Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Painted Bar

What sort of Hell were you trapped in this weekend? I was in the home improvement part of Hell.
Pretty much every room of the house was a mess. The laundry room was in decent shape but that's not saying much.
I did end up sleeping on the pullout part of DJ's new bed. For a $100 el cheapo mattress, it's amazing. But part of that could have been because I was dead tired.
Remember the party I was supposed to go to on Saturday night? Yeah, all that bitching I did and I went anyways.
Saturday morning, they called me to thank me for their son's present. I didn't blow the surprise but I felt guilty. Den ended up staying home and painting and I dressed up and ditched him. The entire party was planned by her husband and he didn't explain it. It was a sports bar where you paid $22 for a wrist band to drink and play games, pool, bumper cars, and video games. I didn't pay or play or stay but it wouldn't have looked so bad had it been explained. MEN!
I caught a bunch of shit from Den. I went to a bar and he stayed home painting. He said he will be bringing it up during our divorce proceedings. Brat.
Sunday night, it started to come together. THANK ALL THE POWERS THAT BE!
We love the furniture we got for DJ's room.
We are going to tone down the massive and dark bed with a bunch of pillows. DJ's room needs a few more things but I'm happy where it is now.
I LOVE the new furniture. See it all worked out and you were so upset about all of it. ;p
This is what it looked like before. Well, mostly its a shot of Lauren bringing me German potato salad but you can see the old dated dresser.
This picture is a bit yellow. But I am so glad its finished and I can go back to complaining about the normal stuff.
Thank you for always being here for me and getting sucked into my madness. Love you guys!
Did you complain this past weekend? Did you paint? Do you go nuts when updating your house?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

I threw a minor tantrum upon looking at the receipt of our new sectional and read the salesman ordered two left arm facing pieces, and not a right arm at all, so we had to spend another 40 minutes driving back, fixing the order, and still have 8 weeks to wait for delivery. DH continues to watch football on his time out chair in the family room. I thought your furniture would work somewhere-good for you.

Linda said...

No complaining, no painting, no updating. That furniture looks a different color in each picture! I like outdated furniture!!! Of course, you said it had yucky parts. That is a seriously dark new bed. The mattress probably also felt comfortable because it was new. My mattress cost more and after six months, it was hammock shaped! Of course, I slept in it every night. I'm glad you got it sorted and are happy with it...and not crying.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Since we had a watching football lake type weekend ours was very uncomplicated and not at all messy. I am sure I did gripe about something though.

slugmama said...

See it all worked out and now YOU get to enjoy the new stuff...yay!!!

Cheapchick said...

Good Job! Looks beautiful. Everything works out in the end...or you burn it and have a bon fire and say fuck it :)

Jane said...

I think that was your plan all along - to get new master bedroom furniture! Seriously though I'm glad it all worked out. I have several rooms I need to sort out through painting and buying new furniture. It's the "buying" part that's holding me up! I promise not to ask your opinion unless you don't mind other people's redecorating woes :)

Janie Junebug said...

Did I complain? What the hell? Complaining is my life. Ask my son. I'm sorry I got my panties in a wad over the new furniture. I should have known it would be fine. Who in the hell invites people to a party where they have to pay to do anything? I know: a man. I wouldn't have gone in the first place because I don't know anyone and I hate parties, but if I had gone, I would have left, too, and then I would have bitched about it for a month. Ask my son. He knows that's what I would have done.

Janie, who is filled to the brim with complaints

Elephant's Child said...

Yay you.
Give us this day our daily whinge is one of my mantras...

We are: Clamco said...

So glad the furniture dilemma ended up okay. Looks great!