Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I was rereading some of my older posts about Anna and I have to tell you that I never would have guessed that she would have turned out. She is even starting classes for her Masters. She complains about being a grownup. I love it. I also like to give her shit. Hell, I figure a owe her many years of it. So I send her pictures like these. You know something uplifting for her spirit.
She says there are days when she just shakes her head at "her" kids.

I love hearing about the naughty kids in her class. She said one boy yelled out "Son of a bitch" because he was mad. She said the class went instantly quiet and she could hear the wind whooshing as the kids heads whipped around to see what Anna would do.
If nothing else, Anna is going to have some awesome drinking stories. Just like her mother.
Do you tease your grown kids? Do you yell out son of a bitch? Do you have great drinking stories?
Drunk Son of a Bitch,
Sonya Ann


Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

How funny I get loads of stories from my two girls I should scribble them down sometimes we are all just wetting ourselves much to the bemusement of Lovejoy who is now having to manage a gaggle of women.

Linda said...

When my younger daughter was about 17 and the older was 22, my older daughter was complaining how her younger sister just would not listen to her about what she would be doing. We were talking over the phone, so I could smile without her knowing how hard I want to laugh out loud. I reminded the older daughter that she would not listen at that age, either. The older was stunned into silence. Somehow, she forgot! It was so funny, but I never mentioned it again because my daughter had grown up and forgotten her misspent youth....just kidding. Her youth was not misspent, just a teen's life.

slugmama said...

I'll have to ask oldest son about his stories from the hells, er I mean halls of high school.

Cheapchick said...

I truly hope the growing up part works with my stepdaughter at some point. The aging process has happened (just turned 19) and technically an adult here at 18 but - the choices she makes are definitely 12 year old ones. I bet the teachers go back to the lunch room and just gossip what the kids say (I totally would)

Janie Junebug said...

You better believe I tease the birds who have flown the nest--and their friends. I want to know what Anna did about the "son-of-a-bitch" kid.


rivulet said...

No kidding, I'm with Janie, what did she do???

Elephant's Child said...

Add me to those who wonder what she did.
The apple doesn't appear to have rolled far from the tree with that one, so I am guessing her response was awesome.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am curious about her response also!

Isn't it nice to have adult kids. I have never been so proud as I was last year when Son3's favorite Christmas gift was a crock pot!

SAM said...

I hope my son actually becomes a grown up some day. He's 27 going on 17, but he has some great soties of the people in "show business" he works around. I too want to know what Anna did. Perhaps she shared a few Sonja Ann stories with him in detention. I bet the naughty, but funny ones become her favorites.

Sonya Ann said...

Anna asked the "son of a bitch" kid to come by here desk. She siad that he was hanging his head and was bright red. She told him that she had to tell his mom. He nodded and then she sent him back to his desk. She said it was so hard not to laugh. She said that is one of the hardest parts.

Janie Junebug said...

At least he was ashamed. When my daughter was in middle school, a boy in her English class wouldn't stop teasing her about another boy who had a crush on her. She got fed up and called the kid an asshole. The teacher said, Shall I tell your mom about this or will you? She said, I will.

She told me as soon as she got in the car that afternoon. We laughed our asses off. Some of her friends told me that my daughter was the only person in the school who could get away with such a thing. Hmmmmmm.

Thanks for filling us in.

Love again,