Monday, October 31, 2016


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I'm so happy. Aren't you happy?
If I had an old house, I would go crazy decorating it for Halloween. Well, first I would go off the deep end because of the renovations and then I would decorate.
I love everything creepy. Well, I love creepy decorations but not movies. People that like scary movies are not right in the head. But people that live in a house decorated for Halloween are perfectly sane.
I love this picture. I'm thinking it would make a great tattoo. I could keep Halloween with me every day. It's not weird at all so don't say it.
See how awesome that picture is!!!!
Remember Den's $7 gyrating skeleton and the head kept popping off? I walked in the kitchen(cuz where else would you keep a skeleton?) and his head was really dangling. So I slapped it back on and didn't really look at it.
Does he look fabulous to you? I laughed really hard.
Are you dressing up? Are you happy for today? Am I a bit too happy? But more importantly, are you fabulous?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Amazon is hiring 120,000 seasonal workers in 27 states and Penny Hoarder has an article all about it. We have a new fulfillment center right over the border in WI. It's about 20 minutes away. Wanna know a secret? These jobs aren't all they are cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong, if you need a seasonal/part-time gig, try there just don't expect much. They put these poor suckers on 3 hour days, up to 7 days a week. Then they have them on-call for the entire season. They go in for a few hours, drive home(the plant isn't in a heavy populated area.) and then get called back in if there is more work. The closer to Christmas they get, the more hours they can have but can't get full-time hours.
The people making the real money are the surrounding houses that rent out rooms to them. It's too expensive to keep driving back and forth so they find a cheap room to rent. Doesn't that seem like it would negate working there?
Have you ever worked a seasonal job? Have you ever worked a crap job? I worked at Kirby in high school, it was misery. Have you ever rented out a room? Have you ever found a way to profit off of your location?
No location,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Naughty Hooker

I'm being a bad girl today!!!! Wait, isn't that everyday? The good news is I haven't caused a riot or set a can of Aqua net on fire and used it as a flame thrower. Yeah, I did that on the 8th grade trip to Springfield in a super posh hotel room. Looking back on my life, I was pretty bad and I think part of the problem was I NEVER got caught. I should probably stop telling my stories.
Do you play hooky? Have you ever set fire to things with Aqua Net? Did you ever run from the police on a 3-wheeler? Did you ever run from the police in your Dad's car and have to hide his car for a while?
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fabulous Friday

LOOK AT THIS!!! NO, LOOK AT IT!!! This is the best thing ever. At first, I was thinking I need these for the yard for Halloween, please don't bring up the fact that we really don't have any big trees. Now after spending a huge amount of time checking out Street Art Utopia, I now know that I have a ton more projects for the yard. We might have to move to a more wooded area and have a house with a ton of stairs. I need people climbing up every stair. EVER DAMNED STAIR! The house also has to have a stop sign in it and perhaps a brick wall. I'm not sure if we need a McDonalds sign or not in our new house.
Maybe I am the problem in our house. Nope, never.
Do you have faces on your trees? Do you need faces on your trees? Who's with me on adorable little black cutout people for the stairs? Wait what about elves for Christmas?
Many projects,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Receding Cats

My window-lickers are so adorable. Cute but not too bright. I would feel sorry for them if I could stop laughing.
Maybe the cats are closet drinkers. I could never be a closet drinker, its too small in there.
I might drink in the closet with him though. I figured I better throw a picture of Jason in here just so you didn't feel like I was wasting your time.
I mean, damn he is hot. I think it's the hair. I'm trying to convince Den to grow his hair out but he said with his receding hair line it probably wouldn't work. Perhaps, I could get Den a wig.
Two drunk pussies and a shirtless hottie, my work here is done. I think I'm getting worse.
Do you closet drink? Would you drink with Jason or my cats? Who is your friend that gets you shit-faced at a moments notice?
Shit-faced getter,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Anna said to me one time that I take something that is sweet and innocent and twist it into something evil. My response was that I never saw anything sweet and innocent in the first place. Ahhhhh, perception its a terrible thing.
So I wasn't exactly a great kid. Did I ever tell you about the time that I started a small riot just to experience it? An opportunity presented itself and I took it.
When I was in junior high, we had fund raising sleepovers. Boys in one room, girls in another. Anywho, everyone was running through the school at about 3 am and looking out the windows. Mind you, there were about 50 kids plus teachers. And I was in the back and I lowered my voice and said, "I see a man with a knife out there." Well, chaos ensued. First, I ran with the girls screaming and crying, you know just to see what that was like. Then I watched the boys run around with bats and threatening everything that moved. Then I hung with the teachers who were contemplating calling the police. It was quite interesting to observe it from every angle. Needless to say, I never got caught cuz I was a good kid. After about an hour, I got bored and went to bed leaving the teachers with a lot of sobbing girls and bat crazed boys. I suppose I should say sorry about that one. I'm not right and I never have been. It's kind of funny Anna ended up a teacher with a mom like me.
Can you imagine what I could do with that kind of power? Start a riot or stop one?
The big question is were you a good kid or a bad kid? Please keep in mind that I was a bad kid that was one the honor roll and in sports. It is really easy to be bad when everyone thinks your a goodie-goodie.
So bad,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WOW, Not Really

