Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

My dad had a saying, "You don't tap out in real life, figure it out." I can say that I am at the point where I want to tap out. Den and I are out of control and we need an intervention. If I drag, move, load or heave-ho any more furniture, I'm tapping out and curling up in the corner.
Part of the problem with this mess that we have created is that I didn't come up with a plan before hand. I normally have everything planned and purchased and ready to go. We are winging it this time and I don't wing well. Den is a winger.
Wing it over and visit Alex at Living The Small Life!!! She has a great homemade jewelry cleaner.
What have you accomplished lately? Are you curling up in the corner this weekend? You ever heave-ho?
Sonya-over seventeen-Ann


SAM said...

My plans are to keep at our 25 year old mess, one bag or box at a time, and try to break my cycle of winging it.

Linda said...

Yep, I am curling up as of today. I have been in bed for a week on week five of a uti and can stand no more. Yes, I can wing it. I thought that was the only way to go. Seriously, I plan. But, winging it can work or drain me. Part of my back problem is I heaved and hoed too much in the past. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

I am watching college football at the lake. I have a dresser and rocking chair in th truck that I need to heave into the house. Maybe at halftime?

slugmama said...

Better to be a winger than a whinger or a wanger. lolol

Elephant's Child said...

Somedays tapping out has real charm.
Good luck.