Saturday, October 1, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

Well hello there! I'm here, you are here, life is good!!!
So what's going on in my world? Pretty blah. Paid more off on the car. And that's about it. Talked to Anna and DJ this week. Normally, we just text. Anna has officially turned into Den. She said while she appreciated the fact that I wanted her to make decisions on her own. She said she would parent like Den and won't ever let her kids out of the house. DJ is pinching pennies and cleaning the apartment all of the time since his roommates aren't clean. Hmmmm, wonder who he is taking after?
Ok and on to a situation I need a bit of guidance with. A friend of our(Well, friends of the family) that spends money like its water, never mind the fact that they are drowning in debt, has invited us to a surprise birthday party for his wife. It's at a posh wine bar and its $20 per person to get in and its certain wines for 2 hours. We have to pay it so $40 for both of us and then the gift. It's also quite a drive so we won't be drinking. To summarize, it will be over 2 hours of driving, $40 to get in and not drink, and the gift and card. He politely argued with me until I said we would go. When I told Den, he stared at me and said,"we have to pay to give her a gift?" Any ideas on how to get out of this? And saying piss off isn't an answer because I have to see them at holidays. Don't get me wrong, I really like them but we don't have money to waste.
And our favorite person is Thrifty at Sixty!!!!! Run over and check out how they decorated their new place!!!
Do you have plans for this weekend? Are you trying to come up with an excuse to get out of an expensive party?
Have a great weekend,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

Thanks for sharing her blog. It seems alot of bloggers seem to be dropping off the planet lately. Blogger burnout apparently. Need some new ones to add to my sidebar :)

slugmama said...

You WILL be falling ill.....too ill to drive and go to a wine bar on the exact day as the b-day party.
I'll write you a note if you need it. Just send her a card and a gift card tucked into the card after the fact.

You are welcome!

Linda said...

If you take slugmama's advice, which is good, make sure you are sick on facebook, too. Don't leave the house, whine to kids, make it good. Don't answer the phone and sound sick if you do.

I love how she decorated her place, was there yesterday.
Practical Parsimony

Elephant's Child said...

Another vote for illness here.
And, if you didn't want to see them again (which I know you do) you could say that you have come down with bubonic plague, but expect to be fine again next week.

Anne in the kitchen said...

i vote for letting DJ take one for the team. it seems his book for his German class is 400 dollars. he has been using the one in the library but can't find it now and needed one immediately. You (because of your bargain hunting ways) managed to find a used book for 200, but it has eaten up your discretionary funds for this month. i know this will work because this is the absolute truth and just happened with Son3.

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

My nephew got married in August and a few people said sorry they couldn't attend because they couldn't afford it. I would just say sorry we can't afford it. If people wish to hold expensive celebrations that's fine but it's not fair to expect people to attend, booking rooms overnight a fortune on drinks and a gift etc. Also if they are nice people they will say no problem. We attended my nephews wedding and had to stay two nights in the hotel because it was too far to drive on the day the whole event cost us £500 dear lord it's a mini break abroad lol. Just say no.

Donna Freedman said...

"That's not in the budget right now. Tell her we'll be thinking of her!"

Or maybe just a really bad stomach bug. Yeah, that's the ticket. "Den was throwing up all night and honestly he was so dehydrated and weak I was afraid to leave him. I spent most of the day feeding him Powerade by the quarter-teaspoon and holding his hair while he puked." (Of course, that makes him sound hungover but what the heck.)