Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite person!!!!!!

Hmmmmm, I didn't move a mountain this week. That probably would have been a huge project and we are trying to scale back. ;p
I've paid down the credit card/car payment/furniture mess that I made. I'm just calling this little relapse a refresher course. We didn't have any debt other than the house payment for 12+ years. The thing that I am seeing is we are knocking quite a bit off every week. It's odd that I can't seem to save that much every week but now that I have to repay it, money appears. The belt wasn't as tight as I thought it was.
I have been cheaply gathering pillows for DJ's bed. Doesn't match, does it?
I would just like to have his room done by the time that he gets here for Thanksgiving and we have a wave of people over. Hey, did I tell you that I have invited even more people over this year? I figure a few people can eat in the tub. I'm very welcoming and an idiot, I'm a welcoming idiot.

Donna and I were checking big pillows out and they were around $35 each at JcP and Kohls and didn't match the comforter that I have. I went to Goodwill and they had brand new pillows from Target on sale for $4.99. The pillows were originally priced at $34.99.
We went to Jo-Ann fabrics and hit the clearance bin. I felt so domestic.
Now let's see what Donna comes up with. Hey, I can't sew but I can take her out to lunch and pay for her toes to be did.
Is having someone else do your project really accomplishing something? Please, say yes.
And our favorite person for the day is..........CT on a budget!!!! Run over there and check out the financial freedom plan!!!!!
Do you have a financial freedom plan? Does your plan include making someone else sew pillows for you?
Not domestic,
Welcoming Idiot


Linda said...

your ripped the tags off the pillows under penalty of law??? lol, I had a friend who had tags all over pillows and everything. He was fearful of removing tags because of the warning until I showed her the rest of the sentence that said the consumer could remove.

The red and blue pillows seem to be the beginning of a plan.

No one has ever sewn for me since I was ten-years-old. Then, I started doing all my own sewing and sewing for others.

Linda said...

That would be "You ripped..."

SAM said...

That's the only way those domestic projects would get done in my house is to bribe aomeone else to make it for me. I'm getting better atpurging though-sort of a project.

Cheapchick said...

Great deal on the pillows. I don't sew except a button back on or to hand mend something. Mom used to - you are lucky to have your Mother-in-law.

Elephant's Child said...

There is work involved in convincing someone else to do 'your' project. Definitely count it as an achievement. And take the credit too - after all your chose who was going to be lucky enough to do the work.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I think the bed looks great. plus I believe matching is highly overrated.
Agree with E.C. If you can convince someone else to do your bidding then yes, you can claim it every way possible.

carol pavlik said...

Eat in the tub? You made me spit my coffee! Seriously Sonja, go to goodwill and find cheap flannel shirts, different plaids. Cut off the top under the sleeves. Turn good sides togeter and run hot glue in a line top and bottom. The buttons let you take them off to wash. No sew. And yes the glue holds up in wash. I glue all my jeans cause I am a pygmy.