Monday, February 29, 2016

Clean haPpINESs

I'm still Spring cleaning and making myself nuts. So nothing has changed around here.
This is a picture of part of the downstairs rec room.
I will put anything in the washing machine, dishwasher, or the tub to clean it. I took down the fake pine rope and wreath and washed it in the washing machine with dish soap on the gentle cycle. Then I left it in there until it was dry. Easy, easy!!!! Washing blinds in the tub is the way to go too. I kick the jets on for a few minutes and DONE! I'm a lazy sort of clean.

And if cleaning doesn't do it for you, maybe this will. I think I'll write this in our Christmas cards.
Do you have any cleaning tips? Do you say happiness with penis in it?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

This is the most important thing that you will do today, you have to read 100 Birthday Freebies! over at the Penny Hoarder! We are going to have to come up with a plan, oh and you can't go to work on your birthday! You deserve the day off! Sign up for as many freebies as you can and then plan out the optimal route to snag as many freebies as possible. THIS IS A MUST PEOPLE!
See I told you this was the most important thing you will do today, to hell with feeding the people you live with.
Do you sign up for freebies?  Do you say to hell with the people you live with?
Free bird,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and A Favorite Person!!

So what did I get done this week? Hmmmmm, I did manage to stop myself from spilling wonderful and slick homemade lotion all over so that is a big plus.
My phone is hanging on by a thread. Bless its corrupt little heart. It has to make it one week and then DJ can have at it.
My computer still seems to be virus free. Yay!!! I use the free version of Housecall and I use  microsoft malicious software removal tool. I had a programmer that worked for microsoft tell me that is what he used. He said when combined they work better than any program out there because its updated by the programmers.
I have gotten 2 of the 3 stickers for the car plates. I'll spend some time this weekend sorting my van sticker. Den told me that the state of IL has collected over $1 million in fines already because people's car plates are expiring and they aren't sending notices. Bastards.
I'm still having a bit of a problem getting Den to work on the Amanti. Sigh. I want to stick a for sale sign in it and be done but it needs muffler work. He's not real jazzed to do it. So I guess that means that I will be sorting car insurance this weekend too. The car Anna has is insured by us and the Amanti in the driveway is under her policy so everything has to be flipped. Which means I have to track Anna down and do a conference call since its her policy and I can't change it without her.
Hmmm, this sounds like less of an accomplishment list and more like a to do list. On a good note, I haven't been dieting and I haven't gained. And I am still Spring cleaning so I got more of that done. Not that you would ever notice! And I did set up a new budget which is just a bit higher than the last one.  Oh, I almost forgot, I have knocked even more off of the car loan/credit card balance. If we sell the car, I will be soooooooooo close to having it paid. That is a happy note.
And my favorite person for the day is Jane from Crabapple Landing!!! She carved that!!!! AMAZING!!! It is so beautiful and unique. She is talented and a kind soul. It's been a long journey for her but I have to say that she has handled everything that life has thrown at her and made her own way. And I love the way that she budgets! She is an inspiration on every level. Stop over by her place and tell her she is great!
Love ya,
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fabulous Friday

Sorry about that! I hope that you weren't eating!
This is called the brief safe. You stash your valuables in the crotch of a "dirty" pair of men's undies. It's brilliant and gross all rolled into one but I bet that it would work. They are for sale on Amazon for $12.99 but I'm betting that we could make our own. I have also heard of stashing your valuables in a diaper at the beach. Have any other ideas on how to keep your stuff safe on a trip? Stash everything in a tampon box?
Dirty valuables,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recycled Drink

