Monday, October 17, 2016

Pimple Legion

I'm not sure if I spoil myself or I just like experimenting on me. I'll say spoil since that sounds a bit less creepy.
I read online that pepto-bismol helps with pimples and black heads. And since I'm still me, I bought the knockoff pepto at the Dollar Tree. Pink is pink, right?
I rubbed a goop or two of pink bismuth(knockoff name) on and waited for it to dry. I also used a bit of my homemade lotion(equal parts olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax) on my legs. And then slipped my hands in my $1 garage sale find spa gloves. Living the high life!
The pimple treatment works but its one of those "ya gunna have to do it a few times" sort of thing.
And while you are waiting for your pimple treatment to dry, watch Legion. If you love Tremors like I do, this is a great runner up.
I said to Den, wow look at his abs. Den snarled and said they were fake. He seemed a bit jealous. Snort.
Sometimes, I feel as if I vomit thoughts on you all the time. The odd thing is you keep coming back. So does Den. What's wrong with all of you?
Do you have a special treatment for pimples? And what the hell, why do I have wrinkles and pimples!?!?!?! Do you love Tremors? Do you vomit on people?
Lots of thoughts,
Sonya Ann


Janie Junebug said...

Oh yeah, I definitely vomit on people because I don't see many of them. I told the guy in charge of the roofing crew about every personal thing going on in my life. He probably still has nightmares about meeting me. I've never heard about the pepto bismol thing. I still get pimples, especially on my chin, but I'm not wrinkled. At least I don't think I am. I haven't looked in a mirror lately. I'm working on getting the calluses off of Willy Dunne Wooters' feet. It's pretty cool to see the dried up gunk on his feet start to come off. I'm not grossed out by it because I worked in a nursing home so I've seen pretty much every gross thing in the world.


Elephant's Child said...

Somedays I would like to vomit on people.
And, since I am at home on my own at the moment, I am pretty certain I DO vomit my thoughts on anyone foolish enough to talk to me.

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

I don't get pimples but wrinkles now there is a problem that's not going away without help and I don't think your pepto bismol is going to cut it, I've never heard of this either along with Sam,s meat raffles and mattress sales. You Americans have some interesting stuff going on.

Linda said...

Oh, yeah. Exbf and the doctor got lucky today since I could barely think and stumbled over words and talked slowly. Otherwise, I do vomit on the rare soul that shows up. I have three new holes in my body made by needles drawing blood. I managed to vomit on anyone who suggested taking blood from the back of my hand. And, I really feel like I could vomit more than words right now.