Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Overwhelmed Meat

It was a wonderful weekend!Yay!!! And it was probably wonderful because we weren't buy, moving or painting anything.
Den saw an estate sale on the way home Friday afternoon. I reminded him about how we ended up redoing two room because of an estate sale but he promised that we wouldn't buy any furniture. I was skeptical.
It ended up being the most interesting estate sale ever. It was a 100+ year old farm and barns. One of the feed storage barns had been changed into a cute little store. Den perused all of the books for sale and I talked to one of the owner's grandchildren. The farm had been through many changes, it was of course, a farm at first, then had cattle and horses and then was a Christmas tree farm. As of late unfortunately, it was just a place for the entire family to store stuff. Now they are trying to sell everything off.
Den and I enjoyed walked through the entire house which of interesting. You could pick out all the areas that had been add-ons and when they were done. The kitchen was from the 50's and the basement had to have been from the 80's.It was interesting but needed a ton of work/updating.
Den ended up spending $16, $15 for the sickle and $1 for 3 books. We now have the teachings of Buddha next to Mein Kampf. It seems so wrong.
Late Friday, we headed up to Woodmans in Kenosha. Den wanted Millies sausage. And then I hit the mother load!!! Did you ever see a coupon.com printer in a store before?!?!?!? I saved a ton there! They even had coupons for $1 off $5 meat and veg coupons. Plus they had $1 off $1 crackers, I scored 6 free boxes of crackers. I'm thinking we might need to head back up there. I can't remember the last time I got this excited in a store. Den was not as overwhelmed as I was. Men!!!
Saturday, Den made a rolled roast. Yup, he just makes yummy foods like this. I'm a brat, I know it. And then his buddy came over and we had a great meal and they jammed out on the guitars.
Sunday, was somewhat lazy. We pulled dead flowers and put away more pots/decorations/tables/benches in the shed. Den played video games and I did some chores and poked around on the internet. It was boring and glorious!!!
Are you glorious? Did you redo any rooms? Do you have a coupon printer in any stores by you?
Not remodeling,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Nice score and I am jealous over your coupon machine in the store! How come you only let me go to the liquor store in Woodman's?? You ARE a brat! ;-)

So Den is all set to cut wheat in the lower 40, huh? lolz

Linda said...

CVS has a coupon printer, but at CVS, you don't pick your coupon. A lot are just spit out. It is pedestrian compared to what you found. Wow, I need to go to Kenosha. I spent the weekend in bed, and I am not lazy! I wonder if there are any stores with coupon printers near me. I love a good sale with books!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I can't get over the post title. It makes me giggle__a lot!
Great deals on a fun weekend!
Other than the CVS coupon thing I have never seen any coupon printer anywhere.
And yes you are very spoiled. Here TheHub can only make grits, fried eggs and grilled cheese. Good thing he knows every restaurant and take out place within a 2o mile radius. He is not a cook but he does know how to procure food.

Janie Junebug said...

I've never seen a coupon printer. At Target and Walgreen's they sometimes hand me coupons with my change, but, of course, they're to be used on future purchases and I quite often have no use for them. Am I glorious? The dogs think I am. That's enough for me.


Elephant's Child said...

Your lazy weekend sounds as busy as I can cope with.
No coupon printers here. And not many coupons either. On the back of some supermarket's receipts.

SAM said...

There seems to be a meat theme on our blogs this week. Thhe CVS has a coupon thingy, but not overwhelming, and not meat. Den's roast- yum . Is that stuffing in there?