Packaging, packaging, packaging! Everything that we buy has too much.
Den needed socks so I bought him a bundle and it was attached to this odd little hanger. As he was pulling at all of the plastic tags and freeing his socks from bondage, he realized the hanger would make for a great earring holder. He's sweet.
So the question is, do you reuse packaging? I have heard of people burying plastic pop bottles with holes punched in them next to their plants to keep them nice and hydrated. This seems like the water would sour but I don't know. So spill, what do you do to save money and reuse packaging?
Do you reuse your alcohol containers? I could build a glass house. Bahahaha. Ok, really I don't drink that much. Well, not if you compare me to an alcoholic. (Clears throat and looks away)
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

This was Den's favorite Super Bowl commercial. Gee, go figure. He kept going on about it. He said that it is every Dad's job to be like this. I have to say though that I have seen quite a few Dad's change when boys talked to their daughters. By chance, Den was chopping something for dinner a long time ago and the neighbor boy came over to talk to Anna, Den answered the door holding a butcher's knife. The kid said, "Wow, scary." Den said every Dad knows what "those boys" are thinking. I called him a hypocrite. He said, he is fine with that title.
No knife,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Angry Music

Wouldn't it be great to look out the window and see something like this? I would love to have a yard like this.
This is actually what our yard looks like. Dead Christmas tree and all. I mean really, the tree has been outside since December 26th!!!! I did see the garbage man get out of his truck and kick the stump twice and then get back in his truck and drive off. Maybe it was a dominance thing or something.
I'm done with winter and the garbage man.
Friday, Den and I made a run to the liquor store. Never would have guessed that one, would ya? He was planning a Saturday night jam session with a neighbor so we had to stock up. I read about a wine diet and decided to give it a shot. Basically, you drink a glass of wine before dinner. Somehow, I ended up drinking and not eating. I did not get skinny but I did feel the need to argue with Den a bit. He said that the wine diet was not a good diet for me, all the while smirking at me.
Saturday, we ran out for some supplies and then started cooking. It seems all we do is deal with food and liquor. We cooked a feast for just three people. But this is a good thing since it gets me out of cooking for a few nights.
Scott came over and we had dinner and then the jam fest started. Scott has played in bands for years and is really good. I, of course, put in a request for titties and beer.
I left them to play and went to work on getting license plate stickers for the cars.  The state of IL decided not to send out notices by mail anymore. BASTARDS! I realized with only a few days to spare that Den's plate was expiring. What a mess! And then to make it more miserable, they also aren't sending out notices to have the cars tested to see if it passes emissions(testing depends on how old the car is. Some years you have to test and others you can skip). No emissions test, no car sticker. I was able to order Den's sticker and Anna's sticker but I have to take my van in to have it tested before I can pay them. I partied hard Saturday night!
Look at the expressions on the cat's faces, they did not appreciate the music as much as I did. Den and Scott played well until the scotch kicked in. Boy, were they doing some singing/howling.
I thought Den walked Scott home once they deemed the night over. Nope, I found my husband standing in the herb garden out the back door. Just standing there, smiling. At least, he wasn't argumentative like other people.
Guess what we did Sunday? Yup, nothing. We watched Grimm and ate leftovers. Den was in pretty good shape considering what he had done to himself the night before.
And that's it! Did you have a fun weekend? Did you stand in the herb garden? Did you try a new diet?
Fun people,
Sonya Ann

