Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Pissy Vulcan

This is the lovely lamp that I bought from the Goodwill for $4.99. Yay!!! I thought that it would look great in DJ's room but the color was off. Well, I thought the color was off. Den said it matched and I'm color blind so how would I know. Makes me see red when he points that out.

 But I have a wonderful cheat when I redo a room. I snag a color chart and match the colors of the curtains, pillow, carpet, paintings and anything else from that. Even us colorblind fools can see this is a great idea!
I wanted to do this little painting project but someone had to get involved. I pointed that out and he said he just wanted to help. Honestly, I think I scare him.
I wanted to leave it this color but Den had other ideas.
He ran some white paint over the top of it. Meh. He said it looks like Earth from space. A very cloudy Earth.
Speaking of space, did you know that we now have Star Trek stamps????? We live in wonderful times!!!! I may give these out as Christmas gifts. And speaking of Christmas...................
I got a $25 Amazon gift code from MyPoints. I'm counting it as free money cuz I normally buy a bunch of Amazon codes. My tally, my way!!! Damn, I feel so powerful.
And here you have it...........
$5          liquor rebate
$25        Amazon Gift code from MyPoints.
$80        Pinecone Research
$285.53 from Bank of America credit card points
$395.53 for the year. Just a few million more dollars and I will be able to give myself the gift that I want too. To be a millionaire!!!
How's your Christmas fund? Are your asking Santa to be a millionaire? Would you sit on a pissy Santa for that much money? Do you scare your husband?
Pissy and painted,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I'm just waiting for that Bad Santa sequel to come OUT! lolz
I bought a bag of Halloween candy 50% off at Rite-Aid yesterday to put into someone's Xmas present.
Oh, and they had lots of creepy decorations still for 50% off....I almost called u from the store. ;-)

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

We have a bit in cash back items but nothing like as much as yours. I'm no good at saving or shopping for Christmas in January either in fact I do nothing until my tree goes up which this year will be the first weekend in December.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I scare TheHub on a fairly regular basis, mainly because he never knows what I can't live without. (I have my eye on a life size diminutive man of the stuffed doll variety who has a resin molded head, a monocle, velvet dinner jacket, long resin cigarette holder with resin cigarette, and brocade slippers. I have a chair in the living room that is screaming for him to live there. Thus far I have not bought him, but I am close, well except fro the price which always foils my fun.
I am one of those buy all year long people. I have a bunch of gifts wrapped and tagged waiting on the tree and bows. Best gift yet? I got a 25 dollars off a 25 dollar purchase from a local gift shop. I took my little coupon and scored 2 Christmas presents. I think I was 5 bucks over including tax so I was pretty pleased about that. I also went shopping with Mom to a different local gift shop when they were having a store wide 60% off sale. Mom kept returning to a particular necklace talking about how beautiful it was. Dad gave her jewelry for every occasion and I think she really misses it so I managed to pull a very slick move with the help of one of the sales people and bought it without her knowing. (This shop is about 20 miles from home and too far to run back to get just one thing) So I managed to get her something I know she loves and it was very reasonable..

Jane said...

Being husband-free I have to scare my cats which is actually pretty easy. This year (for the first time) I bought some Christmas gifts earlier in the year. Not enough but every little bit helps.

Elephant's Child said...

My partner and I scare each other. Often.
Scare together, stay together?

SAM said...

Can I just say that I read the title of your post and I am laughing already. I needed a funny chuckle today.

Janie Junebug said...

Willy Dunne Wooters told me he found a disco ball in his garage. I said, I would LOVE to have a disco ball. That bastard said, I know. That's why I threw it away.

I hated him for about two seconds after he said that. I'm not one to hold a grudge.


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roth phallyka said...

I almost called u from the store. ;-)