Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Miserable Mess

This past weekend was miserable. I try to be an upbeat person but there just nothing I can do with the mess that we made.
The above picture is of DJ's room. It sat empty after we moved all of the furniture to DJ's new apartment. I wish we had left it alone. Empty was so much better.
We ended up at an estate sale. And spotted this bedroom set. It was cheap and brand new. The poor owners had a stunning house on the Chain of Lakes, furnished it with high end everything and then both fell ill and passed without them ever living in the house. It sat empty for 5 years.
Den and I both fell in love with the set. It's Kathy Ireland furniture and the manufacturing date was 2008. All of the tags were still in the drawers and nothing had been in any of the drawers. We couldn't find an actual price of the furniture online. The woman pricing it out said it went for between $2000-$3000. We paid $500.
I know what your thinking, "why are you upset?" Ahhhhh, just wait.
The entire weekend was spent painting, moving furniture that might be made out of lead(it was so heavy) and all around misery. Which I'm cool with. I don't mind work. And it was bothering me that the room was empty. It made it harder to accept that I don't have anymore kids at home.
We then bought the bed that we both wanted and............................................
We got the room together and we both hate it. The scale of the furniture is all wrong. The color of the furniture threw the paint color off. Nothing works.
We had decided a while ago on the larger daybed for DJ's room since it had a pull out under it. We needed more sleeping space and a full size bed wouldn't fit in there.
Anyways, Den and I started fighting and I sat down and cried. I know I'm being bratty. This isn't a big deal in the scope of life. But I want it changed.
We have done so many projects and we have never had this happen before(one time we had to repaint a lighter shade paint in the bathroom. That was the worst project problem we have run into and it wasn't bad). The thing is we love each thing separately.  The wall color is beautiful. The furniture is above anything that we could have afforded if it wasn't used. The bed is awesome and a problem solver. And it doesn't work together.
Time, money and an extreme amount of effort wasted. Den suggested moving the furniture in our room. We hate our bedroom furniture, its falling apart, the finish is gummy in spots and its dated. But we would have to repaint our room. I'm ok with that and it sort of matches the design on the bedspread. But then we would have to buy more furniture for DJ's room. I think Den suggested it just to get me to stop crying.
Have you ever had a project turn out horribly? Do you have any ideas? I know I'm being a bummer and I'll get over. I don't like being sad Sonya.
Tired, sore, and not happy,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Ok, go blow your nose and do the following--put the new DJ room furniture in your room.
Who deserves a nice bedroom more than you? After all you paid for the stuff so use it.

Keep the new bed in DJ's room and just move the basics of the shitty stuff in your room into DJ's. All you need is a bed really, unless you want company to move in long term and take over a dresser, so just the bed and maybe a nightstand. Ditch the rest of the old stuff and eventually the right dresser/night stand/desk/whatever will come around for DJ's room.

Janie Junebug said...

I'm with slugmama. Every problem has a solution. Paint your bedroom, put the new stuff in your room, maybe add a pretty new comforter if you need it, and put what's necessary for a guest room in DJ's room. You don't want the guest room to be too nice because one of these days DJ will have a problem and he'll want to move back in with you. He will drive you insane. My son is "staying" with me for a while. He gets to sleep on the couch. I made his bedroom into my office. That's not changing. I don't need a guest room because I'm not the type to have guests more than three times in seven years--that's how long I've lived here and how many guests I've had. You can cry the entire time you're making the changes and then you can cry some more. I miss the family we used to be. I don't cry about the loss anymore, and after some time has passed, you'll be done crying, too.


Hawaii Planner said...

Realizing that the furniture is super heavy & difficult to move, can you take measurements & some pictures & determine where else it might go in your house? Worst case, sell it & either breakeven or maybe even make a little, given the deal you got on it?

We've for sure had projects go awry. We took carpet off of stairs at our vacation house. . . because, carpet at the beach? WTF. SO, when we got the carpet off, we were planning on going to laminate. Of course, removing the carpet revealed that the stairs were super shoddy & not up to code, and we had to rebuild the stairs. And . . . then the rebuilt stairs we weren't there to supervise (moving to California) & I can't describe how shitty it is, other than to say they built a lip on the stairs that is so uncomfortable, you can't walk on it without shoes. Again, WTF. We refused payment on the second half, but we're stuck with what we've got.

Also, I feel like a mimosa might be just the perspective you need today. :-)

Cheapchick said...

You are probably crying more about DJ than the room. Get rid of the cheapest piece (by selling/giving/moving to another room). I do think if that bedroom furniture is nicer than what you have in your bedroom maybe you should give that a shot and just look for more used furniture for DJs? I am so not a decorator though so probably shouldn't take any advice I give out.

kate steeper said...

Shut the door , nail it shut then go and do something fun together....inspiration will strike it was just to much to soon

Treaders said...

We were a family of four and now I'm a family of one and I love it (you'll get used to the kids not being at home). Sounds to me like you cried out of exhaustion (my sister once cried when a screw fell out - you know, the kind that takes 2 minutes to put back). Once you've had a good night's sleep the solution will appear out of nowhere. Or like someone else said, nail the bleeding door shut. Cheers. Anna

Anne in the kitchen said...

Move the new stuff into your room, put your old bed in the now guest room, then sit on the deck and have a drink!

I painted our bedroom a lovely peach one year. I started it during the afternoon when the kids were napping and finished it that evening. We moved our furniture back in and woke the next morning to a really BRIGHT room. TheHub declared it felt like waking up in a Florida bordello. My only question was how did he know what that felt like!

Elephant's Child said...

Tears are toxins which need to be shed.
And yes, to people suggesting you move the new stuff to your room.

Linda said...

I think all that heavy furniture moving was too much for you. Plus, DJ is not there. Repaint your room before you put the nice furniture in there. Move the junk to the kid's room. If you find something used to put in his room, that will be the time to remove the old furniture from his room.

It's nice of husband to try to figure out something so you will quit crying.

You had not cleaned the junk from his floors, so it was like he had never left. When you finished and there was no sign of him, you realized he, indeed, was really gone.

I don't really understand how the bed and furniture did not go together, but will take your word for it.
Practical Parsimony

We are: Clamco said...

Ditto what Sluggy said.

Linda said...

By the way, what is the brand and color of the walls, please? I love it.

Sonya Ann said...

I'm doing much better today. I think we were so tired and didn't sleep much the entire weekend. We aren't built to go on no sleep anymore. Maybe it is old age. LOL.
Plus we aren't furniture movers and Den also had to power wash his parent's house last weekend too. These old bodies need rest.
We are going to try and sell our old furniture and move the new stuff in our room.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-It is actually Menards Pittsburgh paint called Memory Lane but we color matched it at Home Depot so that we could get Behr paint. We just can't do things the easy way. But neither f us like to use anything other than Behr. It is work the extra money because it covers better than any other paint we have used.

McVal said...

I'm so sorry!!! Maybe that's why the couple died before moving into the house...
You would go nuts in my house. I have so many pieces (that are crap) that I love anyway and nothing goes together and there are too many things in each room. And that's before you get to my MIL's hoard in the basement where you can see NO baseboards.
I'm glad you're feeling better today!

SAM said...

Late to the party-I feel for you. My whole house feels like a decorating disaster. It sure sobs like lovely furniture for your room. Do a Sam spruce up to DJ's with adds and ends and it will be just fine. I know nothing about decorating but lots about being disappointed in outcome. Wine, friends, and chocolate help.