Monday, February 22, 2016

Brave Tail

I found it!!!! I was poking around on Pinterest and I found a link on how to cut your own hair!!! Don't groan and say "Oh God, what has she done this time." Well, you can say it just don't say it to my face.
Anywho, run over to How-To Hair Girl and read 5 DIY Haircuts to try today. Basically, you pull all of your hair back in a ponytail to the point where it is all the same length and then snip once.
This is me a complete wreck. Oh and tired.
I had actual scissors for hair but they found their way to Anna so I pulled out my craft scissors and then Den found the scissors that he had in his grooming kit.
The problem with my hair(other than the fact that some of my hair is curly, some is wavy and some is straight) is that it is layered. SO I decided to modify the one ponytail haircut into three. That way I would/should keep my layers in back. Keep the faith.
I got Den involved because I knew that I couldn't cut the back. His ponytailing skills aren't the best but it lined up so that he would have to do only three cuts and the hair was the same length in each ponytail.
He cut about an inch and a half off each ponytail. He also asked how much it was going to cost to fix it. It's just hair and I'm not good at the girl thing so don't worry. He was more worried than I was.
Please ignore the tit wrinkle and lack of makeup.
I love this cut!!!! Not my face. Den was quite pleased with himself. And you want to know the funny part, I texted Anna and told her how dad cut my hair using the ponytail method and she cut her hair the day before using the same method because she saw it on Pinterest. Like Mother, like daughter.
Go on be brave, cut it yourself! Would you, could you cut your own hair? I know some women that are spending $75 a month for a cut and color. I color my hair every 5 weeks and a box even with coupons is $7. I was spending $100 a year on haircuts. Let's say that I'm spending $70/year on hair color and since I won't be spending money on cuts anymore, I'll be saving $830 compared to the women that go every month for a cut and color.
Brave or stupid,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Sometimes I feel as if I really have our finances under control and other times, well, I wonder who it was that left me in charge of myself. I read an article at the Penny Hoarder, "Are you blowing your budget with these 5 common mistakes? Here's how to fix them." I was shocked because I failed on the first one! I really knuckle down hard. I did good on the 4th and 5th one. See it pays to always read everything that you can on budgeting even when you think you know it all. I like when I find something new to think about.
Not all knowing,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and A Favorite Person

What did I get done this week? Pissing myself off basically. I've got some bad Mo Jo going on here. It's been one step forward and ten back. I spilled homemade lotion ALL OVER. It was hot and I dropped it even while using a pot holder. It went on the floor, cabinets, on the stove, between the side of the stove and cabinets. I had to pull it out and clean behind it. It was a slick mess. The only positive spin I can put on it is moving the stove and cleaning behind it was on the Spring Cleaning list. I've been tearing things apart in every room and scrubbing. So there is that.
My phone has something wrong with it. The memory is being eaten up by something. I've tried to fix it but I can't seem to stop it. I'm deleting things until DJ gets home. I told him fixing it is repayment for all the driving I will be doing for him. I booked a room near Ball State and the casino so I'll get a night of fun. That's a positive.
My computer had a virus. It took me two days to get the damned thing and when all was said and done, I couldn't get online anymore. UGH and WTF!!!
I need to change over the car insurance since Anna has a different car than before. The insurance is in her name now so we have to do a conference call. Meaning, I need to track her down. Nailing jello to a tree, people.
When my inlaws get back, I think we are going to add them to our cell phone plan. They are paying close to $300 a month for two lines.  It will be $25 if I add them to our plan. They will be buying their own phones.
To summarize, I'm adding to our bills and making messes. Oh yeah, and I'm infected. I guess not every week can be a winner. ;p I'm sure my inlaws will gladly pay the $25/month. I don't think Anna will be so glad when I turn into a knee-capper.
I love this picture. I'm also going to add a link to something I like or find interesting every Saturday. Really, its just because I'm running out of accomplishments.
Run over and visit sluggy at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING! Her Rite-Aid posts really do it for me. I don't know why maybe because she is working the system. It really was a sad day in my book when I heard that crappy Walgreens purchased Rite-Aid.
And that's all you get for today!
Love ya,
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This was for sale on Esty but I was thinking that it wouldn't be too hard to make this yourself. It would be a great housewarming present for a new neighbor. I think I'll make one for Den that says, "I'd nail you." That saying would work for a friend or a neighbor. What would you put on your hammer?
Always thinking,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Grimm's Bottle

