Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cheap Wall

We live for projects, that must be it.
I came up with a plan for Den because I am cheap he is talented. I wanted matching pictures for DJ's room and I knew he could paint something. He has all the talent in the house. I come up with project for him. Yin and Yang, I tell ya.
When this was still in the "thinking about it" part of this project, he asked if I thought he should paint with watercolor or oil. I said, you get wall paint.  I know my cheap is showing but it matches!!!!
This was the painting that I based DJ's room on. And I'm still sorry that I didn't buy it but.....................
Den is getting close! We have 5 canvases of different sizes so he can practice. And worse case scenario, he can paint over it with white paint and start again.
Or we could just hide it with a bad cat!
He is trying to get me to paint one, a painting not a cat. Yeah, I'm not sure about that.
Do you paint? Do you do projects the cheapest way possible? Is your cat a dick?


SAM said...

My DH is an artist as well, and we have been trying to get him back into the hobby. I've asked him to create me a logo and he never gears around to it. No talent in me.

Linda said...

I paint walls. Once, I painted a tshirt. That is it. I am an artist but not with paint. If I painted, I would be more of a Grandma Moses than a Monet.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I paint, but I prefer drawing more

I have some canvases I have painted over numerous times because I either don't like the way they look or I just got tired of whatever I painted to begin with. BTW. I used outdoor house paint to make a faux marble finish on my dining room table.

Janie Junebug said...

I don't paint. I have several of my daughter's paintings in the house, most of which have inexpensive frames. When I got nicer frames for a couple of them, the framing lady asked if I had purchased them at a recent art fair. My daughter was pleased. I don't have a cat, but my son is a dick sometimes. Willy Dunne Wooters is a dick occasionally. I do everything the cheapest way possible, which often means I hint around until Willy Dunne Wooters offers to pay. Cheap for me can be expensive for him. I enjoy the questions at the conclusion of your posts. They make me laugh.


Cheapchick said...

The only thing it is missing is the copper color, might have to get a can of that! Then have him sign his wanna be name (like if he always wanted to be Italian or Greek, Roberto or something or other) or make it a total joke name :)

I tried that once. My mom thought my painting had no focus....this from a woman who is hardly ever it got stuck in a closet and we managed to sell it for $2 bucks at a garage sale a few years back.

Elephant's Child said...

I don't paint. And envy and admire those who do.
And at least one of our cats is certainly a dick. A big one.

Jane said...

Cheap projects - it's the only way! Use what's on hand? Of course! Have regrets after? Always!!

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Our project this week. I wanted to buy tombstones for a Halloween graveyard display Lovejoy said nope I'll make some. They are going to be fab I'll do a Halloween post when they're in situ lol. That painting is fab I just make a mess.