Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lost Poop

Hello all! I'm still alive just not in the mood to write. Hopefully, this will pass soon.
This too shall pass,

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not Right

I Think I'm going to take a few says away from blogging. I'm not up to snuff. Enjoy the silence.
Sonya Ann

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fabulous Friday

I guess its that time of the year again, we have to start talking about Christmas gifts. Well, we could talk about Thanksgiving but that would just be me posting pictures of food that I could never make. Or we could talk about Halloween but it seems a bit tacky. Well, tacky to all the Christmas lovers out there. Not tacky to a true Halloween-er like me.
Jump over to E-How and see all the wonderful ways to wrap gifts. Can we just give out empty boxes this year? Ok, I have to stop. I can't start being a Scrooge already. I'll think happy Christmas thoughts. Well shit, the Halloween thoughts seem to be overpowering the Christmas thoughts.
Maybe I should make Christmas cards like this? That would get me in the spirit!!
Christmas crapper,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Pissy Vulcan

This is the lovely lamp that I bought from the Goodwill for $4.99. Yay!!! I thought that it would look great in DJ's room but the color was off. Well, I thought the color was off. Den said it matched and I'm color blind so how would I know. Makes me see red when he points that out.

 But I have a wonderful cheat when I redo a room. I snag a color chart and match the colors of the curtains, pillow, carpet, paintings and anything else from that. Even us colorblind fools can see this is a great idea!
I wanted to do this little painting project but someone had to get involved. I pointed that out and he said he just wanted to help. Honestly, I think I scare him.
I wanted to leave it this color but Den had other ideas.
He ran some white paint over the top of it. Meh. He said it looks like Earth from space. A very cloudy Earth.
Speaking of space, did you know that we now have Star Trek stamps????? We live in wonderful times!!!! I may give these out as Christmas gifts. And speaking of Christmas...................
I got a $25 Amazon gift code from MyPoints. I'm counting it as free money cuz I normally buy a bunch of Amazon codes. My tally, my way!!! Damn, I feel so powerful.
And here you have it...........
$5          liquor rebate
$25        Amazon Gift code from MyPoints.
$80        Pinecone Research
$285.53 from Bank of America credit card points
$395.53 for the year. Just a few million more dollars and I will be able to give myself the gift that I want too. To be a millionaire!!!
How's your Christmas fund? Are your asking Santa to be a millionaire? Would you sit on a pissy Santa for that much money? Do you scare your husband?
Pissy and painted,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I'm sure the U.S. wouldn't handle this situation the same. Kill it and then ask questions.
Here is our new money making scheme!!!! I'm not sure if I would look a bit too old whilst collecting their money. Maybe a little too old but if the little fuckers pointed it out, I would charge them twice as much to get in.
Let's scout out a party!!!!
I have asthma. Maybe Den didn't take my breath away when we first met. Maybe I just needed an inhaler.
Do you leave people liquor when you disagree with them? Do little fuckers call you old? Can you breath?
No air,
Old Fucker

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Losing Security

We had a fun weekend with my inlaws! We ventured up to Lake of the Torches Casino and Hotel in Lac Du Flambeau, WI. It is on an Indian reservation and it is beautiful. Unfortunately, the leaves have all fallen. I want to go back when the leaves are changing.
It was so much fun and it helps that they comped Den and his parents free rooms, food and free play. I did have to laugh at my inlaws. They were running low on cash Saturday night and were going to have to write a check for more cash. Who does that?!?!?! We said no and took money out of the ATM for them. Den said they were out of control and we may have to supervise them. He said he was telling everyone that they have gambling issues and are so bad that they bum money off their kids. LOL. 
We left losers but they did comp me free food before we left. It was a little intimidating when a woman walked up to me and asked if I was Sonya Mott. Ummmmmm, yes? Look, we have already established that I am a bad girl and have had a few run-ins with the law. Never give up your name. NEVER!!! But for free food, I'll sing.
Oh and if you ever find your way up there, check out the SMOKING HOT security guards. Seriously, they hire the hottest American Indian men EVER. EVER!! And yes, I looked. Hell, I was tempted to follow one of them or commit a crime just so he could handcuff me. DAMN!
On the way home, we stopped at Mullins Cheese factory. It kills me not to be able to eat dairy. Everything looked so yummy! I got some beef jerky. It helped but I still was salivating for ALL of it.
Oh and look, there is Big Dennis in my shot. Hmmmm, Den gets his stepping into a picture from his dad.
And that's all I got for ya. Well, unless you count the email I got from the casino for me to call them cuz they have a ton of comps waiting for me. Do you think they would comp me a security guard?
Did you do anything fun this weekend? Did you travel? Did you lose? Did you salivate over a security guard? Did you get cheese shits?
So bad,
Sonya Ann