I am boring and I love it. You, on the other hand, might find this post a bit flat. Sorry, love.
Friday, Den and I ran errands. We went to Home Depot, the grocery store, ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. And then the exciting part, the recycling plant. We know how to live. We scored $9.25 from all the cans that we had. And it's all going into Den's fishing fund. Living the good life!!
Saturday, our local VFW was having an indoor garage sale. Three tables! Wow, not really. Den found a small tool set and I found a Christmas potholder and towel set. $2.25 later, we left.
We did manage to find quite a few garage sales which is shocking for the end of October. All that lovely stuff was $18.50. The pile, on the left side, was from a bag sale for a $1. We got some copper piping to be recycled, 4 gardening tools, a spoon to be recycled, a planter, a can of black spray paint and a can of seal it stuff. The adorable barrel was $5 and Den said we have to write RUM on it and put it by the pool. We also found a garage sale where they were selling off restaurant stuff. We got 2 large spoons and 3 bowls.  I scored that cute light-up snowman and the cute basket for $1.75. The tupperware, 3 VHS tapes, a bird-house and wire basket were from an estate sale. It was the last day and they were trying to get rid of everything fast. The best news was we didn't find any furniture.
Saturday night, we had Indian food. Yum!! The Aldi mixes are FAB!!!
Sunday, Den worked a bit more on the paintings for DJ's room and made soup. I cleaned and did laundry. Go us.
Please tell me you had a much more interesting weekend!!! Did you paint? Did you garage sale? Were you bored?
Sonya Ann

Monday, October 24, 2016

2 Gyrating Holidays

This is Den's new friend. We got him at a garage sale last year. He spent an entire $7 on him. Well, after storing him in the garage and perhaps getting smashed a bit by fishing gear, he's not the man that he used to be. He moves around a bit when you plug him in. But his head isn't attached so well. When he starts to move, his head falls forward and he stares at his pee-pee while gyrating. He fits right in.
I figured I would give you a tour of the Halloween decorations. Just cuz.
We have the alter set up in the front room. We will not be sacrificing the cat. Well, that is the good cat, Hairy. Sue, I might be willing to make an offering to the gods out of him.
Gregory Grimm is in the corner again(black material, a mask, arms and a sickle over the curio cabinet). He likes it there. You do know that we are odd. We decorate and have no kids at home.
This is another new addition to the decorations. She was part of a cheesy large mat/picture from the dollar tree. I cut her down to fit in a Goodwill frame for $1.99.
And when you step to the side, she is creepy. She isn't staring at her pee-pee so I'm happy about that.
And on to Christmas!!!!!!!!! I got $284.53 from Bank of America!!!! Go me!!!
So here it is....................................
$5          liquor rebate
$80        Pinecone Research
$285.53 from Bank of America
$370.53 for the year. Not my best year for finding free money. I think I am going to have to win some!!!
What is going on at your house? Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you stare at your pee-pee? How is your holiday fund coming along?
Needs Mental Health Help,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Looking for a job? Are you a talker? Y'all know, I am. I honestly wake myself up at night, talking. No not snoring, I talk myself awake. Hmmmmmm, maybe that is why I am grouchy in the mornings, I haven't gotten a good night sleep in a very long time.
Anywho, Penny Hoarder has a post about jobs for the talkers. Are you a big talker or are you the quiet type? Den is the quiet type but he says that he isn't quiet, he just can't get a word in because I don't shut up. I refuse to listen to him. He's rude and honestly, doesn't have anything of value to say. ;p
Are you the one that never shuts up? Do you speed talk? Or are you the quiet one?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite person!!!!!!