One thing always leads to another in this house. I'm not good with scary movies or anything scary, really. I don't go to haunted houses. Which is a bit odd because we decorate for Halloween and its our favorite holiday. Maybe I don't find our stuff scary. I don't know but as I have said before I have some issues.
All that said, I really, really wanted to watch the new series, Grimm. I had heard it was really good but there was that scary thing. So I had a talk with Anna and she suggested...................................................................
Alcohol. Anna isn't good with scary things either. She said if I were to get drunk enough it wouldn't bother me. Maybe, we shouldn't give advise.
At that same time, I decided that we needed to drink down our stash instead of buying more liquor. So I gathered everything and instead of spin the bottle kissing style, we played spin the bottle drunk style.
And Sangria was our drink of the evening. We decided not to mix and just have that. And trust me it wasn't enough to get either of us drunk or take the edge off my fear. But I knew that I would puke if I drank say Sangria and Cow Pie.
And this is what we do in our spare time. Maybe it was a bad idea that the kids left, they were the ones keeping us in check. No, it was DJ keeping us in check. Anna is as bad as we are.
Now, you have a new game to play at night. Spin the bottle!!!
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doggy Lovin'

Den was super excited about getting these shoes. My MIL, Donna, gave me her Kohl's cash so I had $30 to blow. On Friday after Den got off work, we went to the mall and I picked up 2 sweaters and used my Christmas gift cards. Then we went to Kohls. Den also needed new work shoes so we ended up getting the Star Wars shoes for free and spent $50 on his work shoes. Oh well, had to be done.
We also are dogsitting for my bestie. Ozzie is loving all of the attention.
We saved all of Jessie and Thor's toys(I honestly, can't get rid of it. I cry. Even thinking about it kills me.) and Ozzie is loving it. If I pick everything up and set the basket upright, he cries and paws it. It's like having a messy 2 year old around. He has toys all over.
Saturday, we ran out for bread and miracle whip. Somehow bread and miracle whip cost $85. And the people at the liquor store call out my name as I walk in. I told Den its like being a rock star. He said that its more like being an alcoholic.
The problem is we encourage each other to try things. Mike's raspberry Elder-flower is just ok. The Hard blood orange is out of this world. The problem is it only comes in a sampler case of 12, 3 are in there. I have the feeling that they are going to be calling my name out a lot more. Plus, Den's all time favorite beer is on clearance. It's $13.99 for a case of Goose October fest. Yeah, we are going to have to go back. Oh and they had Bourbon on clearance.
Den loves me. If you bring someone chocolate donuts, its true love.
This is the card that he bought me.
I love him.
And him.
That was about it for my weekend. Anything new with you? Did someone scratch your belly? Did you growl when they stopped like Ozzie does?
A Loved Drunk,
Sonya Ann

Monday, February 15, 2016

Clueless Key

This picture was a slight argument. Den said, "Everyone knows about this." I said, "I didn't." He said, "Well everyone but you knows this." I said, "I should blog about this." He said, "Why blog about something everyone knows?" I quickly arranged this for a photo shoot, snapped the picture as he was grabbing it(he wanted to replace the battery because it wasn't working). I'm surprised that his finger isn't it the picture.
Did you know that there is a key inside of your keyless remote? I had no idea. Lets say that you drop your keys in a puddle and it won't work. You don't have to call someone for a ride just look on the remote for a small button and press it. The part with the chain should release and you can use the key to open the door. The Toyota is the first car that we have ever had that is keyless. But that is sort of a lie, isn't it?
Did you know this? Was I really the only one?
Car smart,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to all of you! I hope that you are having a great day and that you eat all the chocolate that you want. Oh and that you don't gain weight from it either! Now that would make it the best gift ever. We need to work on this.
Happy day,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

