Sunday, October 9, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Have you heard of Chiengora? Yeah, it's a fancy name for dog hair turned into yarn. It's up to 80% warmer than wool though. Run over to Penny Hoarder and read about Pat Martinek and how she is making $10,000/year spinning dog hair into treasures.
I love everything to do with saving the environment. Any way to help is wonderful but I never would have thought to weave dog hair. Recycling and upcycling, I got. Wait, do you think that she wants cat hair? I have tons of that and I'm always trying to get rid of it.
What do you do to save the environment? Do your pets shed enough to make a scarf?
Weaving a tail,
Sonya Ann


Linda said...

Cat hair is used for things, probably weaving. If you want to weave feathers, I have got this covered. I recycle, upcycle, buy recycled products, shop at yard sales and curbs, drag things from dumpsters, compost food by recycling it through my hen first. I try not to waste food.


Elephant's Child said...

If I could only knit there is enough cat fur discarded here to knit another cat. Himself gave me a book of crafts to make with discarded cat hair a few years ago. Someday. Perhaps.

Michelle said...

One of my dogs sheds enough to make a scarf, coat, hat, and mittens. However, I just couldn't do it....

Janie Junebug said...

Franklin sheds enough to make another dog. My daughter has said for years that she wants to make sweaters out of dog hair. They'd be the softest sweaters in the world.


Linda said...

sonya ann,
I left the butternut squash out of the recipe, so look at correction.

Jane said...

I have the same problem with cat hair - if you find somewhere to donate let me know!