Hmmmmm, I didn't move a mountain this week. That probably would have been a huge project and we are trying to scale back. ;p
I've paid down the credit card/car payment/furniture mess that I made. I'm just calling this little relapse a refresher course. We didn't have any debt other than the house payment for 12+ years. The thing that I am seeing is we are knocking quite a bit off every week. It's odd that I can't seem to save that much every week but now that I have to repay it, money appears. The belt wasn't as tight as I thought it was.
I have been cheaply gathering pillows for DJ's bed. Doesn't match, does it?
I would just like to have his room done by the time that he gets here for Thanksgiving and we have a wave of people over. Hey, did I tell you that I have invited even more people over this year? I figure a few people can eat in the tub. I'm very welcoming and an idiot, I'm a welcoming idiot.

Donna and I were checking big pillows out and they were around $35 each at JcP and Kohls and didn't match the comforter that I have. I went to Goodwill and they had brand new pillows from Target on sale for $4.99. The pillows were originally priced at $34.99.
We went to Jo-Ann fabrics and hit the clearance bin. I felt so domestic.
Now let's see what Donna comes up with. Hey, I can't sew but I can take her out to lunch and pay for her toes to be did.
Is having someone else do your project really accomplishing something? Please, say yes.
And our favorite person for the day is..........CT on a budget!!!! Run over there and check out the financial freedom plan!!!!!
Do you have a financial freedom plan? Does your plan include making someone else sew pillows for you?
Not domestic,
Welcoming Idiot

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fabulous Friday

I now have a new plan. Let's call it a life plan perhaps a frugal happy plan. I should start making gifts for Christmas but make them Halloween decorations. I would make gifts year round! I mean who wouldn't like a skull/bug picture Christmas morning? Nothing would make me happier. Honestly, this might be the way for me to concur my Grinchness.
This lovely and uplifting craft didn't have a link. So sad. But I'm thinkin' a garage sale picture, dollar tree bugs and a skull with a dash of old spray paint in the garage!
This is the most important question of the day, Christmas or Halloween? Do you have a favorite? We already know what holiday I love!!!!
Are you crafting this weekend? What are your plans?
Sonya Ann

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cheap Wall

We live for projects, that must be it.
I came up with a plan for Den because I am cheap he is talented. I wanted matching pictures for DJ's room and I knew he could paint something. He has all the talent in the house. I come up with project for him. Yin and Yang, I tell ya.
When this was still in the "thinking about it" part of this project, he asked if I thought he should paint with watercolor or oil. I said, you get wall paint.  I know my cheap is showing but it matches!!!!
This was the painting that I based DJ's room on. And I'm still sorry that I didn't buy it but.....................
Den is getting close! We have 5 canvases of different sizes so he can practice. And worse case scenario, he can paint over it with white paint and start again.
Or we could just hide it with a bad cat!
He is trying to get me to paint one, a painting not a cat. Yeah, I'm not sure about that.
Do you paint? Do you do projects the cheapest way possible? Is your cat a dick?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I was rereading some of my older posts about Anna and I have to tell you that I never would have guessed that she would have turned out. She is even starting classes for her Masters. She complains about being a grownup. I love it. I also like to give her shit. Hell, I figure a owe her many years of it. So I send her pictures like these. You know something uplifting for her spirit.
She says there are days when she just shakes her head at "her" kids.

I love hearing about the naughty kids in her class. She said one boy yelled out "Son of a bitch" because he was mad. She said the class went instantly quiet and she could hear the wind whooshing as the kids heads whipped around to see what Anna would do.
If nothing else, Anna is going to have some awesome drinking stories. Just like her mother.
Do you tease your grown kids? Do you yell out son of a bitch? Do you have great drinking stories?
Drunk Son of a Bitch,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Overwhelmed Meat