I'm getting a bit bored with these posts. Maybe if I was accomplishing things faster, it would be more interesting to me. I think after this week, I will change my Saturday post. I may link to some of my favorite bloggers and one of their posts that I like. What do ya think?
So what did I accomplish this week, I didn't lose any weight but I'm not gaining either so its in the meh category. Still haven't got our butts to the post office to deal with the passports. Bad Dennis, I mean bad us. But to be fair to me, Den isn't being real helpful on this one. I have been Spring cleaning with the best of them. This is what is eating up a chunk of my time. The grocery deals around here seem to be picking up. I stopped couponing months ago because it wasn't worth the ink or the time. It was really bad for a while. Now, I'm actually running some deals and it is helping get my grocery bill down. Even retail stores are sending out coupons again!! So I think that I'm going to try and get a few Christmas presents for cheap or free. Or maybe I'll get myself a little something. I'll keep you posted. And I'm still working on both books 4 days a week, blogging and managing to feed Den.
Did you accomplish any goals this week? Did you manage to just barely function?
Slow Accomplisher,
Sonya Ann

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This is a much better gift than regular roses!!! Bacon roses would be the best gift ever and I think it should be given for every holiday! Run over to instructables and learn all about it!! Is there a better gift out there?
Sonya Ann

Thursday, February 11, 2016

From Cake To Crap

I'm so easy. Yes. No. I mean, I love easy things to make.
I got this super yummy recipe from Living on a Dime. Make a yellow cake and then poke holes in it! I can do it!
Make two instant vanilla puddings. This is where I changed it up a bit, I used french vanilla and I went light on the milk. It calls for 4 cups of milk, I used 3.5 and even that was still a bit too much. Refrigerate until the pudding has set up.

Microwave a can of chocolate frosting and pour on top. Easy!! And yummy. Den has already asked me to make another.
And on a completely unrelated topic, I scared the crap out of myself getting into the van the other day. I don't know if I just didn't notice this before or things shifted but......................
Yup, a plastic snake was hanging out of the rafters. It was from my Halloween costume.  I really do jump all over the place, on my blog and in real life.
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I have the tendency not to shave in the winter. I'm not sure if you needed that information or not. Do you shave and is it that close?
Has a coat,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fried Children

Den and I had a pretty laid back weekend. This emptynester thing is awesome. Just a few short years ago all we did was try and keep Anna's plans straight and drive her everywhere. DJ was more of a couch slug but he did cause his problems. Now, we poke around and do what we want.
We went out to run some errands on Friday and we ended up behind a biker!!! That is unheard of in IL in February.
I keep saying that we need to eat down our stockpile of food and then we end up at an Indian grocery store and well, we spend $40.
This was the first picture that I took, he refused to get his head out of the way. He said something about having to drive or something.
He does have a pretty mouth, sort of like a chick. Don't tell him I said that.
The best thing that I found at the Indian grocer was this Tide bar. Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing laundry? I would love to own a laundromat. Honestly, I would be in heaven and everyone would love me because I would be like just leave and I'll do it for you, no charge. I would be out of business quickly. Oh and don't offer for me to do your laundry, well maybe in exchange for liquor.
Friday night, I spent the night at my inlaws house. I really do love them and I thank them all the time for being so good to me. My father in law just shrugs like I embarrass him and my mother in law hugs me.
Saturday morning, we got up at 4am and I drove them to the Milwaukee airport. Lucky ducks are spending a week in Vegas and then 3 weeks in AZ.
I came home from driving them and slept most of the day. I can't seem to sleep at their house. Plus, I am stressed that we will oversleep.
Anywho, that night Den made a bunch of Indian food!!!! Yay Indian food.
Sunday, we watched tv, my back decided to cramp up and then Den made fried chicken, ribs and homemade biscuits. We watched the super bowl. Well, Den fell asleep after halftime and I watched the rest of it.
Oh and I managed to squeeze a call to Anna in there. She is moving to Nashville for sure. Or as sure as Anna can be. I offered for them to come home and live here for a while, get jobs and pay off their debt. She said they would think about it. I was quite surprised that Den didn't kick me out after I made that statement. LOL. He told her the same thing. We must have lost our minds for a minute or two there.
Loco emptynester,
Sonya Ann