plastic was up, shithead, I mean Sue, ran on the windows.  Thank goodness that cat doesn't have front claws. When people come over, he picks something and then "runs" on it until everyone laughs. He also watches you and then runs over and "touches" whatever you touch. Sometimes, he knocks it over just to see what you will do.

Welcome To Norway, Puny American Soldier // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures:
I read this this weekend and couldn't stop laughing. I told you it was boring here.
Did you have an exciting weekend?
Sonya Ann

Monday, January 18, 2016

Scared Winner

This was the picture that I sent Den when I had to stay in IN and I hit at the casino. Too bad more of the singles weren't hundreds. Don't we all feel the same way.
Of course, I had to keep my money safe. Fine, I get a little nervous sleeping somewhere new. I was on the first floor and everything was making weird noises. So I came up with an alarm.
This works WELL. Not that anyone tried to get in but when I got up in the middle of night to turn the heat down, I knocked it off. It scared me to no end and it made a lot of noise. Change in a pop can would work too.
I saw this tip somewhere years ago, use your belt to secure the door. I felt safe after I set up my booby traps. I slept pretty good. Well, I slept well once I unplugged the rattly frig. And every time I heard a snowplow scrape as it went by on the highway, I was grateful that I hunkered down and didn't try and drive through the night.
Do you do things like this to make yourself feel safe? Or are you just brave? How do you protect your winnings?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

The Penny Hoarder has some great ideas on how to spend time with the people you love and bring in cash!!!  I especially like the part about banging in the bedroom but I think that I may have missed the true point of that one. Maybe I should just keep to watching videos on Swagbucks.
Banging and videos,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

This little post is helping keep me on track. I would feel terrible if I had nothing to post. Life is continuous forward motion, right?
This week, I gambled and dropped the dear boy off. YAY!!!
Water consumption is WAY down and the time spent on laundry is down too. We should see a bit of a reduction in costs on water and electricity.
I started writing both books again. This makes me happy and keeps me calm. For some reason, it seems to help with my focus.
I worked on our closet. Now that Anna's room is in good shape, I moved some of the things that Den only uses once in a while like suits and camo in her closet. I also rearranged some of Den's shirts. Now all the short sleeves and long sleeves have their own bar.
I'm still at 11 pounds lost. I'll starve a little this weekend and see if I can't get that number lower. Oh wait, I got a few certificates from Hmmmm, I'll get back to you on this one. 
I don't have a million dollars in the bank.
I've come up with a plan for DJ's crap furniture. He is going to be moving into an apartment next year. His roommates have furniture for the living room and kitchen. DJ only needs stuff for his room. I was thinking that he could take the beat up dresser and night stands in his room and then I'll replace it. We can put the couch/bed that is in DJ's room in the game room. That way we will only have to buy a bed for him when we are in IN.
I also started working on getting our passports. It is going to be $130 each. The problem is I can't find my birth certificate. I've got everyone elses and our marriage certificate. Damn. I ordered my birth certificate for $37 from IL. And then it all went south. AFTER I PAID THE SON'S OF BITCHES, they then told me that what I submitted was wrong and wouldn't ship it. They took my money then informed me that it wasn't right. They sent an email on how to sort it with a link that EXPLAINED NOTHING! And this is what I get for dealing with the state. I'm never leaving the country. Sigh. I get an E for effort on this on.
I think that is about it for me. Anything accomplished on your end? Haha, I said your end.
Sonya Ann

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This fun and brilliant idea is from The 36th Avenue. Run over here to read about it! You spray paint clearance or dollar store Christmas villages and make them into Halloween villages. Can life get any better?!?!?!
Who's going shopping?
Sonya Ann

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Plant Perversion

My life is boring. Well, it is boring and then, I do something bad. In my mind, this post started out great and then somehow we slipped into the perversion abyss.
I have somehow managed to keep my basil plant alive so far. Riveting, I know.
I'm also regrowing some green onions. See this post is normal so far, boring but normal.
Hey, I picked some dill on Dec. 24th from our garden. It has since snowed over it but still that was amazing. Using fresh dill for potato salad in the winter is unbelievable!
This is also amazing. Here's what happened, I was looking for something to write about and found the pictures of my basil and the green onions and then, I found some pictures that I sent to my bestie.
He's making a sneeze face.
Donna and I were talking about different food that we could eat since we are dieting. And then I found us dessert. Now it makes perfect sense, right? She also brought up the fact that we are a couple of old perverts but I tend to dismiss her. Honestly, are you even reading this or are you staring at the sneeze guy?
This sums up my life and my blog. Why do you keep coming back here? It's kind of fun when I post about my plants, right? To make this even worse today is DJ's 20th birthday. Should I send him a text and a picture? Think sneeze guy would do it for him?
Great mom,
Sonya Ann