Sunday, October 16, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

How about we all sit down and complain about the American healthcare system!?!?!?! UGH!!! There is a good article on Penny Hoarder about medical bills that go to collections and how to handle it. So do you want to hear what's going on with me? Let's just skip over the fact that we are paying close to $10k a year for our medical coverage through Den's work. Or the fact, that it is miserable to deal with our medical group. Oh and I won't mention that when we have a medical problem it is easier to just pay cash and go to CVS clinic. So what am I bitching about? A year ago when Mr and Mrs Sluggy came out for a visit, Den fell apart and had a large abscess in the back of his throat. Did you know that your medical group is a separate entity from your medical insurance? No, well you aren't alone on that one. Our medical group went bankrupt and stuck us with the bills. $1336 is WAY overdue! And guess who they are coming after? Even though Blue Cross is being paid by us for coverage, it is up to our medical group to pay part of the bill. WTF!!!! How can you have medical bills when you paid your deductible!?!?!?!? I don't see this being resolved anytime soon. I have a stack of papers and have documented everything but you know how these things go.
What is your craziest medical story? What's the longest you have fought over a medical bill for? Should I let it go to collections and attach a dispute?
Always fun,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

That truly sucks. There is always the fine print on doctors or clinic bills that says patient is repsonble for all costs even if there is insurance-what a crock, wiht you rhigh out of pocket fo insurance, that sounds criminal. My suregery two year ago nickle and dimed us-nothing seemed to be met in our deductable-it was like it kept stating over and we were nealry $1800 out of pocket depsite $7,000 my costs and another $14,000 the company paid in insurance coverage the same year. It was day treatment too-no hospital stay.

Cheapchick said...

Well that is a gigantic pain in the ass. Fortunately, that doesn't happen here in Canada (sorry to rub it in). I pay $136 CAD (around $100 USD) per month for healthcare for two of us. That covers all basic healthcare. If you are low income you don't pay (Mom doesn't have to) at all. We still pay for things like all medications, wheelchairs, crutches (not bandages), and specialty tests. All in all though including the monthly fee I think we paid about $2400 last year and will pay about $3000 this year. That doesn't include dental which we pay for out of pocket. Last year dental was about $500, this year about $2500 due to mouth issues between the two of us. Sounds like I need to quit complaining about those costs :)

Elephant's Child said...

Your medical system appalls me. And scares me, because our current guvermint is pushing us down the same path. I really, really like our nearly univeral health care, and would like to see it expanded not diminished. We too pay dental out of pocket. Which we (luckily can) but many can not.

Linda said...

My craziest medical story is about the time I worked for the Federal govt, a program. My deductible was always $5. Every prescription--no deductible. The thyroid surgery cost me $15 in deductibles! All the tests involved in the diagnosis--no deductible. Does everyone who works for federal programs have this great coverage?

Once, I had an explanation that I printed off, over and over again, sending it in with other documentation several times.

Hawaii Planner said...

I've been blessed to have really good (employer provided) medical coverage. Which is really, really lucky given my disease - lupus. Things could be pretty terrible without good health care coverage.

Sending good thoughts your way that you will be able to get it resolved ASAP!

slugmama said...

Mr Sluggy and I will stay away this October in the hopes that Den won't pull a Prima Donna move this year. ;-)

My advice is just don't get sick in PA and use Geisinger facilities(even tho they pretty much have a monopoly here).

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Thank god for the NHS no one gets turned away, at the moment anyway.