Thursday, October 6, 2016


Ol' girl still has it. She looks pretty good for being 10 years old. Den took her to the car wash the other day since I was complaining that his car gets all the attention. He's a big spender. He went to a full service car wash. A wash is only $5 but then he upgraded and then added a hand wax and then a tip. $55! $35 for the wash and wax and $20 for the tip. I almost choked. I never would have spent that BUT I think having it done might be the way to go. It normally takes us half a day to wash, wax and clean the inside. And we have never done as good of a job.
Den normally changes the oil but I had a $25 off coupon for the local Kia dealer. We spent $6.13 for an oil change. Den couldn't buy the oil for that price. Ahhhhh, but as we were leaving they handed the list of "suggestions" that should be done on Ol' girl. Guess what the total was? No, really guess? They suggested doing $3600 worth of work. The van is worth maybe $3000. It has a slight oil leak or so they say. The oil level has never been low and she has never dripped on the driveway. It has a slight power steering leak. This one I knew about but we just add fluid every 6 months or so. Plus some sort of sleeve is slightly cracked. Den said its a sleeve behind the wheel and that they crack when they get old. He said its not a big deal. I'm so glad Den knows what they are talking about.

This really is an ADHD post! Do your cats stand on you in the middle of the night and just meow? Ever had your cat cram their whisker up your nostril while fast asleep? Bastards.
Hey, look at my phone wallpaper! Yeah, I'm awesome like that.
Just fluttering from one thing to another today.
Step back, y'all!!!! I have more money for my Christmas fund!!!! I got $80 from Pinecone Research!!!
So here it is....................................
$5    liquor rebate
$80  Pinecone Research
$85 for the year.
Not real impressive! That's what she said.
I'm thinking my nephews would love a DREAM HO for Christmas! What male wouldn't?
But really, an electric tricycle would be AMAZING!!! I would like one.
This post had cars, cats, 2 holidays and a ho, what more do you want from me? Maybe a post that made sense?
Ritalin needer,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

What a terrible name "dream ho" maybe one of those lost in translation imports? I hate those rippoff vehicle suggestions. Happens more in bigger areas and at dealerships. Small towns tend to not get away with that crap. A dealership told us our truck needed a new emergency brake 3 years ago. It doesn't as we had something done at a different place (that needed doing) and they told us they didn't know what the dealership was talking about. We still haven't changed it. Our neighbor bought a $3000 car for their son who just graduated highschool. It dropped from $6000 to $3000 so they went and bought it from the dealer. Drove it home and the poor kid ran up to our door, gas tank was leaking and his parents had gone to do errands - this is straight from the dealership. His momma is a baraccuda and dad a cop so needless to say the dealership had to send a truck with bed to have it taken (not towed) to get fixed, part ordered from states, $3500 fix. Fortunately the dealership had to pay for that one.

Elephant's Child said...

Our cats regularly wake me up. Because they can. And the very, very worst way to wake? Hearing the ejection of a hair ball. Hopeing that when I step out of bed it won't be underfoot.

Janie Junebug said...

My daughter took her ten-year old car for a check-up at the dealership before she left Illinois to go to grad school in California. They told her the car would never make it because it had something wrong with the AC and it had--guess--did you guess? AN OIL LEAK! The oil leak was the serious problem because something was going to crack and then the car wouldn't run at all. I was carless and careless at that point thanks to an accident. Her dad suggested she give her car to me because she probably wouldn't need it or have a place to park it where she was going to live, and he used some of his millions of frequent flier miles to get a first-class ticket for her. I'm still driving the car seven years later. After one year the AC went out and my mechanical son (yes, he's made of metal parts bolted together) repaired it. The oil leak has quietly and suspiciously disappeared. Other than the AC, it has needed nothing other than routine maintenance. Den is a generous tipper.


McVal said...

lol! I love how your mind works and how it flows...
and holy crap! $55 to wash your car? I let God do it... It's supposed to rain tonight so WOOHOO!!! And we buy the wax, but it doesn't go anywhere except a shelf in the garage to collect dust.

Michelle said...

Who thought the name, "Dream Ho", was a good idea? Literally made me laugh out loud!

Jane said...

I had no problem following this post whatsoever - what does that make me I wonder? But then that's how my mind works too.
Tally ho!