Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WOW, Not Really

I am boring and I love it. You, on the other hand, might find this post a bit flat. Sorry, love.
Friday, Den and I ran errands. We went to Home Depot, the grocery store, ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. And then the exciting part, the recycling plant. We know how to live. We scored $9.25 from all the cans that we had. And it's all going into Den's fishing fund. Living the good life!!
Saturday, our local VFW was having an indoor garage sale. Three tables! Wow, not really. Den found a small tool set and I found a Christmas potholder and towel set. $2.25 later, we left.
We did manage to find quite a few garage sales which is shocking for the end of October. All that lovely stuff was $18.50. The pile, on the left side, was from a bag sale for a $1. We got some copper piping to be recycled, 4 gardening tools, a spoon to be recycled, a planter, a can of black spray paint and a can of seal it stuff. The adorable barrel was $5 and Den said we have to write RUM on it and put it by the pool. We also found a garage sale where they were selling off restaurant stuff. We got 2 large spoons and 3 bowls.  I scored that cute light-up snowman and the cute basket for $1.75. The tupperware, 3 VHS tapes, a bird-house and wire basket were from an estate sale. It was the last day and they were trying to get rid of everything fast. The best news was we didn't find any furniture.
Saturday night, we had Indian food. Yum!! The Aldi mixes are FAB!!!
Sunday, Den worked a bit more on the paintings for DJ's room and made soup. I cleaned and did laundry. Go us.
Please tell me you had a much more interesting weekend!!! Did you paint? Did you garage sale? Were you bored?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Never boring at Chez Sluggy....lolol
Hubs went to get College Boy on Friday, I took him back on Monday.
I am now $80 poorer(plus cost of gas) b/c I had to feed CB and give him $ for the next emergency in his life. sigh

Sunday Hubs and the BF punched a hole in the den wall and removed a piece of crown molding due to hole punching to run an internet cable through the house. I wonder how long I'll have to live with said hole and broken molding before it's fixed? Any guesses?? lolz

Mac n' Janet said...

This weekend my husband was still cutting up trees knocked down by Matthew, the hurricane, not the neighbor. Sunday we went grocery shopping at the commissary. In between he worked on two paintings and I'm doing a big cross stitch. Not very exciting either, but nice.

Elephant's Child said...

Boring? You? Cue hysterical laughter.
I cleaned, I weeded, I read, I went to the library. Are you asleep yet?

Anne in the kitchen said...

You get to do fun stuff while you claim to be boring. I am insanely boring and spent the weekend cleaning/ having guests

Janie Junebug said...

Your life is more exciting than mine. Yes, I'm that dull.


SAM said...

I did nothing exciting and wasn't bored a bit. I needed to not do anything exciting. We have pumpkins;we have gourds. We watched movies on Netflix and ate really yummy baked goods. sometimes, no apologies needed for just doing the bare minimum.

Linda said...

There are days on end of boring around here, punctuated by not boring. I will take boring any day.

Out My window said...

You are so boring, I got to see Sluggy last week so I am living in happy thoughts land.