It was a wonderful weekend!Yay!!! And it was probably wonderful because we weren't buy, moving or painting anything.
Den saw an estate sale on the way home Friday afternoon. I reminded him about how we ended up redoing two room because of an estate sale but he promised that we wouldn't buy any furniture. I was skeptical.
It ended up being the most interesting estate sale ever. It was a 100+ year old farm and barns. One of the feed storage barns had been changed into a cute little store. Den perused all of the books for sale and I talked to one of the owner's grandchildren. The farm had been through many changes, it was of course, a farm at first, then had cattle and horses and then was a Christmas tree farm. As of late unfortunately, it was just a place for the entire family to store stuff. Now they are trying to sell everything off.
Den and I enjoyed walked through the entire house which of interesting. You could pick out all the areas that had been add-ons and when they were done. The kitchen was from the 50's and the basement had to have been from the 80's.It was interesting but needed a ton of work/updating.
Den ended up spending $16, $15 for the sickle and $1 for 3 books. We now have the teachings of Buddha next to Mein Kampf. It seems so wrong.
Late Friday, we headed up to Woodmans in Kenosha. Den wanted Millies sausage. And then I hit the mother load!!! Did you ever see a printer in a store before?!?!?!? I saved a ton there! They even had coupons for $1 off $5 meat and veg coupons. Plus they had $1 off $1 crackers, I scored 6 free boxes of crackers. I'm thinking we might need to head back up there. I can't remember the last time I got this excited in a store. Den was not as overwhelmed as I was. Men!!!
Saturday, Den made a rolled roast. Yup, he just makes yummy foods like this. I'm a brat, I know it. And then his buddy came over and we had a great meal and they jammed out on the guitars.
Sunday, was somewhat lazy. We pulled dead flowers and put away more pots/decorations/tables/benches in the shed. Den played video games and I did some chores and poked around on the internet. It was boring and glorious!!!
Are you glorious? Did you redo any rooms? Do you have a coupon printer in any stores by you?
Not remodeling,
Sonya Ann

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pimple Legion

I'm not sure if I spoil myself or I just like experimenting on me. I'll say spoil since that sounds a bit less creepy.
I read online that pepto-bismol helps with pimples and black heads. And since I'm still me, I bought the knockoff pepto at the Dollar Tree. Pink is pink, right?
I rubbed a goop or two of pink bismuth(knockoff name) on and waited for it to dry. I also used a bit of my homemade lotion(equal parts olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax) on my legs. And then slipped my hands in my $1 garage sale find spa gloves. Living the high life!
The pimple treatment works but its one of those "ya gunna have to do it a few times" sort of thing.
And while you are waiting for your pimple treatment to dry, watch Legion. If you love Tremors like I do, this is a great runner up.
I said to Den, wow look at his abs. Den snarled and said they were fake. He seemed a bit jealous. Snort.
Sometimes, I feel as if I vomit thoughts on you all the time. The odd thing is you keep coming back. So does Den. What's wrong with all of you?
Do you have a special treatment for pimples? And what the hell, why do I have wrinkles and pimples!?!?!?! Do you love Tremors? Do you vomit on people?
Lots of thoughts,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

How about we all sit down and complain about the American healthcare system!?!?!?! UGH!!! There is a good article on Penny Hoarder about medical bills that go to collections and how to handle it. So do you want to hear what's going on with me? Let's just skip over the fact that we are paying close to $10k a year for our medical coverage through Den's work. Or the fact, that it is miserable to deal with our medical group. Oh and I won't mention that when we have a medical problem it is easier to just pay cash and go to CVS clinic. So what am I bitching about? A year ago when Mr and Mrs Sluggy came out for a visit, Den fell apart and had a large abscess in the back of his throat. Did you know that your medical group is a separate entity from your medical insurance? No, well you aren't alone on that one. Our medical group went bankrupt and stuck us with the bills. $1336 is WAY overdue! And guess who they are coming after? Even though Blue Cross is being paid by us for coverage, it is up to our medical group to pay part of the bill. WTF!!!! How can you have medical bills when you paid your deductible!?!?!?!? I don't see this being resolved anytime soon. I have a stack of papers and have documented everything but you know how these things go.
What is your craziest medical story? What's the longest you have fought over a medical bill for? Should I let it go to collections and attach a dispute?
Always fun,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite person!!!!!!

My brain is in a much better place than last week. It may have been living with the paint fumes that was making us nutty.
The house is back in shape and that helps my well being. Den said we aren't making anymore projects for ourselves for a few weekends. Yeah, whenever he says something like that-life goes to shit. But so far everything is holding together.
And I guess that's it. SOOOOOOO boring.

And our favorite person for the day is Life After Money!!!!! How cute are these!?!?!? Jump over there and check out her crazy talent!!!
Do you have plans for today? Do paint fumes make you crazy? Are you crafty?
Sonya Ann

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fabulous Friday

How adorable are these!!!!! This is from Dessert Now, Dinner Later!!! Why can't I come up with cute things like this?
And because I am lazy I would probably buy the eyes from Walmart and Aldi sells white chocolate covered pretzels. Slap them together and DONE.
Do you make cute food? Do you cheat? What was the most adorable food you have ever made?
I made these 6 years ago for Halloween. Damn, I am getting old. Where is all the time going?
Halloween Lover,
Sonya Ann