Friday, October 14, 2016

Fabulous Friday

How adorable are these!!!!! This is from Dessert Now, Dinner Later!!! Why can't I come up with cute things like this?
And because I am lazy I would probably buy the eyes from Walmart and Aldi sells white chocolate covered pretzels. Slap them together and DONE.
Do you make cute food? Do you cheat? What was the most adorable food you have ever made?
I made these 6 years ago for Halloween. Damn, I am getting old. Where is all the time going?
Halloween Lover,
Sonya Ann


Linda said...

When I saw those, I did think those were bought white chocolate pretzels with the little edible eyes. That's the way I roll.

Adorable? I renamed some triangular chips as "Fingernails of Vampire LeStadt." They were put out for dip with a name.

Elephant's Child said...

I am definitely lazy. And rarely do cute.
Many, many years ago I made himself a chocolate and orange cake in the shape of a bikini babe. And think that might have been the last cute food creation. Once a decade (or so) is enough.

McVal said...

Well, THAT would be an interesting thing for the nurses to talk about that night...
"And then we pumped her stomach and pulled out eye balls!"

Cheapchick said...

I like your version, the fingers are particularly gruesome :) We make Christmas cookies, icing tends to look like your halloween cookies but they taste good.